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 I, You, Him [one-shot]

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PostSubject: I, You, Him [one-shot]   Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:06 pm

This is another one of my delusional fanfics. Just wanted to post something here... I don't know :?:

Standard Disclaimers Applied

Rating: AA (I think...)

“What an infuriating moron! Jerk!” Inoue Mao chanted as she endlessly stabbed the point of her pen on a page (of what supposed to be her homework) in utter frustration. It was the understatement of the century that Ikuta Toma was the vilest creature that walked on the face of the earth. Or better yet—the vilest creature that appeared in the universe.


Earlier, he had ‘accidentally’ passed her a note to her during a Chemistry test that coincidentally had the answers to the test written in it. They were now outside the classroom after Mr. Hiroshi accused them for cheating. Knowing Mr. Hiroshi would not buy any story from anyone, since as he says, ‘What’s done is done’, and how he just twists words, Mao decided to just shut up and let him yap. She mentally chided herself for actually opening and reading the crumpled piece of crap. ‘A matter of grave importance,’ boldly written urged her to do so. Ever since, she knew it would spell trouble when she found out a few days ago, when it was the start of the new semester that he would be seated next to her in class. He was honestly the last person she ever wanted to encounter. He was just completely impossible, being a total bully yet gets away with it every time just because of his looks and overflowing popularity. What a pompous freak! His frequent target nowadays was Mao.

He established his first attack was during their first lab experiment together when he purposefully mixed different chemicals, while Mao was away and busied herself first with the equipment they were to use. She adjusted her goggles to confirm the bubbling. She leaned in a bit closer and the obvious result was a little explosion that covered her in smoke and soot. Toma laughed full of delight and satisfaction, earning him a deathly glare from Mao.

But there was one thing that the devil himself miscalculated. And this made Mao’s day at least a bit brighter. She knew that this particular teacher of theirs is not one to be easily influenced. Strict, one way of saying it. Now Ikuta would get one fine kick in the behind.

“You two—” Hiroshi-sensei accusingly pointed at the both of them. “—are going to help clean up the Biology lab for two weeks, starting today. You know, frogs can be really… jumpy sometimes. Our custodian can use a little help.” At least she’s not the only one to experience the punishment. A smirk was beginning to form on Mao’s face when she stole a glance at Toma. He had the infamous smug look on his face, without the teacher noticing, since he was looking down at his watch. Why’s he so calm and collected at a time like this?! “Ooh, it’s lunch time!” Mr. Hiroshi said, and then walked in the opposite direction. The two of them were now really getting on her nerves.

Mao was now ready to blow off steam any second, clenching and unclenching her fists. She turned around to face the jerk and looked at him straight in the eye. “You’re not getting away this time. If you think I’m going to let you let me do all of the work, then you’re dead wrong. Don’t forget, it was your fault we got into this mess!”

“Okay,” he simply replied with a no nonsense kind of tone. That’s it? Just as simple as that? Was that an ‘okay’ okay or what?


“You two make one funny pair,” her best friend, Matsumoto Jun teased. Mao stopped the jabbing to look up and eye him dangerously.

“You’re so not helping. You better watch out, one of these days I’m going to strangle you in your sleep. And for all I know, YOU might still be in love with Ikuta.”

“Okay, okay. Calm down,” Jun said as he threw his hands in front of him but still had a playful smile. Mao sipped her apple juice while she rolled her eyes.

“Oh yeah,” Mao muttered as soon as the thought came to mind. Her eyes glistened with teasing. “So… Jun-ita, what happened with the ikemen guy you told me about, huh?”

Jun arched up a brow at her, and then a defeated sigh escaped from him. “It turns out he has a girlfriend. I didn’t think—can we not talk about it?!” His voice was clear with irritation.

“Aw, Jun-ita… I’m sorry,” she said. Mao pouted her lips and hugged his waist. Yes, Jun was gay. But even though he swung differently, Mao accepted him for who he really is. It was as if it was just yesterday when they were still in their first year of high school. Both of them were late on the first day and both came from different schools, thus they were lost. They spent the whole day together. She found herself quite comfortable with him and was enthralled at first by his handsome beauty. It was also actually the first time she knew Ikuta Toma when she found out that the two came from the same school and were best friends. But the following day, Jun had confided to her about his inner persona and his little crush on Toma. There was an initial shock and a bit of disappointment on Mao’s part, but he later grew to become one close friend. Toma didn’t seem to like the idea of his best bud being a homosexual, then the following morning the news spread out like wild fire, whole school knew about it. Animosity towards Ikuta Toma began to harvest within Mao. If there was one thing she hated the most, it was betrayal. Even though it turned out like that, they were still best friends right? He told him his secret. And aren’t secrets shared to others with trust? But the jerk just gave it away without any consideration.

Jun grinned at her then ruffled her hair. Mao rested her head in Jun’s shoulder while she murmured, “Don’t worry. I bet there are plenty of guys out there… And girls, if you become straight!”

“Very funny.”


Mao turned around a corner. Surprised, she found Toma resting his back on a wall.

“You’re unsuspectingly early,” she commented. She raised a brow at him. Was there something she missed? But she knew there was something really fishy going on. Did he already plan to initiate his attack on her?

“It’s because you’re slow. Slowpoke,” he said flatly, then opened the door towards the Bio lab.

Mao scowled at his back, not noticing the smile he had.


‘Oh my…’ Mao thought as she held the blood-stained pair of gloves. She hated seeing blood. Last year, when they were supposed to dissect frogs, she sought every way to skip it. Fake medical appointments, fake funerals of fake relatives… But she knew it would affect her grades, so she hesitantly did it. In the end she was sent to the infirmary.

A nauseating feeling was starting to surface.

“Here, let me have it,” Toma offered as she saw her pale face. She eyed him suspiciously. What’s he’s game now, huh?

However, he showed her his lips that extended to his eyes. “You fainted last year, right?”

“Yeah, so?” she shot back, annoyed. Then reached to vehemently grab the gloves. But of course, she regretted doing so, seeing the blood in her hands.

He managed to chuckle softly, which added to her annoyance. She turned away from him, finally choosing to ignore such monkey.

“Hey,” Toma tried to call out.


“Hey!” he called once more. Mao just rolled her eyes in disgust, not because of the gross blood stain she was trying to wash off.

He tried a different approach, “Your butt’s got blood—”

A loud harsh gasp as she hastily turned her head around to look. It would surely look like she’s having her period if that happened. But—he had flicked his fingers once he had his cue, showering with a small amount of frog’s blood.

“Nah, it’s on your face,” he smirked.

She wasn’t going to hold back any longer. Oh, how long have she waited for this time to come. She had imagined this a gazillion times in her dreams already.

Slap. And it was nasty one, so to say.

Silence took over. The fire in Mao’s eyes continued to blaze. Toma’s face stayed side wards, trying hard not to look at her.

However, it was just at that moment. He was more determined than ever. He slowly returned his eyes on hers. Undoubtedly, having a dark and dangerous aura. Mao didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she was now afraid of him. Now that was a first. She never really got to see this look on him up close.

“You’re pretty sure of yourself, huh? But I’m pretty sure myself that you haven’t seen me angry.” It almost sounded like a growl for her.

“You want to slap me?!” she tried her best to keep her voice even, but it was futile effort. She sounded chicken. “You want to punch the daylights out of me? You know what? I’m not scared of you. You can do whatever you want!”

“Heh~ Are you sure of that?”

“Go ahead!” There was no backing now. She shut her eyes close as she saw his arm raised up in an instant. She readied for it. Waiting to meet his fist with her face.

But she was wrong, dead wrong when she felt something touch her lips. His lips. It was surprisingly the softest thing she’s ever felt. A hand of his slowly tipped her face a little higher and before she even knew it, she kissed him back. Her arms gradually wrapping his neck. She knew there was something really wrong with this picture but she was losing reason not to do such thing.


“You might choke you big goof,” Mao warned him as he chewed on her special onigiri while he rested his head on her lap. They were now on the school rooftop, enjoying Mao’s home-made bento. Toma simply flashed her his signature grin then continued his peaceful eating.

“You know, I still have to tell Jun…” Mao’s voice trailed off. They were now officially an item ever since the last incident in the Bio lab. She couldn’t exactly remember how the whole thing happened. After pulling back and both feeling breathless, Toma had confessed his feelings for her when he first met her during his first day when Jun introduced him to her. Everything just went on with a bang. Now here they were.

Toma swallowed every bit of her rice ball and sat up. Then there was that grin again.

“Okay, I’ll tell you everything…”

She raised one of her brows, signaling him to continue.

“It was also the first time for me when Jun told me he was gay. I wasn’t mad at him at all. I was actually glad he was being honest. He was saying he wanted to be ‘free’ or something. We were first years and new students. A bunch of girls were already trailing him on the first day… That doesn’t mean I didn’t have lots of them following me…” He peeked at Mao, trying to see her reaction. She was pouting her lips cutely. Toma reached to take her hand in his, softly caressing it with his thumb. She smiled at him.

“But didn’t Jun say he was… you know… with you?” she asked.

“You think I didn’t believe him—before he told me he was gay—when he told me liked you? We’ve been tight since we were in diapers. That guy—girl is such a complete prankster. Besides, friends shouldn’t ‘like’ like each other. He—She knows that. And… we’re still best buds, for your information. Any questions?”

“So much more…” Yeah, there were still a lot of things she wanted to ask. But before anything else… She took his face into her hands and peppered soft kisses around it until finally diving for deep one on his lips.
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I, You, Him [one-shot]
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