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 Last Night at Chez Swan [one shot]

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PostSubject: Last Night at Chez Swan [one shot]   Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:42 am

I can't believe I wrote this, I can't believe I'm posting this. Yes, it's a twilight fanfic. Wardo's point of view, since SMeyer can't seem to get her groove back... Lemme know what you think.

Title: Last Night at Chez Swan.
Author: Princess_jime.
Rating: Teens, I guess?
Characters: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan.
Classification: Between chapter 8 and 9 of Midnight Sun.
Spoilers: eh- none that I can think of.
Warnings: There's some sexy innuendo, but nothing out of the ordinary. I did it for the LULZ.
Summary: Edward climbs into Bella's room at night once again to watch over her sleep without her knowing about it.
Disclaimer: I don't own nor have any connection with the Twilight books and the author. This fanfic was written for fun, no profits were made, no vampires or human beings were harmed while making this.

Last Night at Chez Swan.

The night crept throughout the humid forest like a cape, covering every nook and cranny with its unrelenting darkness.
As usual.
That's the way it goes in Forks.
At least for human eyes. But mine saw every move she made.
Bella finished drying and putting the dinner dishes away while her dad nestled himself on the living room couch to watch the latest football match on TV.
I could never understand the fascination sports held on most of the male species, vampire -like mine- or human. Emmet was obsessed with them. But he always was a bit of a simpleton in my humble opinion.
If it wasn't sports, he would hunt, or do that kind of stuff with Rosalie, whichever opportunity presented itself first. The blood-sucking neanderthal.
They all knew by now at my house where I was spending my nights.
Emmet laughed hysterically every time I went out, said it was "about time"... whatever that means. Alice, Esme and Carlisle would give me those huge eyes-like-deer looks that only exasperated my momentary chagrin. And Jasper and Rosalie would kill me all over again if those looks could kill.
I don't care.
Because all my chagrin would miraculously melt away the moment I heard her beating heart, the second I smelled her sweet freesia natural scent again. It was like everything in the universe had been running off course while I was away from her, and then suddenly all was right again the instant she was there, near me.
My sweet Bella.
This precious fleeting nights of stalkerish happiness were all I could permit myself.
She is the most treasured one, the greatest surprise, the biggest reason, the one and only, my one and only.
I could never taint her perfect self with my vampire curse. Because it was a curse to me, I am one of the damned, I'm a monster who doesn't deserve her in any way possible, ever.
I could never have her in my life; or rather, I would never drag her into my sorry un-dead life.
Still, the mystery of her is a force too great for me to deal with, to go against it has become impossible.
Since I can't hear her mind, all I can do is watch her, every day, every night. It's alright like this though, because it commands me to keep a distance from her.
So every night I crawl into her bedroom, to watch her sleep. It's not creepy, it's love!
Besides, after I discovered that delicious gift of her talking in her sleep I just can't help myself!
Once before she said my name...
It could have been anything, she could have been dreaming about any Edward, I don't delude myself, I know she could never ever have been dreaming about me.
It's still nice to think so anyway. It makes me want to skip and jump all across the world, to run through wild flower fields, to pet puppies, to revel naked in the sun while the sparkles bounce off my vampire skin as I peel one by one a daisy's pure white petals.
Tonight, I plan on listening some more.

Bella goes up to her room. She opens her drawers and pulls out her pajamas, they're so cute, they have little hello!kitty! prints all over, a gift from her mom. She winces every time she sees them, but she uses them anyway, she can't say no to anything that comes from her mother, she's such a good daughter.

Ah. She's going to the bathroom now. I should stop listening... give my lady her privacy...
Really, I should...
I mean...

Oh? she's gonna take a shower... she shouldn't. It's too cold tonight, she might catch a cold, and then she will feel awful from human sickness and I'll have to bring her home from school tomorrow, I'll carry her princess-like in my arms -she deserves nothing less- and I'll have to call Carlisle to come and check on her, she'll be so sick by then that I'll be forced to rush her into the emergency room and spoon-feed her while she gets her health back... and a nurse will come to give her her medicine but I'll shush her away -I know I will- but she will still have to clean Bella up, give her a sponge bath... omg, what if there are male nurses there? NO, I cannot allow such pornography! NO!! It's must be a female nurse, she'll gently scrub Bella's exposed skin to wash the dirtiness away, her hands, all through her arms, her shoulders, the hot nurse will slowly remove the top of Bella's gown and massage her neck, pulsating with the hotness of fever, while the fabric will slip down revealing her luscious breas-...

Ahem! wha- what? what am I thinking?
Edward! get a hold of yourself! I mean... don't get a hold of yourself, must. avoid. touching. at all. costs.
One Mississippi, two Mississippi, the taste of human food in my mouth coming in and coming out. Yech. All right. I'm fine now. Phew! That was close.

Anyway... mmm... it's been half an hour now... what's taking her so long in the shower? Let's see... her breathing is... normal? a little rushed? she's moaning? what is she doing????
She's a mystery to me. But everything else seems normal. Ah. She's finished now. Good. She's putting on her pajamas, getting ready for bed, the moment gets closer! I'll soon be beside her, listening to her slumber whisperings.

Now... uh? she's reading a book? ah! she's such a smart little girl, always the book worm, how adorable. I must continue to catalog her book collection, don't forget again Edward! but she always entrances me with her sleeping body so that I can't bring myself to look at anything but her, that little unsuspecting minx. omg! I shouldn't call her a minx, she's not, she's an angel.
I wonder what she's reading tonight though...

Mmmm... what's this? her body temperature is getting a little high again... but she's not sick... weird.
And her breathing is erratic again, what could be the cause of all this? If only I could read her mind!! she doesn't know how much it tortures me not to know what she's thinking!!!
She's sighing now, maybe the book is a romance novel? probably Austen, she's a fan.

Ah! The light is off! Yayyyy!

And now... she's asleep, I can go inside!


I, the vampire, sit in the rocking chair at the corner of her room, absorbed with her sleeping beauty. She hasn't uttered a word yet, she must be having a dreamless good night rest, it pisses me off but she deserves it more than anyone, she's always worrying about every thing and everybody but her own sweet self.

Oh! Let's see... what was she reading? ah, there it is... "exit to eden"... I've never heard of it...
I'll have to get myself a copy, I must memorize all the things she's ever read. Maybe it will help me understand the processes of her quirky mind better.


OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! She said my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She said it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes me swoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and... she's murmuring with a different kind of tone tonight, oh! what a riddle she is! I must keep my cool, if I'm getting all worked up in my mind I won't be able to catch every little thing she says... I must listen intently...

"No, no no no..." Bella rocks her head left and right in her pillow...

"I won't say it... I won't!... alright... I'll say it! I'll say it... mmmm... it scares me... it's so big... and hard... happy now?"

Uh? uh? big? hard? what is she dreaming about? What a conundrum!!

"Please... I want it..."

Now she wants something?

"Please... give it to me..."

God! this is killing me!!! if only I could read her mind I could get whatever it is she wants and give it to her tomorrow at school!

"I won't beg anymore!... wait! I'll beg! don't go!... don't... ah..."

I simply don't get the inner working of her pretty little head.

"Yes... wait... don't... stop-yes... right there..."

yes? no? what is it!?

"Mmmmm.... ah... ah-aahhh... use your... with the... yes, that... god... it's so good..."

And now it seems like she really is having a nice dream, I got worried there for a minute.

"Again? no! I wont!"

Mm? we're back to the bad part of her dream it seems.

"Fine!.... mmmmmblossom be picked by your skillful handmmmm..."

is it a botanical dream now?

"I wanna grab the wood... it'll burn, so hot..."

Oh! it is botanical! she's eco-friendly after all, an example citizen. She's too good.
Bella's body has been tensing and relaxing a lot tonight, plus... there's a new kind of tantalizing scent coming from beneath her sheets, the human body still surprises me after all these years.
It seems her dream has settled. Her breathing is becoming uneven again, I wonder if my vampires senses are off and she really will get sick? or maybe it's because it's Bella, I can't think clearly when it comes to her. Yes, that's probably it.

"I'm coming!"

Uh? I wonder where she went? silly rabbit.


After that she didn't speak again.
The night went by and I'm sure she had nice dreams. It makes me crazy, the not-knowing. I would give anything, anything! to be able to penetrate her mind with my head, to enter it and explore every bit, ALL. I want to know so bad. It's like a sick joke destiny has pulled on me, the one person that defines my entire existence is the one person's mind I cannot read. Figures, it's what a monster like me deserves anyway. I'm doomed to be tormented.
Happiness will elude me, but not before taunting me with her exuberant face.
Oh! Woe is me!
The sun is coming up again, I must too.
Another two hours of pure unadulterated pain awaits, as I must leave her to let her go to school, where I will see her from afar once more.


Comments please!


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Last Night at Chez Swan [one shot]
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