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 All Things Considered [one-shot]

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PostSubject: All Things Considered [one-shot]   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:56 am

Title: All Things Considered
Rating: PG
Warnings: Rather fluffy. Some innuendo. Ok. Maybe a little more innuendo.
Disclaimer: Don’t own a thing.
Summary: Somebody’s been fangirling again.



Sakurai Sho turned sharply from his spot on the couch to the sound of something falling to the ground.


His girlfriend, who was supposed to be sitting at the dining table in his apartment, going over her new script, while he finished going over his notes for ZERO, was no where to be found.

Sho sat up a little straighter. Nope. There she was. At least, there were her feet. In the air where her chair should be. Cute, adorable little feet. Ticklish too. Really ticklish. Yet she really enjoyed foot massages. Sho started to feel all the blood rushing to his... head, thinking about the last time he had initiated a foot massage. Get back on track there, Sakurai. Investigate. Why are there feet where your girlfriend should be sitting on chair? Looking sweet and delectable. He shook his head while standing to get rid of the hentai thoughts that were inevitably beginning to form. Sho couldn’t help it though. His thoughts were becoming increasingly perverted whenever he thought of her. Although they had started dating a few months ago, they had yet to take it to the next, more intimate step. Not that Sho minded waiting for her. Despite the boldness she would show, she was still inherently shy.

He just took more cold showers than was probably good for him.

Sho stepped around the couch.

“Ittai...” he heard a quiet voice groan from below the adorable, ticklish feet.

“Mao-chan?” he rushed to the other side of the table, where Inoue Mao appeared to have fallen back on her chair. “Daijoubou?”

Mao winced, a little dazed from the fall. When she squinted up into his concerned face, she turned bright pink and her mouth started to twitch strangely. She bolted up from her position on the floor, narrowly missing braining herself on Sho’s chin by a finger space. Sho became suspicious of her when she turned abruptly from him and firmly held her hands in her lap.

“Mao? What happened?

“Nondemonai… n-nothing.” She started to giggle nervously. “I-I’m such a klutz and I leaned too far on the chair… heheh…” Her breathing was a little off. Sho became worried.

“Are you sure?” He moved slightly to help her up, but she scrambled to her feet, took a deep breath, and faced him. Her face was a mask of innocence. Only the slightly movement of her lips gave her away. “Mao-chan?”

“It’s nothing! Really!” she cried out, slightly hysteric. “Go back and finish your notes so we won’t be late for dinner at Jun’s. He said he was making crab risotto. And Satoshi-kun said he’d bring those melon breads I like so much. I can’t wait!”

Sho narrowed his eyes at her. But Mao was so cute with her bright eyes and her pouty lips, that he couldn’t resist kissing her lightly. Once, twice. Ok. Three times. “Fine, I’ll leave it alone.” He was rewarded with her sweet smile.

Damn notes. Damn dinner plans. Sometimes he really hated being the responsible type.

All he wanted to do was take Mao into his arms and cover her with kisses. Starting with her beautiful forehead, then her incredible eyes, the rosy cheeks, the adorable nose, her soft neck... He just wanted to cover her with kisses from top to bottom.

And then some.

Sho froze, trying to calm his body. He was going to have to hop into a cold shower if this continued.

Mao was looking at him with her eyebrows raised and her head tilted to the side. Sho’s heart thumped a little. He laughed nervously and was about to make his way back to the couch when something on the ground caught his eye.

“Ah. Mao, you dropped your script.” Sho bent to pick it up as Mao lurched forward to intercept him.

But she was too late.

The minute he picked up the thick script off the floor, something fell out.

Something very familiar.

It was a magazine.

Mao made a small “eep” sound and dove to try and retrieve it. Sho moved at the same time, knocking her forehead with his.

“Itte...” they both muttered. Sho was about to check Mao’s head for bumps when the magazine caught his eye one more time.

His own face flashed a smile at him.

It wasn’t the only thing flashing him.

Sho felt his cheeks go red while he stared embarrassed at his OTHER cheeks all but bared for the world to see.

Mao had been browsing at his photo spread in the latest An An magazine. It wasn’t supposed to be out for another week.

She cleared her throat. “When I saw Masaki-kun and Kazu-kun earlier for a meeting, they said the editor personally dropped off a copy for you at your management. They -ahem- suggested I give it a look through before handing it to you.”

Sho stared at the magazine in uncomfortably. Although he had been flattered by the request to pose for the magazine that had a reputation for more risqué photos, seeing himself so blatantly exposed made him a little embarrassed. He didn’t think they turn out so... raw... Oh God. What was his mother going to say?

He jerked his head up almost fast enough to develop whiplash.

“Is THIS what made you fall over?”

Mao wouldn’t look him in the eye, choosing instead to rest her gaze on the magazine. She bit her lip.

“I was surprised, that’s all.”


“You’re just so skinny. You’ve been working too hard. Are you eating properly?”

He felt a bemused mixture of tenderness for her concern for his health and annoyance that she thought he was too skinny, but then Sho’s suspicions rose again when she started to fiddle with her hair nervously. Even a talented actress such as Mao had some nervous twitches that she fell back on that she didn’t always catch.

Playing with her hair, for one, pursing her lips for another.

And she was doing both at the moment.

“Mao?” Sho took a step closer.

“Um?” Mao just smiled at him.

“What’s wrong?” Closer. He held the magazine out at his side.

“Nothing.” Her eyes were trying not to focus on the magazine.

“Really?” Sho almost laughed out loud when he was standing so close her nose was practically touching his chest. She seemed to have given up and remained mesmerized by the magazine.

The urge to tease her was just too strong, so he whispered in her ear, “Wouldn’t you prefer the real thing?”

Expecting her to start charmingly blushing and stammering, Sho was surprised when Mao answered him so directly.

“Yes. Yes, I really do.” Her eyes never left the glossy spread in his hands.

“EHH!!?” That was unexpected.

“You’re just so… SEXY!” Mao finally faced him and poked him in the chest. “You are way too sexy for my piece of mind.” She started pacing away from him. “Look at those pictures! I mean, seriously. I don’t even care anymore about the sloping shoulders.” Sho stood stupefied when she started rambling. “That expression on your face just makes me want to… and your chest is so… and the definition in your abs…and your butt! Don’t get me started on your butt! And the fact that I can see your butt…!! WAHH!! It’s so frustrating!!” She stopped pacing and began poking him in the chest again, punctuating each word with a probing finger. “IT’S-NOT-FAIR!”

“EHH? What’s not fair?” Sho was still trying to decode Mao’s little speech.

“Everyone’s going to see parts of you that I haven’t gotten to see yet!” she whined.

She seemed so downtrodden that Sho couldn’t even think of laughing at her ridiculous statement. As it was, the fog was lifting in his brain and Mao’s implications started to settle in.

“Wait… does that mean you want to…? I mean, you’re ready to…” Sho felt a little stupid, being a grown man and incapable of saying what he wanted to in a fully comprehensive sentence.

It didn’t help that Mao was staring at him as though her boyfriend were an idiot.

“How can someone so smart be so oblivious sometimes?”

He shrugged sheepishly. “You just seem really shy sometimes. I thought you weren’t ready.”

Mao pursed her lips. “It’s not that… It’s just that… You’re always so tired… I figured you needed your rest.”


She rushed to explain. “You know, you’ve got everything with Arashi, the concerts, interviews, magazine shoots, commercials, not to mention three shows. Plus ZERO News. You had those two specials this month. And you’re busy shooting your drama… You have so much on your plate already…”

It was true…but… “But I’m not so busy that I can’t enjoy…THAT…” he made a hopeless gesture.

“Sho,” she smiled wryly, “You fell asleep when we making out on that,” she pointed, “very couch just last week.”

He turned red just remembering. “I was hoping you’d forget that.” He stared at the floor. “Gomen ne, Mao-chan. I haven’t been a very good boyfriend, have I?” Someone as lovely as Mao needed someone who treated her a better.

She smacked him lightly on the head. “Ba-ka!” Gently placing her hand on his cheek, she turned him towards her. “You are a wonderful boyfriend. You are the kindest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, sexiest man I know. You’re my private Yattaman, saving me falling off unicycles and keeping all evil flavors of ice cream at bay.” He chuckled lightly. “You are also the hardest working man I know and I am worried about you. You do so much that I don’t want to burden you.” Sho was about to protest when she placed a finger on his lips. “ I’m happy to be your haven.” She winked. “At least for now.”

Tears stung Sho’s eyes as his heart filled to the bursting point at Mao’s loving gaze.

He was a lucky man and he needed to start showing his appreciation for the wonderful things in his life.

Starting now.

Sho took hold of Mao’s hand and kissed it softly, before yanking her into his arms. He lifted her easily, his arms at her back and under her knees. She grasped his neck in surprised, gasping.

“W-what are you doing?”

He nuzzled her neck, “Making sure you experience more than anyone else who reads that damn magazine.”

“But what about your report? And dinner…The guys are exp-mmph.”

Screw the report and screw dinner, Sho thought, savoring the sweet flavor of Mao’s mouth. There were more important things.

Like satisfying the needs of the loveliest woman on this earth.

Mao’s laugh bubbled in his ear. “I guess this means you won’t have to take anymore cold showers, ne?”

Fail averted.


“Eh? No word from Sho or Mao?” Matsujun asked as everyone settled down around the table.

“Nope,” Ohno replied shortly.

The four Arashi members sat in silence for a moment until Aiba broke the silence.

“It was a good idea to ask for an early copy of that AnAn magazine, ne?”

“Yep,” they all replied before lapsing in to silence again.

“So,” Ninomiya began, “shall we eat?”

They all exchanged a look with each other before yelling out a hearty, “Itadakimasu!”

Fours hours was probably sufficient before someone made the necessary phone call to inquire about the couple’s absence.

Arashi thought about it just a little more.

Better make that five.



Just a little something inspired by Sho's very special photoshoot. And right on time for his birthday too.

I apologize, I personally think the writing on this is subpar. I probably rushed it a little. It's my attempt to keep the creative juices going. Damn you, writer's block!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it :)

Comments keep Writer's Block at bay:)
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All Things Considered [one-shot]
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