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 Sticks and Stones [one-shot]

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PostSubject: Sticks and Stones [one-shot]   Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:22 am

Title: Sticks and Stones
Rating: G
Warnings: Danger, extreme fluffiness ahead.
Summary: After Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Mao has some explaining to do.

# # #

“Otsukaresama desu!”

Mao bowed as she left the green room. She peeked around to make sure no members of a certain J-pop group were around to see her make a hasty exit.

Not that she was running away or anything.

She just knew that at least 2 of them would be on her like an otaku at an anime sale in Akiba after today’s taping of Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

The corridor seemed clear as she tiptoed quickly towards the exit.

Just a few more steps.

“Stop right there, young lady.”

Dammit. So close.

“You are so busted, Mao-chan.”

Mao turned slowly to face a certain member of said J-pop band.

“Ah, Jun-kun,” she smiled brightly. Look innocent, she thought. “I was just--”

“Running away?” Yabai... He’s got an eyebrow cocked. MatsuJun has gone DoS me. Mao smiled even more brightly.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Oh no?” Jun leaned into Mao, trapping her against the wall. “You are still such little tomboy, ne, Mao-chan? Throwing sticks and calling names.”

Mao’s smile faltered just a tiny bit. Yappari...she knew her former co-star would be able to see through her. But she still didn’t give in.

“Have you been letting Aiba test his experimental cooking on you again? You’re not making any sense.”

Could that eyebrow get any higher? Jun took a step back and leaned his back against the wall.

“Poor Sho-chan. He’s pretty devastated you know.” He turned his head towards her. “First you ignore him. Then you insisted you hated sloped shoulders. And if that wasn’t enough, you refused to pick him after he tried so hard to eat so wildly for you.”

Jun poked a guilty, blushing Mao in the forehead.

“Now be a good girl, and tell Ouji the truth.” Mao glared at her best friend. “When did you fall in love with Sakurai Sho?”

Mao pouted. Best friend or not, there was no way she was going to admit the truth to him.

The truth.

That she had fallen for Sakurai Sho the first time she had watched him anchor on Zero News.

Mao blushed even more just thinking about it.

It was a different Sakurai than the bumbling goofball that he often portrayed.

He was smart. He was composed. He was professional and mature.

And he was sexy as hell.

Oh Hanadan...was he sexy.

And since that moment, whenever she got together with Arashi, she made it a point to, well, avoid Sho. Not in the “Run away the moment she sees him” avoiding. She just tried not getting into too many one on one conversations with him. Because if she did, she’d do something stupid to let everyone know how she felt about him.

Like jumping on him like a rabid fangirl the minute he said something to her.

Damn that sexy voice of his.

Which was why, despite Sho's best efforts today... she sort of... picked on him...

She definitely, definitely did not plan on telling Jun any of this. Even if her cover was blown, he would never hear her say it.

“Mao-chan...” Never, never, never.

“Maooo-chaaan...” Nope, never, never, never.

“MAO-CHAN!” DoS barked.

Mao looked at Jun sharply. Nani? She asked with her own raised eyebrows.

Jun softened and cajoled. “Mao-chan, seriously, how do you feel about Sho?”

Mao refused to say anything.

“You can tell me. Don’t you trust me?” Something in Jun’s voice made Mao pause. Does she trust him with something like this?

“You love him, don’t you?” She didn’t answer.

“I promise, I won’t say a word.” Mao stiffened. She knew him too well to trust him.

“He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”

It was Jun’s turn to look innocent.

Just you wait, Jun-chan...she promised silently.

“Why don’t you turn around to find out?”

Mao’s knees almost gave out as someone behind her spoke out.

Damn, damn, damn that sexy voice of his.

“Mao-chan...Mao,” Sho called to her. Jun slipped away smirking. “Mao, won’t you turn around?”

Mao shook her head vehemently.

“Mao...” She was going to melt if he continued saying her name in that quiet, intent way. Melt into an ooey, gooey puddle of Mao.

“Mao...” Melting. Melting... “Mao, why won’t you turn around?” He was close...really close behind her. Her back felt tingly.

She tried to find her voice. “I...I can’t...”

Sho leaned in so that he whispered in her ear. It took all of her will power not to pass out. “Why not?”

Mao shook her head. “B-because if I do, I’ll do something stupid.”

Sho grasped her by the shoulders and forced her too look at him. “Like what?”

Don’t say she didn’t warn him.

“Like this,” she whispered.

And she kissed him.

Just jumped up, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

Kissed him good.

Real good.

Toe curling, fireworks in the summer, angels singing to the heavens good.

She ended the kiss with a giggle. “See, that’s why I don’t like sloping shoulders,” she pinched his cheeks, his face registering happy shock, “so difficult to hang on.”

Sho shook off his shock and grinned, a happy, goofy grin. “I’ll show you what good sloping shoulders can do.” Before Mao could react, he had scooped her up and hoisted her over his shoulder. She laughed and protested at the same time. He started walking.

“Ch-chotto! Where are you going?!”

“I’m taking you out for dinner. I hear that new Italian place down the block is good. I need another chance to show you how manly I can eat.”

Mao laughed, smacking him lightly between his shoulder blades.

“Hai, hai...but if you start gobbling your food like a child, I’ll never let you forget it.”

Sho continued walking on, oblivious to all the stares they were getting from people in the building and the laughing cheers of his bandmates. “Deal. But I might drink sauce from the bottle again if it means having you remind me over and over again.”

Mao’s distinct giggle echoed as they exited the front doors of the studio.

“Does this mean I’m no longer her favourite Arashi member?” Aiba lamented. The other members ignored him as they made plans for dinner. They decided against gyuudon.

Arashi all grinned. Pasta would definitely hit the spot.

Just something that was poking at my brain since watching and re-watching Mao on HnA. Oh Sho-kun... how I love thee.
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Sticks and Stones [one-shot]
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