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 Himitsu no Sho-kun [one-shot]

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PostSubject: Himitsu no Sho-kun [one-shot]   Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:00 am

Title: Himitsu no Sho-kun
Author: yoshi09
Rating: PG, for mature thoughts.
Genre: Real life/Romance
Classification: Present day
Spoilers: None.
Warning: It's not Maotsujun! *laughs*
Summary: He placed his hands on either side of her thighs and upon the counter. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used in this story or else I’d be a very happy fangirl.

Author’s Note: This is a "Sho-centric fic" (with Ohmiya subtext) written on impulse for novemberbaby. I hope you like it! I literally wrote it just for you! Haha~ I haven't written and posted a fic for so long, so thank you for the (unintentional) inspiration.


Sakurai Sho leaned his head on the cabinet door. He stayed there for a moment— eyes closed, mouth half parted, and chin tilted upward to the ceiling as if the kitchen light overhead was something warm to bask in.

He was exhausted, to say the least.

As an idol, he wasn’t allowed to show it. The happiness of his fans were far more important to him than any little suggestion that he may be tired. As a newscaster, it was even more important to appear completely awake, professional— alert. The make-up artist had to apply ample amounts of concealer under his eyes lately. Only at home, in the comfort of his room was he allowed the blissful opportunity to drop his façade, his smile, at the doorway and be mortal again.

Or at this girl’s house…

He heard her canter around him as she grabbed a mug and filled it with milk from a bottle in the fridge. He heard her put it in the microwave and set it for one minute, followed by the crisp clanking of a spoon hitting porcelain as she mixed the milk to ensure the warmth was even all around. Then silence.

Sho blinked open his eyes, the effort a little more draining than he expected. She was in front of him, cupping the mug in both hands and smiling that sweet smile reserved just for him, effortlessly making the milk she held so carefully look so much more appetizing.

“I know you’re hungry,” she said. Her voice was always so soothing to listen to. Sho figured that was one of the main reasons he was constantly drawn to her in the first place— her voice was low, warm, yet distinctly feminine.

“Hm?” He hoped she never found out that he asked her to repeat herself so much because he spent the first time hearing her voice, and the second time listening to what she had to say.

She giggled. Sho really liked her laugh too. It was surprisingly loud and bubbly—very pretty.

“I said, I know you’re hungry,” she raised the mug a little higher, gesturing him to take it from her, “so I warmed milk for you. It’s better than regular food that would sit and digest into fat over night. This is a healthier alternative to late night snacking.”

Her intelligence was also a winning factor. Sho took the mug from her and drank deeply.

She hopped onto the counter next to Sho and her hair fell gracefully over her shoulder as she leaned forward to watch him.

When he was finished he licked his lips to rid himself of his milk mustache and looked to thank her. She was stretching a little too dramatically— raising her hands high above her head and arching her back so her shirt rode over her stomach and bared the soft, very smooth, skin of her midriff. Her head dropped back so he could see the beautiful curve of her neck drop behind her shirt neckline and out of view.

A small smile tweaked his lips. Sho put down the mug and turned so he was in front of her now. The movement brought her attention back to him. He placed his hands on either side of her thighs and upon the counter. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

She mirrored his smile. “Is it working?”

Sho smirked. He leaned in and kissed her, shushing anymore of her smart comments.

Exhaustion, be damned.


If there was one thing Sakurai Sho was bad at, it would be keeping secrets from Aiba Masaki. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing— if Aiba wasn’t so terrible at keeping secrets. Sho had attempted, unsuccessfully, to keep this certain girl’s name out of their daily conversation. But Aiba started noticing Sho talking about “my friend” a lot more often without dropping a hint at whom this friend was, and it just so happened that the one time Aiba saw Sho and “Sho’s friend” together, professionally nonetheless, Aiba knew. Something about “the way you laughed when she told you that joke.” He was much more observant than people gave him credit for. Aiba was a mingle of both overjoyed and resentful that Sho had kept this from him for so long… which was also a bad thing, because although Aiba was lovable sunshine and glue, he was very good at being vindictive in the most innocent of ways. The mischievous smile that crossed Aiba’s face when Sho made him swear to not tell anyone was all but reassuring.

He had hoped beyond hopes that Aiba wouldn’t accidently blurt it to their band mates today—as he hoped every day for the past two weeks— he could only imagine the years it would take for Arashi to stop teasing him about it. Perhaps their 20th anniversary? Sho shook his head.

“Someone looks happy today.” Jun said as soon as Sho walked into the break room doors. At this, Nino looked up with an amused expression from his seat on the couch next to Ohno (too engrossed in a fishing magazine to look up); and Aiba, who had been reading manga while he sat on a stool facing the mirror, glanced at Sho’s reflection. Aiba flashed him a smile that was too happy for Sho’s comfort.

“Really?” Sho took a swig of his water bottle, “I feel normal.”

Nino watched Sho as he moved to place his backpack to the side of the room and then sat on the opposite end of the couch from where Nino was petting the hair behind Ohno’s ear absentmindedly.

Sho felt Nino’s stare and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. “What?”

“He’s practically glowing, ne?” Nino agreed, still scrutinizing him. “But there are bags under his eyes… yet, he doesn’t look tired. Predicament.”

Sho shook his head, trying to keep from smiling. He took another swallow from his bottle.

“Ah!” Nino’s face broke into an impromptu cheeky grin. The other members turned at Nino’s sudden outburst. Nino pointed at Sho casually with his free hand. “You got lucky.”

Sho choked on his water.

His band members looked on in amusement as Sho tried to smoothly hide his shock at Nino’s observation skills by coughing more and then looking at the bottle he held in his hand, “What is this? Taste’s terrible.” No one said anything. Sho coughed again. Nino and Ohno exchanged glances, Jun smirked, and Aiba could not stop smiling for the life of him. His band mates definitely weren’t falling for his show.

“So, who is it?” the youngest Arashi member asked casually.

“No one.” Sho lied automatically.

Aiba was practically bouncing out of his seat— clearly enjoying this conversation. Sho threw him a glare and a subtle shake of his head.

“Aiba, who is it?” Nino observed everything.

Aiba laughed, “It’s Ma—!”

“Masaki!” Sho interrupted. Aiba simply grinned, continuing his incessant bouncing while Sho hoped beyond hopes they didn’t hear the last half of that vowel. Sho glanced at his band mates, but before Sho could so much as decide who to look at first, Nino cut through his thoughts with raised eyebrows,


Sho would kill Aiba later.

Nino looked at Sho pointedly, “You’re sleeping with your co-anchor?”

“E—Eh?” Sho exclaimed.

Nino wilted at his band mates’ lame response. He fell back onto the couch, boredly, “Somehow, I’m disappointed. I thought he was the most professional of us too.” He started drawing random circles on the couch arm with his free hand.

“Kobayashi Mao-san, eh?” Jun said cheekily, before Sho could defend himself.

“She is pretty.” Ohno supplied. Nino pulled his hair. “Itte~”

Aiba joined in with a secretive smile at Sho, “Chooo pretty.”

“Chotto,” Sho said, holding up a hand. “I’m not sleeping with—”

“Sho, we know already.” Nino had that scathing look on his face again. “Drop it. It’s not like we all haven’t taken an interest in our coworkers before.” He stopped petting Ohno and reached for his DS. Ohno looked away from his magazine and over his shoulder to see why Nino stopped petting him. Nino continued while turning his DS on, “Take Purple-kun over here.”

Sho looked at Jun who had flipped open a manga.

“He had a thing for Mao-chan for years. Ah, no, not your Mao-chan,” Nino said, as if enjoying some private joke, “Inoue Mao-chan. Haha, you guys should double date.”

Sho smiled a little. “Oh, Mao-chan. Do you still like her, Jun?”

Jun shrugged, but didn’t meet Sho’s gaze. “She’s cute.” He replied simply. “But she’s a little young, isn’t she?”

Nino cocked his head at Jun and mouthed ‘Denial.’ Ohno laughed a little.

Sho finished the remainder of his water bottle.


She was laughing at a story her manager was telling her when she heard a knock on the door. Usually people didn’t come over this late at night. The two girls exchanged glances.

“Want me to come with you?” Her manager asked, already getting up with her.

She shook her head in reassurance and smiled, “It must be someone I know well, the desk clerk wouldn’t let her come up otherwise.”

Her manager nodded. “I’ll just wait here then.”

“I’ll be fast,” she replied. She walked out of her room and made a little jog to her apartment door. She peered through the peep hole and suppressed a gasp. She looked over her shoulder again to make sure her manager hadn’t followed her before she fumbled with the locks as quietly as she could and then opened the door a crack.

Sakurai Sho stood at the door way, the hood of his jacket over his head to look less recognizable. It was very rare for him to visit her apartment, let alone two days in a row.

“Hi…” Sho began in a low voice, unsure of why she hadn’t invited him in right away. It was dangerous to be seen in public. Especially together. “Sorry for coming over unannounced… ” She still didn’t open the door wider, “Ano, may I come in?”

She deliberated for a moment.

“Something wrong?” He asked, ducking his head a little closer to the door so he could see more of her face.

‘My manager.’ She mouthed.

“It’ll be quick.” He said quietly.

Her eyebrows raised in surprise. They were very adamant about keeping their relationship a secret. As far as she knew, only Sho, herself, and Aiba was aware of their relationship, or even communicated at all. But she opened the door. He walked in right away and hugged her. She couldn’t help but giggle in surprise at his rare, yet sweet initiation.

“I’m usually not so impulsive…” Sho said in a murmur against her ear. “But I just really wanted to hug you.” She smiled and buried her head in his chest. “Arashi found out who I’m dating, Mao.” He said to her gently. There was a smile in his voice.

“Oh, did they?” She replied, leaning her cheek on his shoulder.

“Yes…” he chuckled quietly, “It’s too bad they didn’t get the last name right.” He gave Inoue Mao’s small frame a tight squeeze that caused her to laugh again.



A/N: Yes, I pair her up with everyone! Give me a break. x_x haha~ now... honestly, for those of you who endured this fic, was it obvious he was dating Mao-chan? And if so, what gave it away? Or where did you figure out it was her? ^.~ Just curious. Also, I need a title for this fic. Anyone want to help out?

Also... I know, I know, I haven't updated "I don't not love you!" in ages. x_x To be honest, I'm only about a third or so through with that chapter. It's so hard to close that story... but I didn't forget it. I'll hop right back to it (as well as read all these wonderful Maotsujun fics that have been up!) after I'm done with a MaoOhno I'm writing.
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Himitsu no Sho-kun [one-shot]
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