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 Savior [one-shot]

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: Savior [one-shot]   Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:30 pm

Title: Savior
Author: Kytana
Rating: PG
Characters: Matsumoto Jun, Kyra
Classification: Present
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Two people who have insane lives meet at a cliff, wanting to end their lives. Yet, they talk and life goes on from there.
Disclaimer: I don't own Matsumoto Jun but if I did, he’d be crying to be free.. ;)
[b]Notes: I re-did this. It was my 1st attempt at a one-shot and actually got both negative and positive responses. So, I changed a little of it to see if it makes to me or just make a difference in general.

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Savior   Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:31 pm

"You’re supposed to be responsible for your actions!!! Now, I have to cover up this scandal that appeared in the tabloids!" Johnny Kitagawa yelled. This started when Jun Matsumoto went out with a couple of female co-stars like Karina and Erika Toda. In the end, they never worked out. Recently, he was dating a girl he met while clubbing. The sex was great but the conversations were not. Somehow, someone took a clear picture of him and the girl dancing.
"I want to date, Kitagawa-san. I’d like to share my feelings with another person." Jun responded.
"You're a part of this company. You abide by my rules or you won't have a job!!!" Johnny sat down and huffed.
"I already keep up to your demands!!!! All of us do! You need to pull the stick out of your ass and fucking live a little!" With that, Jun was gone instantly. Kitagawa-san was surprised he spoke up. He knew Jun was straightforward and always did his work. Yet, he wasn’t one to complain often.
Jun walked angrily out of the building. He was sick of everything. People would kill for what he had – money and power. The problem was how it drove people to him especially females. He was always an accessory and no one ever knew him for who he was. The other Arashi members couldn't do anything for him at all. Every day, Jun became more cynical towards life. Again, he had the looks, the fame, the wealth..... it still didn't satisfy him. What he really wanted was what he couldn't have - love. Not love as in working even though he was a workaholic. Being able to be open up and feel like a whole person with a lifetime partner.
After filming Hana Yori Dango Final, it made him consider what was important to him. Inoue Mao was the only girl he truly liked but not in return. She concentrated in her education and devoted to acting.
A couple hours later, he found himself looking down from a cliff after a long drive to the mountains. Would it be easy to leave the earth? To not have to worry about anything anymore? His thoughts were everywhere. There was no one around to see him or save him. Maybe it was better. As Jun contemplated, a female yelled out.
"HEY!!!! You're in my spot!!!"
Jun turned his head to see a girl holding her college textbooks in her arms. She appeared to be petite, wearing stylish rectangular black framed glasses, and dressed in a hoodie and jeans with sneakers.
"Get out of my spot!" She repeated.
"You're spot? This place is public!!"
"Maybe you didn't hear me. You look like you have nothing to lose since you appear to be successful.” she pointed out.
Jun's eyes widened in surprise. She didn't know who he was which made him thankful for it.
"Man, do I have to do everything myself?" she dropped her books on the dirt and then pulled him away from the cliff, "Why don't you go back home, sir? It'd be appropriate for you." she didn't care for her rudeness even if she noticed he was rich.
"Why would you call this your spot?" his curiosity struck.
"Well, everyday, I come here, deciding what I should do with my life. It's easier to think of killing yourself but actually doing it is harder. Once the deed is done, you're dead. I never could get myself to do it." She sighed, walked back to her books and picked them up.
"Your life is normal. Don't you like it?" Jun walked over to her.
"Normal doesn't mean being sold off to the highest bidder and work as a maid for the rest of your life." she went back to the side of the cliff and sat.
"Did your family do this?" her response shocked him completely as he sat next to her.
"They were killed in a car accident when I was 10. I was an orphan and placed in many foster homes. Families didn’t like me and the Director of the program decided to ‘sell’ me." she looked up at the sky.
"Oh. I see." he couldn't say anything further since his life was the opposite. He had a hard working and loving family who were still alive.
“I'm sorry if I was very mean. After being a maid for a cruel rich man, my views on wealthy people are negative. If I were rich, I would be humble, not using my money for power. You seem have it easy in life. I don't get why you want to throw it away...." she turned her head and looked at him.
Jun clasped his hands in front of him and looked down at the dirt, "It's not easy being rich... or famous for that matter."
"You're famous?" Her eyes scanned his face and body, looking familiar to her like from a magazine or TV show.
"Yes. I'm in the Johnny Entertainment group called Arashi. I’m Matsumoto Jun."
"You're..." She gulped, "...MatsuJun?"
"Yes. I'm surprised you didn't recognize me actually. Normally everyone does. Are you a fan?"
"No. You are someone I envy." she admitted. "You have everything you want and the support from friends and family."
"Not necessarily. Buying items, being on every magazine, every show.... it's fun, but I like my privacy which doesn't exist in my world."
"Still.. you have it easy. A famous celebrity like you wants to commit suicide? It’s unreal.”
"It's...." he looked up at the sky. "...complicated. What I truly want out of life is something I can never have."
"You're successful. That's a goal you've accomplished." It was something she remembered reading in a magazine once before.
"That’s anyone's goal. What I really want is to have a partner. Every day... even if I have my friends.... I can't help it. I want to open up to someone who's willing to understand me... not use me."
"That's what friends are for-"
"-I want to love someone and have her love me back fully." He finished.
Oh. That made a lot of sense to her now. In his world, women would use him because of wealth and fame. She was glad she was not part of it. "I get it now..." she smiled a little.
"I don't know why I'm saying this to you. Like you said, you envy me for everything I have." It was unusual to him. He just met her and here they are, talking and having a conversation about their lives.
"I don't know either." She felt a bit at ease when they spoke after yelling and shouting at each other a bit ago. She noticed his expression was one of a lost, lonely person.
"Is it okay if we talk like this for a while?" he felt calm in her presence.
"Sure. Maybe this will keep our minds off jumping off, you know?"
"I know how the cool Jun breaks down now. It’ll be a secret I’ll keep to myself."
"Be quiet." A smile curved on his lips.
She chuckled, "I get to know the real you. So you can continue talking.”
"Promise you won't talk to anyone about this?" He wanted to make sure even though he instilled his trust to her.
"Between you and me." She winked.
"All right."
For about an hour, he talked about his life outside of working. It felt great to finally speak to someone about what he really wanted and this is something psychiatrists couldn't fix. The girl listened to him and nodded in agreement to some things or shook her head in disagreement.
"I still can't believe all the crap Johnny Entertainment puts you through."
"It gets to me constantly but I won't stand up fully. He likes me a lot. I can't go against his wishes."
"So you're a robot? You're just used to generate sales. That would upset me."
"He still lets us do some things on our own though." he took out a cigarette and lit it.
"Uh huh." she watched him in disgust.
He puffed out a smoke, "It eases me."
"It's bad for you." She never smoked in her life due to the fact the ‘master’ she worked for lit up 2-3 packs a day.
"Let me have this one, k?"
"Fine." she rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm assuming you smoke a lot."
"A pack a day."
"I see."
“It’s the stress I’m put through and normally, it helps me not think of food.”
“I would suggest to get your lungs checked once in a while….” she said sarcastically.
"You know all about me. You haven't said a word about yourself." Jun finished smoking.
"You don't need to know about me. I'm just a 'commoner' as most people would put it."
"Stop being defensive." he said firmly. "When it's about you, you never open up. Come on.... I'm telling you everything."
She looked down at her textbooks and blinked. He was right. She never opened up to anyone. How could he have sensed it? "I don't mean to be. It's just... never mind."
"Please?" He was curious.
She looked at him. It would obvious from the look on his face meant he was interested, "You sure?" He nodded. "All right then. What do you want to know?"
"First... why do you come here everyday?"
"It's the only thing that keeps me from going insane. How do I put this? I live in a household as a maid for a cruel, rich man. He uses me left and right but I have no choice. I tried to leave but because I have no family or degree, I’m stuck. I’m currently attending college, still choosing what I want to do. At least, he’s helped get through middle school, high school and now college."
"Uses you?"
"For the normal duties and then behind the curtains... sexual favors."
His eyes widened. He came to the conclusion that she's been raped many times and didn't press further on the issue. "Oh."
"Do you get why I come here now?"
"Using someone for their 'services'? I feel sick to my stomach." He was repulsed as the thought of ‘abusing’ someone pissed him off.
"I wanted to move to the United States because I have family there but no one wanted to help. So I guess I'm pretty unlucky." She remembered how her relatives rejected her instantly when she called. Jun felt very sorry for her and it made sense why she was very defensive at first. Plus, she's held in all this pain she felt. Her reason to kill herself was valid than his. He had everything he could get in life. After talking to her, he realized how much he took for granted. His cell phone rang which brought up Johnny Kitagawa’s name. He ignored it and turned off his phone. This was no time to talk to anyone else besides her.
"…. you should've answered it."
"I'd rather listen to you."
That was a first. A famous person wanted to listen to her? What were the chances? Still, her eyes softened when she looked at him. He seemed very sincere when they continued their conversation. The hours went by quicker.
"We should leave now." She said as the sun set.
"Let's stay here longer..." He suggested.
"My boss will get angry if I'm not home a certain time." She knew she would be punished.
"He won't hurt you again." Jun smiled.
"What? Do you think you can get me out of this? Not a chance…."
"I want to help you because I'm grateful that you talked to me."
"I don't need your help." She got up from the spot she sat for hours and dusted off the dirt from her jeans.
"I'm offering to help you."
"I'm going to reject."
"Oi... you're stubborn." Jun stood up and picked her up.
"Put me down!!!!" She squirmed.
"No. I will take you to your boss and tell him you’re living with me.”
"What? You can't do that!!!!" she exclaimed as she continued to free herself.
"Yes I can."
“Jun, you’re crazy. He’s going to kill you.” tears rolled down her cheek as she voiced her concern. The man would make sure Jun was nowhere to be found if he lost.
“If he tries, at least, I’m protecting you and taking you out of that hell hole…” he put her in his car and made her wear the seatbelt. Then, he drove off to the night on what and hoped he was making a right choice.


4 years later....

Jun woke up from his dream. It was the first time he'd met his wife. He remembered almost being shot in the head but she pushed him out of the way in time, clearly taking the shot in the shoulder. Once the gunfire was shot, police came to the household since someone called emergency. She was taken to the hospital and was going to be fine. The man was arrested for attempted murder, and Jun took her into his home. He helped her get a job at Johnny Entertainment as an assistant to his manager. Every day, when they’d get home, he’d talk to her and loved her every day from them. He found someone who he was able to share his life to and was approved by Johnny himself.
He sat up and looked around since it was strange that she was not on the other side of the bed. She cleaned up again, he thought. After yawning, he walked outside to the patio to find her looking at the sky.
"There you are. You woke up quite early." He went up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"I heard you talking in your sleep. Dreaming about the day we met?"
"Yes. Very stubborn woman you are... even back then."
"Stupid." She lightly whacked him on the head, chuckling.
"Kyra, I'm happy you were there."
She kissed him the cheek and put her hands on his arms, “Everything was a mess till we came into each other’s lives…”
The sun rose and brightened up the yard. It was very beautiful. Jun remembered how the sun set 4 years ago, being as pretty.
"Mmmm?" he placed his head on her shoulder.
"We may need to make space."
"What do you mean?"
She made him feel her stomach. Jun didn't understand but her smile gave it away.
"I wanted to surprise you but you woke up already."
Tears ran down his eyes and he turned his wife around. He kissed her deeply by her news, "I can't wait…."
"I can't either… should we….well… celebrate?" she blushed. Jun didn’t hesitate and started going back into the bedroom, holding her hand. If it wasn’t for that day, he would have never spent the rest of his life with her.


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Savior [one-shot]
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