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The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: FAQs   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:27 am


What is Love So Sweet Forum about?
Love So Sweet Forum is about our favorite on-screen couple, Matsumoto Jun & Inoue Mao. They starred together in the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango, as the main characters, Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi.

The history goes like this....
There was a thread about Inoue Mao & Matsumoto Jun on the Asian Fanatics forum. A lot of members expressed their opinions about them, and a suggestion on making a forum came about. After writing pages and pages about the favorite couple, one of the members made the Love So Sweet Forum. It was started by Beretonmyhead on the 23rd of March 2007.

If I have some questions regarding the forum, which person should I private message to?
The person you would PM to would be the Administrator. For particular boards, you can PM the Moderators listed.

I have an idea/suggestion/comment/concern...!
You can either make a thread under LSS Suggestions or PM the Admin about it.

I don't know how to use those codes in the edit windows. Any help?

[b]your text[/b] --> bold fonts
[i]your text[/i] --> italicize fonts
[u]your text[/u] --> underline fonts
[s]your text[/s] --> strikethrough fonts
[img]http:///123.com/123.jpg[/img] --> link an image.
[url]http:///123.com/[/url] --> link a url.
[color=your chose of color]your text[/color] --> color the fonts. You can choose the color you want from the pull-down menu.

It comes out like this:
Quote :

your text --> bold fonts
your text --> italicize fonts
your text --> underline fonts
[s]your text[/s] --> strikethrough fonts
your text

If I want to transfer some photos, videos, music, scans and translation from another site, what should I do?
Ask the site/webmaster if you can take them to show to other places. If they approve, put them in the right boards and credit to the site/webmaster.

What is double-posting? Why it is bad for the forum?
Sometimes, people post a reply and realize they write something wrong, then they click reply again. It will only increase the load of the server. It would be best to use EDIT function of the reply you just post and make corrections.

What is the LSS Talk? I love it, can I just keep talking there with other members?
LSS Talk is a small chatbox where members can have a conversation with all the members of the forum.

Sometimes, when I try to post a reply or open a thread, it takes very long time to load. Is there any problem?
It depends. Here are some ideas:
- Your internet connection is slow
- The forum is overflooded with posts and members at the same time
- The server itself cannot handle the forum. There was a server crash in Fall 2007 and is still being currently recovered
- Your internet doesn't support the forum at all

I see some members posting Japanese or Chinese or other languages' texts in replies. All I can see is empty space or weird symbols. Is there something wrong with my computer? What should I do in order to read those

Your computer may not handle the Japanese/Chinese characters people used to reply. In order to read the characters, check with the tech support on your computer to see if you need to enable a feature or install a program.

I love this forum so much that I want to print out some of the threads. How can I do it?
On the top right hand corner, you can press “Actions” and pick “Print this page”.

I'd like make the Love So Sweet forum as an affiliation to another forum/website. How can I do that?
PM the Administrator for each of the forums/websites. Then, if you get the approvals, make sure you exchange the graphic button and URL to each Admin so he or she can add it to their forum.

I can't access my account. What happened?
Some things may have occurred:
- Had two accounts: Administrator probably deleted the old or non-active account.
- Don't know your password: Click forget password and put the e-mail your username is under. Then, you should get an e-mail about a new password or changing it.
- Account was deleted: You didn't obey the rules of keeping enough posts on the forum.

What is hotlinking?
Hotlinking is defined as direct linking to a web site's files and commonly known bandwidth theft. It makes that person's bandwidth decrease of his/her site, along with his/her envy to continue the site etc. As a result, he/she might refuse posting precious Maotsujun information. We are sure no one wants this to happen!

The remedy is either you save the picture you'd like to show to LSS and reupload it at sites like Servimg which provide thumbnail codes (if there's no prohibition to take the picture) or you link us the page where the picture can be found using the tags.



Not everyone has the privilege to have a fast internet. Imagine what a thread full of over-sized pictures could mean to people with a very slow internet connection? It'd take a good while before the thread actually opens. This is why we would ask you to hide the bigger pictures under a spoiler tag:



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