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 Mao-Ohno [one-shots]

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PostSubject: Mao-Ohno [one-shots]   Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:43 am

Ahhhh, I really don't know where else to post, but here. Hope you guys enjoy!

Mao silently sat in a bench, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses as she scanned the park. She spotted her boyfriend running over to her with his shirt wrinkled and his pants hanging low on his hips.

"Ahhh. Gomen ne, Mao-chan. I woke up late." he wheezed, clutching his stomach.

"Oi, Jii-san!" she giggled, calling out his nickname that she picked up from his bandmates. "Is that paint?" she questioned, grabbing his hand to inspect the various smudges.

Ohno yanked his hand back and shook his head, a crooked smile plastered on his face. "Its nothing," he said as he sat down next to her. He let out a sigh and basked in the sun's rays, exhausted. Last night, recording ran longer than usual. And after that, he'd been so into his art, he lost track of time.

"You should sleep more." Mao whispered, noticing the bags under his eyes. "They overwork you too much." she said, linking arms with him and resting her head on his shoulder.

Ohno's smile grew bigger as he rested his head on top of hers. "It's okay. I'm not so tired now."


Her eyes should shine more.

Her lips should be fuller.

Her skin should be more flawless.

Ohno sighed and scrapped the painting once more, sweat dribbling down his temple and eyes burning due to lack of sleep. He just couldn't capture the beauty of his subject. Glancing at the clock, he dialed a familiar number, silently hoping that she was still awake despite the time.

He heard a hoarse greeting and grimaced, knowing that he woke her up.

"Stay with me, please?" he murmmered.

"Okay," was her soft, sleepy reply


Thank you. Thank you for being with me for these past tiring nights. I know this isn't perfect; I couldn't capture the way your hair falls over your face or the way your eyes shine when you smile. I couldn't capture the softness of your lips or the glow of your skin. But then I realized that love isn't perfect. It isn't easy. It doesn't usually go the way we want it to. But we have the rest of our lives to work on it, right? I love you. Happy Anniversary.

Mao sniffed and let out a shaky laugh as she eyed her boyfriend who was fumbling with his chopsticks. "What a lame line." she cried, putting the painting down and scooting over to hug him. "I love you too."


"So, So? How is it?" Mao questioned, grinning.

Sho coughed and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Nino excused himself to the bathroom.

Aiba let out a choked laugh and faced away from her, holding his mouth.

Jun swallowed with a grimace.

Meanwhile, the Riida of the group kept on stuffing his face with spoonfuls of curry. He looked up and gave the girl a wide grin. "Mecha mecha umai!"

The three remaining looked at each other in bewilderment, but laughed it off.

After all, the flavor of love is different for each person.


*Hah, I couldn't resist with the last line!

This was a gift!fic for Yoshi, btw.

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Mao-Ohno [one-shots]
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