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 Jun's Rumours

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Rumours   Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:44 pm

Zazaza wrote:

On the other hand, in arama there was a commenter who claims that she has a friend whose dance teacher (Japanese) dated MatsuJun in 2006. MatsuJun was described as a jerk and the lady dumped him within 3 months. Now, there's a high chance that the commenter is bullshitting, but for some reason I am amused by this. I hope it's true! xD Because that makes him a real-life Domyouji, lol. So he turned good when he (assumingly) got together with Mao, eh?

I'm not a die hard Arashi fan or a Jun fan myself, i just love them without actually following everything about them, but i've been told by "Jun-fans-but-loves-mao-too" that Jun is indeed a very complicated person back then, very hard to deal with. But fans notice the changes after HYD. and the most noticeable is he's not much of a Dos anymore. So there's indeed a chance that the commentator said is true. I'm giving it a benefit of a doubt. Mao didn't like him at all at first too.

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Rumours   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:00 am

This is the reason why i am a die-hard fan of maotsujun. i think that mao-chan's and jun-kun's perception of each other changed as they got to know each other and both became better people as a result of their meeting/relationship.

mao-chan didnt like bishonen (pretty boys) and especially didnt like jun-kun or his attitude, him being an idol and a Johnny at that. she was shy and very much kept to herself. jun-kun on the other hand, lived fully to his persona of a bad-boy idol and preferred older women. he assumed mao-chan would be like the other 'young' girls he met before.

but somehow, 'magic' happened. he was impressed i think by her 'i couldnt care less about who you are' attitude and became smitten with her. he learnt to respect her point of view and worked very hard to earn her respect. she also began seeing that there was more to him than his public image. it didnt come easy though, there was a lot of fighting and blood shed in the early days....but i suppose anything that is worth having is worth fighting for.

as a result of their relationship, he became mellow and more settled in himself, she became more confident in herself. hmmm, just got to love those two....who said that only first impressions count, ne? lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Rumours   Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:46 pm

sweetmao wrote:
dinay wrote:
LuPhJUNMAO wrote:
yes Meiji.. kinda remind me of mao chan..

and yes MC for NTV, right?
I hope it'll be a regular one too. love to see him everyweek.

one more question. do you know where i can get jun's scan
in +act. i've been opening LJ but there's nothing.

If I remember right, Mao has meiji chocolate CM before...?

yes she is,..
see..this is y i ship this two, i just love to find out what they connected to each

may i ask what programme he will MCing?music ?

News about the MC is here:

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Rumours   

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Jun's Rumours
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