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 The Bad Boy [one-shot]

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: The Bad Boy [one-shot]   Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:34 am

Title: The Bad Boy
Author: Kytana
Rating: PG
Characters: Your favorite Arashi member & ‘you’
Classification: College years
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Imagination going wild! =D
Summary: You want to finish your paper except your favorite guy won’t let you. He comes and ruins your alone time at the café.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arashi – damn you Johnny Entertainment. I don’t own any of you either. ;)
Notes: This was inspired by seeing MatsuJun being the ‘irritated, wild, white shirt guy’ in Arashi No Shukukaidan Ep. 80.
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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Re: The Bad Boy [one-shot]   Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:35 am

You are at your favorite cafe, researching for a [insert subject of choice] paper. Lots of noises could be heard around you, but your ears are blocked out with the IPod blasting your favorite music. You bop your head to the music as you're reading all the books for the topic you chose. The waiter, who you know, comes to see if you need anything. You simply shake your head with a smile.

Suddenly, there's a big bang from afar. You look up to see what the commotion is. It's one of your classmates from the college. He kicked a bucket of dirty water onto the floor the janitor finished cleaning.

"Ugh, it's [insert Arashi member name]..." you mutter to yourself.

He's causing trouble again and the poor janitor bowed, saying he'll clean it up. [insert Arashi member name] doesn't say a word but he looks completely irritated. What would a guy like him have to be irritated about since he treats college like it's high school? You find yourself staring, appalled for what he's done. Instead of saying anything, you look back down. A moment later, two hands slam on the side of your table which startles you greatly. You find that it's him.

"I've been looking for you."


He doesn't give one and changes the subject, "What are you doing here?"

You say nothing. You have no reason to answer to him at all.

"You think you're very smart?"

What the hell is his problem? You take off your earplugs, "Much more intelligent than you..." you retort.

"You finally spoke. Yet, that insults me." he sits across from your since it was a two-person booth.

"Maybe it's because every time you walk into class, you think you're the king. Reality check! College isn't high school..." you roll your eyes as you continue to type on your laptop.

"Entertain me cause I'm bored." he commands.

"Go entertain yourself. I'm busy. Besides, you have the same paper that's due in a week. Why don't you actually get a notepad and get your butt to the library?" you're really annoyed because he won't leave you alone.

"I sparked some fire in you, haven't I?" he grinned, "Normally, when someone speaks to you, you don't say a word."

"Ugh. That's it." he's playing with you and all you want to do is finish this paper so you can do other assignments.

"What are you doing?" he notices you make a sudden movement.

"Leaving." you turn off your laptop after you saved the file and pack up everything. Then, you lift your backpack and walk up to the counter. The waiter, who helped you, notices you are irritated and nods. He says thanks, and you walk out of the cafe. As you walk home, you didn't think the idiot was following you.

"Leaving me at the cafe was rude, you know?"

"Ugh. What the hell do you want?" you stop and turn, "If you want to bother someone, go to people who don't do their homework." your eyes narrow at him.

He ignores your advice and walks in a circle around you. Suddenly, he grabs your arm and drags you with him, not sure what his motive is.

"HEY!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME???" you protest and try to shake off his hand. It's no use. His grip was tighter than a zip tie.

He stayed quiet for the time being. People began to look at you and him, mumbling 'what's he doing?' You're embarrassed and turning red as he continues walking, holding your arm. After a while, you finally get to where he wanted to go - his apartment.

"Why did you take me here?"

Again, he doesn't answer. You sigh because this guy is either mad or he wants to do something to you. In your mind, you're not sure if he wants to make you do his paper or simply play more games for torture. After going into his apartment, you notice how clean it is. The dishes have been washed. Everything in his small living room is organized. No dust could be seen. You take off your shoes and place them aside. [insert Arashi member name] locks his apartment door. Should you be scared?

"Can you please tell me what I'm doing here?" you ask.

"I want to have a little fun with you." he snickered.

He makes you follow him into his living room. You stop right at the entrance, thinking this is crazy, “I’d like to go now.”

“Why?” he begins to walk towards you. You unconsciously start walking backwards.

“I’m not comfortable being here…”

He continues to walk toward you until your back feels the door. Crap. He trapped you.

"I don't plan on doing anything bad to you. Relax." he smiles.

You roll your eyes to the side. He dragged you back to his place to 'play' when you really want to get your paper done. He places his hand on the door near the right side of your face and leans in slowly.

"You're invading my personal space. Think you could back off...?" you are a person who hates being messed with.

"Aren't you interested in me?" he whispers.

You look at him with your [insert color] eyes, wondering why he's asking, "Do I look like the kind of person who goes for a guy like you?"

"You're lying." he accuses.

"Shut up. I do not go for guys who have the intelligence of an ant." you glare as your arms cross.

"I'm really not stupid. Believe me." he backed away a little bit.

In the back of your mind, he's a handsome guy. You’ve been hiding your feelings because you like him. Still, it boggles you that you like a wild guy. For a bit, you scan him up and down without realizing it. He notices.

"You want me, don't you?" he whispers close to you ear.

Your face turns red by his comment. No retorts come out because it's true, "Well, if I wanted you, then you'd just use me for your personal gain."

"Why do you assume this?" his lips touch your neck light. You're about to squirm until he continues speaking, "You’re denying me. I know you are."

This is too much, "[insert Arashi member name], let me go. I'm not interested." you lie.

"You're reacting to me..." he felt your arm twitch.

You bite your lip as you look at him again. He's gorgeous. When he entered your class, you never stopped looking at him. This was why you wanted to concentrate on something. Denying his advances was tough to do when you actually wanted to jump him.

"Ooo... there you go again."

Dammit. He's winning. You clear your throat and straighten up a bit, "Can I be excused?"

"There's no way to convince you to stay?"

God, there is. You really want to but you know yourself, "No." you say firmly.

He sighed, "Fine. You can leave."

"Thank you."

Whew. You were off the hook. After you put your shoes back on and stand back up, he grabs your arm and pulls you towards him. He slaps his lips to yours, giving you a full passionate kiss. You couldn't say a word. Instead, you accept it and close your eyes, throwing your arms around his neck. It was pure heaven because you've always wanted this. Both of you pull away slowly and look at each other.

"Can I make your dream into a reality?" he grins.

"How did you know?"

"Let's say I've been interested in you for a long time. I saw you in a couple of my other classes from the last semesters."

Your mouth gaped open. Maybe he wasn't stupid on picking an extremely intelligent woman.

"Also, I need some help in [insert subject]...." he admitted as he blushes.

You slap him for the last comment, "It would have been easier if you said that in the first place..."

"I'm sorry. I deserve that. I didn’t know how to speak to you. You make me nervous." he rubbed the bright red mark on his cheek.

"Idiot." you shake your head. "Just tell me straightforward next time." you smirk.

His eyes lit up and lips curve into a smile.

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The Bad Boy [one-shot]
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