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PostSubject: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:18 am

Matsumoto Jun & Inoue Mao >> Maotsujun >> The love story of our star-crossed lovers
The love story of our star-crossed lovers
Post by zin1222 on Mar 25th, 2008, 6:06pm
i always want to use the astrology theory to analyse the development of maotsujun's relationship. how they started? why they're attracted by
each other? and will they be together at last?
now i finally do this astrology analysis, and after getting the permission of our dear admin-sama, i open a new thread of maotsujun
astro-analysis here. i hope u guys will enjoy it.
Re: The love story of our star-crossed lovers
Part 1
in the beginning
ost by zin1222 on Mar 25th, 2008, 6:08pm

the first time they met:
when maotsujun met each other first time in front of the vending machine in tbs, mao said hello to jun, but his reaction was kind of cool. he said that he was shy. but i guess it's just part of the truth.
yes. as a virgo guy, jun would be acting quite shy when he met people in the first time. and the other truth about virgo guy is, they don't like girls acting too initiative. if someone is too enthusiastic to them in the first stage, they would be back off.
but our lovely capricorn mao was getting hurted that time. although her sagittarius venus (her venus sign is sagittarius) made her do the friendly move to say hi to him, deep down inside she's still a capricorn. capricorns don't get use to be so initiative actually, they're pretty shy either. therefore, when she unusually got the courage to take the first move, but got the rejection like that, she definitely would be hurted.

the second time they saw each other:
when they saw each other again in the poster shooting of hyd 1, jun thought that mao was a depressed girl. it was because her feeling was hurted in the first encounter. when a capricorn get hurted, she/he will be acting quite cool. it's the way of protecting themselves.
as a virgo, jun obviously don't wanna being disliked by anyone. so he kept on talking to her, wanna change the atmosphere. virgo guys always want to be the prince charming, they want to be popular. so he took the active move that time.

when hyd 1 started filming:
when the filming first started, they're still not so familiar to each other. when they filmed with sato megumi (the gal who played the role of sanjyo sakurako), mao just kept on talking with megumi-chan and ignore jun. jun said that he felt so lonely when mao did that.
u know, guys always don't like getting things too easy. they love to court the kind of girls who are not so easy to approach. virgo guys are definitely that kind of guy. when the gal takes the first move, virgo guy will ignore her. but if she's acting cool, virgo guy would be attracted by her immediately. therefore, when mao ignored him, jun was attracted by her contrarily.
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:31 am

Part 2
from friendship to affection
befriend with each other:
during the filming of hyd 1, mao and jun were getting closer and became friends eventually. they can get along so well just because they have the same moon sign: taurus. both of them are deliberate, sensual, affectionate, artistic, capable, discerning and trustworthy. these similar qualities made them have the mutual understanding for each other, and it helped them to befriend with each other. they could feel that there're special kind of bond between them. and this is especially important to the taurus moon maotsujun. because the taurus moon made them thirst for security, and they can get this feeling when they're being together.

that's why when they were interviewed by hardgay and mao was scared of him, she just moved closer to jun. because she knew that he would protect her. and jun didn't make her disappoint, he said mao must be very busy and tried to make hardgay let go of her.

u must love me more:
maotsujun is not the case of "love at first sight", they were really just friends in the beginning. but when did they start to have the special feeling for one another?
i would say that jun began to fall for mao in a quiz show. in that quiz show, f4 must answered some questions about makino tsukushi. and jun was so confidence that he would be the winner, but he didn't win at last. then the host asked him why he couldn't win, he's domyouji ne, how can he not to know makino so well. and then mao told him," u must love me more." jun was just speechless, and then he started to smile.
i think this is the moment he found that mao is really attractive. virgo guys are easy to fall for the smart girl. as a virgo, jun is so clever and have a sharp tongue. he always wins when he bickers with people. this must be the first time he was defeated by a girl. he was attracted by her intellience immediately.
as a capricorn who have a sagittarius venus, mao is as clever as jun and she's got a sharp tongue either. that's why she could always impress him.

besides of mao's intellience, jun also fall for her innocence. virgo guys like the pure young maiden kind of girl very much, they just love their natural side. and his affection for mao was growing day by day, but he would not show his feeling to her at once. virgo guys are really good at planning. they would not court a girl on impulse, they would have a full plan to get their dream lover. and they usually played the role of big brother to take care of their gal and get close to her in this way. and virgo guys are not so easy to expose his affection, confession is the most difficult thing to them. therefore, they would keep their affection as secret at the first stage. that's why he kept their kissing pic in his bag secretly (but found out by nino at last).
and mao was easy to fall for jun either, because he's so gentle to her and always take care of her. capricorn girls are easy to fall for the big brother or teacher kind of guy. they just loved to be take care by these kind of guys and wanted to learn something from them. i think our tender and clever virgo jun can fulfil all her needs
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:33 am

Part 3
distance doen't really matter
crank up of hyd 1:
jun was the first actor who finished the hyd 1's filming. in his crank up day, mao appeared suddenly to give him a bouquet of flowers. although the flowers were the arrangement by the crew, jun still was moved by her appearance. when a virgo guy fall in love, he would become more romantic, sentimental and tender. everything about his love interest is meaningful to him. and she showed up for him is definitely a big thing to him. when he gave the speech to all the crew, u can hear that mao was shouting out to praise him. and our romantic virgo jun was so moved, then he shouted back to her "u are the best." and there're some happy tears in his eyes.
then the next day was the crank up day for the whole casts and crew. jun didn't need to go to the set, but he showed up to give a bouquet of flowers to mao. this's not arranged by the crew, it's jun who decided to show up and bought the flower by himself. his virgo side would urge him to do such a romantic thing and his leo venus made him can't hide his affection either. so he showed up, although it's kind of fishy and dangerous to do that.
in return, our lovely capricorn mao started to cry when she saw him. she was so surprised and moved at the same time. she admitted that she told herself not to cry in this day. but when jun showed up, her tears just kept on falling down. capricorn girls always seem to be calm all the time, this is the image they always want to maintain. but deep down inside, they're kind of fragile and emotional towards the relatioship thing.

in the year when they were aparted:
after the hyd 1, jun and mao were aparted from each other. both of them were so busy and it seemed like there're lack of connection between them. in most of the cases, such distance can destroyed some sprouting romance. but maotsujun's relationship could still developing very well in this situation. because virgo and capricorn is good at maintain the long-term and kind of slow developing romance. both of them have the patience, they could always wait for the good thing in life even it takes a long time.
moreover, seemed like lack of connection doesn't really mean that they didn't see each other in this year. when jun began to shoot the hyd 2, he said that he was worried about there would be some distance between him ,abe and shota. because they didn't see each other for a whole year. but he didn't mentioned shun and mao, that's mean he did see them in this year.
jun actually had invited mao to see his concert and stage play in 2006, and she did showed up to support him. jun's virgo sun sign and leo venus sign are so romantic and passionate. how could a passionate guy like him stand of not seeing his love interest for a whole year? it's impossible for him. so he still kept on contacting mao, although he was so busy. and mao's capricorn sun sign will make her to be quite passive of courting her affection. but her sagittarius venus sign still can push her to accept every invitation by jun, because sagittarius venus mao can't stand of not seeing her love interest either.
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:36 am

Part 4
when they reunited
expression of love:
maotsujun reunited for the filming of hyd 2 on october 2006. they seemed to be more closer, and jun's affection for mao became so obvious this time. in all the interview and all the tv promotion, u can see that jun was always staring at mao. and when he looked at her, his eyes were filled with admiration and love.
and don't forget the famous "tokyo friend park"(TFP). when mao and f4 went to the show as guests at christmas of 2006, jun was always standing by her side, following her around, helping her when she played the game, took a slice of cake for mao when she's busy slicing the whole cake.......

all the things he did was too obvious, and it's quite dangerous for a johnny's artist to expose his affection. of course, our clever virgo jun knew that very well. but his leo venus just urge him to do that. when a leo venus guy fall in love, he would be so happy and want to declare his love to the world. he just couldn't hide his feeling.
when jun exposed his affection so openly, mao was kind of obscure. because capricorn girl is very shy. but u still can feel that mao trust jun and rely on him very much. when a capricorn girl can trust someone like that, and even dare to rely on him, it means she's really in love with him.
and talking about the TFP, most of the fans noticed that jun always squeezed in between mao and shota. he even squeezed in between mao and shun once. all of these squeezing thing is just because he can't stand of anyone get close to his girl. even his best friend can't do that. as a guy with taurus moon and leo mars, jun would be very possessive and easy to be jealous. luckily, mao wouldn't mind at all. as a taurus moon girl, mao would think that jun's jealousy is a symbol of love. people with taurus moon just love to possess their lovers and being possess by their lovers either.

everything i do, i do it for u:
on january 9 2007, the hyd team held a countdown party to celebrate mao-chan's 20th birthday. and jun was in osaka for arashi's concert at that time. but he rushed back to tokyo after the show to attend her birthday party. although he was so tired, he still could do that for mao. that's why i always say that virgo guy is one of the best lover in the world. when he fall in love, he's willing to do anything for his girl. she's always on his mind.
just take our virgo jun as an example, he really can do anything for mao. he started to listen to oda kazumasa's songs because oda san is mao's fav singer. he read the novel which was written by mao's fav author. he said that his dream date would be taken place in disneyland because mao loves disneyland so much. when f4 went to tbs canteen to have dinner but mao must go on filming, jun just took the meal to her before he had his own. u can see that he's really the jun no suke who only serve for mao-chan.

and mao treat jun very good as well. in the valentine's day of 2007, mao made 100 chocolate cookies as the gifts to hyd casts and crew. she did this hard work even her schedule was so tight. why did she do that? because jun asked for her making the valentine's choco gift to him. as a capricorn girl, mao would be very shy if people noticed that she did that for him. so she made the choco gifts for everyone. but she also didn't forget to tell jun that the choco she gave him is the special one. according to the japanese custom, girls would give choco to their friends and colleagues. but they only give this special choco to the one they love.
and making 100 choco is kind of silly. but when a sagittarius venus girl is in love, she just pleases to do the most silly thing for her lover. (believe me! i'm a sagittarius, and i did lots of silly thing for my love interest before.)
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:26 am


i didn't know ANY of these...



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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:36 pm

Part 5
love blossoms silently

there's no distance between us:
during the filming of hyd 2, maotsujun were getting closer and closer. flirtation and skinship things started to appear frequently. and it's really exceptional for jun.
most of the virgos have mysophobia, therefore they don't like being touched by someone they're not familiar to. that's why our jun don't like being touched. when hardguy patted his shoulder, he just took hardgay's hand away. when ueto aya-chan tried to pat his arm on "shukudai-kun", he just stepped back to keep some distance from her. and when he filmed the kissing scene with kato natsuki-chan, he told her not to kiss him during the rehearsal.
but if it turn to be mao-chan, he just doesn't mind at all. in the high jumping game of TFP, when mao patted his shoulder to comfort him, he just stood there still. he didn't take her hand away, he didn't step back or kept any distance from her. in the crank up of hyd 2, when mao ran to him and hug him, he just opened his arms with a smile. and don't forget the 10 times kissing rehearsal, it's jun who told mao to kiss him for real during the rehearsal. then they did it for 10 times. jun obviously doesn't mind being touched or kissed by mao.
and he also loves to touch and gets close to mao-chan. when they did the bridge scene, jun threaten to throw mao away. but he held her arms so tight and stood so close behind her with a tender smile in his face. it seemed like there's no distance between their bodies. he even loved to help her to fix up her hair, and he did it many times.

with venus and mars in leo, jun is not the platonic kind of guy. if he loves someone, he definitely wants to touch her, hold her and kiss her.
as a capricorn girl, mao is affable but she wouldn't like the physical touch by someone she doen't like and familiar to. capricorn can act so cruel when she's offended. but when jun touched her, she just accepted it shyly.

seem like aparted but still smitten:
after the hyd 2, jun filmed "bambino" at once. and then he had the arashis time con in summer. at the same time, mao had to film first kiss and then to promote and filmed 2 SP for fuji tv. both of them were so busy, and seemed like had no connection between them. but of course, theres something still going on. because therere lots of evidences, they always did or said something very fishy.
on the april 16 's episode of "shukudai-kun", when he demonstrated how to give a birthday gift to girlfriend, he just can't help smiling shyly. even sho tease him and said that he's so fishy. all of the fans thought that he must be crazy in love with someone. just like I said, leo venus jun couldnt hide his happiness when hes in love.
and when mao was interviewed by tokio on mentore g, they asked her did she have some famous restaurants sushi with jun. and she just said,weve eaten then she paused. her sagittarius venus give her a fast tongue, sometimes she could expose her own secret carelessly.

besides of these 2 evidences, therere still lots of fishy things between them: the purple and grey clothes, mao said she like his guy patting her head, jun said he like his girl push his back not so hardKK
anyway, therere too much evidences and its so hard to list all of them. and we know that virgos and capricorns are always smart and calm. how come they left so much evidences to us? Its because the leo venus sign of jun and the sagittarius venus sign of mao urge them to do that. leo venus and sagittarius venus are too passionate, when theyre in love, they would turn to be 100% love fool and lost their self control.

love to stick with you:
jun was acting so happy on shukudai-kun last year. but he seemed like kind of lost on the episodes of june to the end of july, the arashis fans discovered that immediately. and why was he unhappy at that time? i guess it was because mao was so busy at that time, she had to filmed first kiss and deal with her term exam at the same time. she must have no time to see jun. virgos love to stick with their lovers so much. if they couldnt see their lovers, they would feel so lost. just like jun said in the anans interview, just breathing the same air with his girl would make him so happy.
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:40 pm

Part 6
final is not the end

we've only just begun:
on january of 2008, the shooting of hyd final finally started. i think all of the hyd fans would have the bitter-sweet feeling about the movie shooting. we're so glad that we can see maotsujun being together again. but it's kind of sad to know that this movie is the final for the whole series. fortunately it's only the end of hyd series, not the end of maotsujun's affair. the crescendo of their greatest love song is only just begun.
the sweetest interaction of maotsujun started immediately on the first meeting of the casts and crew. on january 10, the whole team of hyd final have a meeting and because it's only one day after mao's 21st birthday, so they held a surprise birthday party for mao. but jun and mao just kept on talking with each other in the party. because they've got the same moon sign, they just love to talk with each other and will enjoy their communication forever. many couples will become lack of communication when time goes by, but maotsujun will always have something to talk about.

moreover, when i saw mao's birthday cake was filled with lots of fruits, i just start to think this must be jun's idea to buy this cake. although mao gets along so well with the whole hyd team, i don't think they would remember that mao is a fruit-lover. jun obviously is the one who know that. do u guys remember the cake scene on tokyo friend park? when jun sliced a piece of cake for mao, she kept on saying "fruit! fruit! fruit!". i guess jun would never forget about that, he would always remember his mao loves fruit so much. because virgo guy is always attentive, he will remember every little thing about his girl.
and virgos always are opportunist, so our virgo jun just didn't waste the time. he invited mao and shun to have dinner date just the next day after the meeting. virgos love to stick with their lovers, therefore jun would fight for every single chance to be with mao-chan.

crank in surprise:
on january 14, hyd final started shooting. and the first scene is the press con which held by domyouji. after the press con in the movie is the real press con for the media. and mao suddenly showed up, jun was so surprise but smiled happily. he was setup by mao this time. mao's sagittarius venus made her to be a naughty but funny girl, so she loves to joke and make fun with people.
as a leo mars guy, jun's quite easy to be irritated usually. but if the one who set him up is mao, this romantic virgo guy just wouldn't mind at all .

after the crank in, they began to film the movie in a tight schedule. but maotsujun seemed to have lots of fun together. they just kept on talking, joking and flirting. some fans even witnessed that jun kept on pulling the decoration on mao's clothes, this is the typical kind of flirtation and skinship thing. for a virgo guy like jun, he wouldn't like to be initiative on getting close to anybody. he only would give up this rule for the one he really interested in. and for a capricorn girl like mao, she wouldn't let anybody getting too close to her. and her aries mars would make her lost her temper if someone else pulled her clothes. therefore, both of them treat each other so special.
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:43 pm

The Juno sign of Maotsujun

here is the profound part of astrology reading for jun and mao. it is called juno sign. according to the ancient greek mythology, juno(known as Hera in Greek mythology) is the wife of zeus, the king of the gods. juno represents the wife, the life partner, the soul mate. therefore we can foresee what kind of people would be our soulmate and what kind of soulmate we would be through our juno sign.

jun's juno sign: taurus
jun's juno sign is taurus. that's mean he would be a loyal and lovable husband. he's slow to commit and take a long time to make up his implacable mind about a person. his affections are worth much and he won't throw them away causally. love to him means sharing and he's willing to share everything with the one he loves. he's affectionate and romantic, his wife will never complain about he doesn't remember birthdays or anniversaries. she actually will be too busy eating candlelight dinner or enjoying his romantic caresses.

jun's ideal soulmate
according to his juno sign, jun would be easy to fall for the girl who is sincere, decent and strong-willed. he admires someone who is hard-working but also know how to enjoy her life. his ideal wife would be beautiful and elegant.
his future wife will be most likely a taurus, scorpio, virgo or a capricorn. and don't forget that our beloved mao is a capricorn.

mao's juno sign: capricorn
mao's juno sign is capricorn, as same as her sun sign. that's mean she would be a devoted wife to her husband. she is at her best in long-term relationship and just can't accept the ephemeral kind of romance. she takes relationship very serious. if she's got married, she really hope it would be lasted for a life time.

mao's ideal soulmate
according to her juno sign, she would be easy to fall for a guy who is mature, responsible and reliable. she admires someone who is stong-willed, ambitious and have a full plan for his future and his life. she likes the kind of guy who is clever and have a sense of humor.

her future husband will be most likely a capricorn, taurus, virgo, scorpio, or a cancer. and our gorgeous jun is a virgo.
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:31 pm

switluv... arigatou... :flower:

thank you, I have been searching for their love story but unfortunately the old server can not be opened ...
and I am glad you post here again

May I contribute the image for part 3 --> Crank up of HYD 1..

this is from crank up HYD 1 when Jun came carries the flower bouquet to Mao...

this is flower bouquet from Jun... full of roses

and this is flower bouquet from crew HYD
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:34 pm

Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I have been searching for their luv stories too. I felt so thanks to all members that work hard to do this web. :cheers:
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:57 am

thanks switluv.. that's why we should keep our faith to our fave couple they may not see each other often but still there is a secret connection between them..
you really did a good job ❤
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Sat May 02, 2009 8:09 pm

switluv..you're simply amazing!!!! ❤
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Sun May 03, 2009 1:13 pm

thank you very much switluv. :D
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu May 21, 2009 12:10 pm

Thank you switluv... I'm too glad that I was able to read your astrology readings again. I've been reading your previous astrology analysis in the archives and I am totally convinced with all of it...

jared wrote:
thanks switluv.. that's why we should keep our faith to our fave couple they may not see each other often but still there is a secret connection between them..
you really did a good job ❤

I agree with you jared that we should keep our faith to them... We may not see Maotsujun moments on-screen, but I believe that their romantic relationship off-screen is still there... :)
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Thu May 21, 2009 12:39 pm

Ohh!! thank you so much!!

there was a lot of things I didn't knew...

It is always nice to read something about them!
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:14 pm

I love this * tears up*- you're so good!!!

you got allthe things down...can you go on some more??? I cant get enough....

Yahhh it is just so sweet how they are around each other that we cant stop being captivated....

And yah, why do they leave so many evidence? Are they still hoping to hide behind the drama?

the kisses and touching are just so warm and real..

Anyway thanks swiftluv.....
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:35 am

I've learned so much more about Maotsujun; their love seems so much more real now with all this evidence supporting it. They're making their love so obvious ;3 I think it's cute how they act so friendly to each other, and they both can make each other smile just with their appearance.

Thank you so much for posting all of this!
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:43 pm

thanks for that very insightful analysis, switluv. your re-cap of jun and mao's relationship all the way from HYD1 to HYDF is very informative, especially to the people who just joined LSS, like me. it's like Maotsujun 101.

it's nice that you laid out the main events in jun and mao's "story" chronologically. we can find this stuff in the other threads but having a time line like the one you made demonstrates how this thing between mao and jun just blossomed and lasted for several years. (plus there's stuff u mentioned that i haven't read about yet). somehow, it makes me feel like we are NOT crazy for wasting minutes of our lives investigating, dissecting, and researching Maotsujun moments. :x just kidding! lol!

more power to u!
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:46 pm

i want more...i want more... :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
guess we never get enough about them... :D

Thank you so much...for sharing this...Maotsujun Forever.... :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:24 pm

wow...arigatou switluv-san...

very nice to read as you provided the timeline...I've watching the couple's development since I followed Hanadan and only came to a conclusion about their affection when Mao-Chan appeared on Himitsu Arashi no -Chan. Their way of communicating to each other caught my eyes and immediately confirmed my assumption...lol. I started looking around for more confirmation and yours is one of it and I'm happy for maotsujun.

:king: maotsujun :queen:
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:09 pm

that is soo cool...wonder if they are still dating?
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:55 pm

thanks so much switluv for sharing with us such an insightful analysis on our favorite couple. really loved reading it. arigato.... :D :D :D
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:14 pm

wahhh! thank you so much. i don't know most of what is written here. :) thank you for reviving this thread :D
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:24 am

i don't know what must to say..
you are really amazing..

your analysis is sooooooooo soooooo sweeeeeetttt and beautiful!!!!
and of course this not enough,, can you give me more?!hohohohooooo...

thank you so much switluv...
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PostSubject: Re: THE STORY OF THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS...(REVIVED)   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:56 am

It's like, we all know they're dating but still need more evidence, more and more and more...
They are so kawaii ^_^
Please post more!
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