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 Maotsujun Dialogues [drabbles]

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues [drabbles]   Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:19 am

Title: Maotsujun Dialogues
Author: Kytana
Rating: AA to massive NC-17
Classification: Past to present
Spoilers: Many. xD
Warnings: Can go from insane to smut to dramatic... name it.
Summary: These come from the mind of Kytana. They're just random scenes of Mao and Jun, imagining how they may be in the real life. They're based off watching a lot of videos of them and of course, Hana Yori Dango.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except myself (who does random commenting. xD)
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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
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Age : 36
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PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/19/2007   Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:41 am


jun *totally saying a bad comment*
mao *says something back*
jun *looks at her cutely, * "you're beautiful in anything"

jun *playing w/ mao-chan's cell again*
mao *glares and tries to take it away from him*
jun: what? you don't want pictures of me?
jun: ooo... you're blushing! very kawaii...
mao: well then, can i take your cellphone and do the same?
mao: you know... *goes up close to him, slowly*
jun *gulps*
mao: i maybe sweet but i know your hot spots...
jun: dammit! *give her back her cellphone*
mao: thank you! *giggles and looks at the pics he put on it*
jun *surprises her and puts her arms around her waist*
jun: i know you hot spots too

*on the set of hyd 2*
mao *checking her lines for the script*
jun *looking at the mirror, preparing himself for the big scene*
mao ~i can't believe this is gonna be our last act togeher~ *thinks about her times with jun*
jun *leans against the wall and thinks of the fun times, acting w/ mao* ~it's really gonna end here.. i better make the best of it~
*makino & tsukasa scene (of course the cabin one.. lol)*
*both mao and jun acting with all their heart, making the scene a reality*
jun ~i really wish i could kiss her~ *looking at her*
mao ~i hope our bond will not break after hyd~ *looking at him*
director: CUT!!! break for both of you!
*jun & mao then have a heart to heart talk*
jun: wow... you did really well, mao-chan
mao *looks up, still crying*
jun: uh... *looks around to see if no one sees them*... *then puts his arm around her*
mao *looks over*: i wish...we could...
jun *holds her tightly and nods*: i know, hun. i know...

mao *in jun's arms* ~i hope we can be like this forever~
jun *smiling, while filming the scene* ~i wish this was just more me and mao and not being filmed~
*end prom scene*
*mao and jun are talking somewhere in the stadium by themselves w/o cameras or other people around*
jun: well, how was my performance?
mao: very well done. i ask the same for myself.
jun *nods and big smile*
mao: yay!
jun: mao.. i like how you helped me with my suit and everything. arigato.
mao *blush*: not a problem. i just felt bad that i was wrinkling your suit.
jun *smiles*
mao: so...
jun: so...
mao *looks up at him, pulls him by his tie*
jun: ack! what was that for?
mao *looks around to see if anyone is around... when she sees it's clear.. gives jun a passionate kiss on the lips*
jun *surprised as all hell.. lol but kisses back*

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/20/2007   Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:43 am


*in the snow, not filiming yet*
jun: you cold? *looking down on mao*
mao *playing dead*
jun *shakes her*: hey! *begins to panic and looks around for help*
mao *opens one eye and smiles*
jun *still panicking, not noticing*
mao *sits up slowly and gives him a peck on the cheek*
jun *looks over and relieved*: baka! don't do that! *blush*
mao: what? *smirks*
jun: well, i'm glad you're ok. *still blushing*

mao *practicing her lines for a scene*
jun *looking over, smiling*
mao *looks up*
jun *blush and looks down*
mao: am i THAT ugly?
jun: WHAT? *looks up*
mao: oi! you look at me, then you look down! make up your mind!
jun: baka! i can do what i want.
mao: no you can't! *whacks him in the arm and laughs*
jun *begins to chuckle*: you are so violent like makino
mao: i AM makino, baka! no wonder you're like domoyji.
jun: hey, i speak perfect japanese!
mao *shakes head*: right...
*they just start bickering and arguing*
jun: wait.... this isn't getting anywhere.
mao *nods*
jun: truce?
mao *nods*
jun: besides.. *whispers*... you're very pretty.
mao *blush*

*posing for pictures in the media*
mao ~jun, we're close to each other... hmmm~
jun ~man, would the media hurry up? i wanna just hang out w/ mao-chan...~
*after an hour, the cast gets to rest*
*jun and mao, of course, run off somewhere, talking*
mao: what the heck you thinking? now people will say something.
jun: what?
mao: the media... don't you think they'll notice? i don't want you to get in trouble.
jun *shrugs*: i know. i just can't help it when i'm with u, though. *looks down*
mao *looks around, making sure no one is watching since they're away from everything*
jun *feels bad that he'll get them into trouble, people talk, etc.*
mao *slowly caresses jun's cheek and smiles*: i know it's tough. i can deal with it, too.
jun *looks at her*: i'm sorry i put you through a lot.
mao: don't worry. let's just try to stay strong. *smiles and puts her arms around his neck, pulling him down a lil*
jun *puts his arms around her waist, just looking into her eyes*
mao *kisses his forehead and then embraces him*
jun *responds by holding her tightly*: it won't end, but as long as we're strong together, we can face anything.

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/21/2007   Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:46 am


jun *in front of camera, adjusting his mask*
mao *watches from afar* ~i have to admit he's very handsome~ *then randomly starts blusing*
jun *turns around*
mao *looks away*
jun *smiles*: why you blushing?
mao: oh nothing.. *walks away, smiling and blushing still*
jun ~she's very cute.. i was expecting her to hit me..~ *watching her walk away*

mao *studying her for her chinese class in an empty room, away from the cast and crew*
jun *looking for her to hang out, talk, etc. since they have a couple of hours of break*
mao: oi... *talking to herself* ton-ton said this part would be easy. *frustrated* now... *thinks about it*
jun *looks into the room and smiles*
mao *doesn't notice since she's concentrating on her homework*
jun *quietly walks into the room*
mao: oi! *stretches her neck a bit*
jun *slowly puts his hands on her shoulders*
mao *gasps and looks up*
jun: gomen.
mao: don't do that... *then relaxes from the massage he is giving her*...well, i don't mind now. *blushes, looking away from him*
jun: feels good?
mao *nods*: i swear.. you can be so sneaky, jun-kun.
jun: of course! *smirks, still massaging her shoulders*

*** personal time for jun is 12am-3am, huh? i can work w/ that ***
*about 1am, watching a movie (what's a good movie? *thinks*): waters (w/ shun oguri.. hehe)! mao and jun are sitting on a couch, next to each other (almost skinship)*
mao: shun is a great actor, ne? *looks at jun*
jun *tears coming out of his eyes*
mao: jun-kun? O.o
jun *takes out a hankerchief and wipes his eyes*
mao: awww... *brushes some tears away w/ her thumbs gently*
jun: it's got a good theme to it. *snff snff*
mao *tears were coming out of her eyes as well but she's hiding it*
jun *looks over at her and brushes her cheek*

*arashi's show*
jun *behind the scene before the show starts*
aiba: you ready?
jun *nods*
sho: you'll be surprised today!
jun: nani? *confused*
ohno *being leader*: make sure you all are ready!
nino *came late, but prepared*
*then show starts*
aiba: well, we have a special guest today!
jun *looks at all of them and like 'what?'*
ohno: you all know her!
nino: the show just ended but we decided to invite today.
sho: from hana yori dango, welcome inoue mao!
*mao comes out from backstage, wearing a cute dress and hair styled a bit*
jun *shocked*
*the rest of arashi sit down w/ her and interview her*
jun *sitting, but just keeps looking at her, not saying a thing*
mao *looks at him*: am i seriously that UGLY, jun-kun? *chuckles*
jun: uh... no....
aiba *teases him*: my my.... someone have something on his mind?
jun *shakes head*
nino: you haven't said ANYTHING for the last 10 minutes!
jun: what? i'm shy...
ohno: sure... jun-kun.
*the rest of arashi tease him and mao just smiles the whole time*

*after filming the hugging scene from the cabin*
jun *continues holding her*
mao *stays the way she is, really into the moment*
director *stopped directing at this point and whispered for everybody to leave so they can talk*
*the crew leaves for a bit, being quiet*
jun *then pulls away a bit and looks at her*
mao *looks up at him, red-eyed and still crying*
jun: did u hear.......
mao *nods*
jun *gives her a hankerchief nearby*
mao *wipes her face a bit*
jun: i was serious *looking at her lovingly and then brushes her cheek slowly*
mao *whispers*: i love you too....
jun *leans in and gives her a slow, deep kiss on the lips*
mao *places her hands on his chest and kisses back*

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/22/2007   Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:13 am


*after the interview on the couch*
jun *continues talking to mao quietly*
mao *nods*
*jun and mao start to walk around, talking and smiling at each other*
jun: you can be SO unbelievable!
mao: what?
jun: you chose nishikado!
mao: and.....?
jun: i don't play him.
mao *whispers*: i know. y would i say it in public?
jun *thinks about it*: oh.. good point. *smiles again.*
mao: besides, we are never honest w/ each other. hehe
jun: yes we are... i know we are.
mao *nods and just blushes*
jun *does the same, walking*

*mao & jun shopping w/ shun again and going into a bookstore*
mao *picks up a magazine and O.O*
jun *moves slowly next to her and whispers*: what's wrong?
mao *points*
jun O.O
shun: what are you two up to now? *shakes head, smiling*
mao *turns around and shows him*
shun: well, we're being watched... *not surprised*
jun: it's not even a good picture!
mao *shrugs*: you are so full of yourself. *chuckles*
jun I'm kidding by the way.
mao: hehe.. yeah.. it's very dim. oh well.
*they all just are whatever and walk to another book shelf to look at other books*

mao *listening to one of fave music artists (nope, not arashi), while studying for a literature class at her place*
jun *knocks on the door*
mao *doesn't hear the door, starts singing the song*
jun *knocks louder, then hears her singing*
mao *just singing her out*
jun *listens, smirking to himself*
mao *finishes singing the song*
jun *knocks on the door again*
mao *hears it and gets up to answer it*: konnichiwa!
jun: you didn't answer your door
mao: sorry.. studying...
jun: ...and singing i see... can i come in?
mao *nods*
jun *walks in, takes off his shoes and sits where her books are*
mao: now i'm embarrassed! *blushing and sits next to him*
jun: what? it's not like i've never seen you do that..
mao: still.... it's one of my fave songs....
jun: let me hear! *smiles*
mao *nods and gives him her headphones*

*walking at a park, just relaxing together*
mao: can you believe that hyd is over? *goes over to a nearby bench and sits*
jun: unfortunately... i'm missing it because it was fun on the set
mao *nods*: it doesn't mean we lose contact though
jun: true
mao: we always hang out like this anyways, jun... even though we're both very busy people.
jun *nods*: i agree. *smiles*
mao *looks over at him*: you look like you're gonna cry...
jun *sad*: no i'm not.. *gets up, pretending he's not sad*
mao: let's just go back to your place and talk. *smiles*
jun *nods*: i would like that.
*they both walk back to his place*

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/23/2007   Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:15 am


*at a hikaru utada concert*
mao/jun/shun *singing along because they're big fan*
*after the concert, they go visit her backstage*
mao/jun/shun *hand her rose bouquets and bows*
hikaru *smiles*: arigato.
mao: you are a really good performer.
jun *nods*
hikaru: thank you very much. *looks at mao and jun* are you both dating?
jun/mao *look at each other and blush*
shun *smirks*: they're 'hanging out'
mao: we're all really good friends.
hikaru: oh.. i see.
*they chat w/ hikaru a bit and leave after, knowing that she's tired*
mao: i can't wait to get her single.
jun *already has the 'flavor of life' ringtone on his cellphone*

*mao and jun have a talk at his place*
mao *thinking about some of the interviews*
jun *looks at her*: you okay?
mao *nods*
jun *doesn't believe her*: be honest
mao: i am! oi!
jun: you are not... *puts his hands on her shoulders*
mao: what are you doing?
jun: i know we're busy and we have lots of work, but you know me, mao. you can still talk to me.
mao: i know... i know..
jun: i care for you very much. *smiles* i know it's tough but we'll pull through everything together even if we're separated.
mao: i know how professional you are at your work... which is why i can be confused.
jun: really?
mao *nods*
jun: i see. i don't mean to be...
mao: i know. *smiles a little* i want to be happy and i want you to be happy.
jun: aren't you?
mao: i am.. just in a lot of pressure like you.
jun *nods*: well, you are new to the industry. *smiles*
mao: true. so, yeah...
jun: ok... *smiles*... you can still talk to me though. *kisses her forehead*

mao *just checking out the internet on her computer*
jun *walking over to her place to hang out since he has time off from the craziness he's been going through*
mao: hhmm... *just taking a break from studying*... *reads some forums*
jun *all 'disguised' making sure no one notices him.. (lol)*
mao: oi.. *talking to herself*.. definitely a lot of rumors going around. apparently i died in a car accident.. *sweatdrop*
jun *gets to her place and knocks*
mao: who could that be? *gets up*
jun *waiting, making sure no one noticed him*
mao *checks and opens the door, letting jun in*: so going all radical today? *laughs, closing the door*
jun *takes off his shoes, sunglasses and hat*: of course. it's very normal for me.
mao: yeah... i understand. come on.. you're an idol! *chuckles and goes back to the computer*
jun: what you doing? *sitting on the couch, looking over*
mao: just taking a break and checking up random things. i've been reading some forums and things like that.
jun: anything interesting?
mao: yeah.. i apparently died in a car accident...
jun O.O *gets up and looks over her shoulder*
mao: i'm here, right? there's one about you as well... *looks*... i didn't know you were dating keiko kitagawa...
jun: i am? *questioning look on his face* wait.. where have i heard that name before?
mao: i think it's funny. i wonder how people get this information. *clicks on a link of keiko* she's from sailor moon live action and played sailor mars.
jun *has a 'don't know' look*
mao: oh well. *looks up at him* what you want to do today?
jun: probably just stay here till it's late at night so we can go out and figure out something.
mao: why aren't you hanging out w/ everyone else? *smiles*
jun: they're all busy like me... remember we have solo projects too.
mao *nods*
jun: put on that one slow song (i forgot the artist & title! lol) that i really like! *all giddy and now just happy*
mao: sure... *pulls up her mp3 folder and plays the song on a program*
jun *takes her hand and lifts her up, off her seat*
mao: whoa... *holding onto him, afraid she would trip*
jun *smiles*: we should dance. *puts her down, then puts his arms around her waist*
mao: there's no space to... O.o *confused*
jun *nods*: we can dance really close. *smirks*
mao *gets it*: oh... i see... *puts her arms around his neck*
jun: you know what i really like about you?
mao: no clue... *confused again*
jun *smiles*: being yourself.... *puts a hand on her cheek, caressing it*
mao *blush*
jun *then leans in slowly, lightly kissing her lips, then slowly deepens it*
mao *surprised, but after a bit, kisses back deeply*
*they both slowly pull back and look at each other*
jun: too bad moments like this don't last for us.
mao *nods*: that's y we make the best of it.
jun *nods and just goes into kissing her again*

*at arashi concert*
jun *performing*
mao *cheering in the VIP area w/ shun*
shun *enjoying it too and just having fun*
jun *waves to everybody*
*after the concert, mao/shun go backstage to visit*
jun *wipes the sweat from his forehead, not paying attention of what's going on*
mao *goes slowly up behind him, staying quiet*
sho *chuckles, watching*
nino *behind mao*
shun *following*
aiba/ohno *smile as well*
*as they get to their transportation (here in america, it's a tour bus.. lol)*
jun *turns around and jumps back*: ack! you almost gave me a heart attack!
mao: hehe.
nino *high fives mao*
jun *shakes head*: unbelievable!
mao: so you guys just going to relax because you all look exhausted?
arashi *nods in sync*
shun: well we should be heading off cause it's late. *yawns a bit*
mao *nods*: ok. *hugs them individually*
jun *as he gets his hug, whispers*: i'll call you..
mao *shakes head & whispers back*: you're tired
jun *smiles, whispering back*: i don't mind.
mao *nods*
shun *smiles, watching them*
arashi *gets into their mode of transportation and leave*

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
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PostSubject: Maotsujun Dialogues - 3/24/2007   Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:18 am


*at jun's place*
mao *cooking dinner for both of them... udon with rice and salad*
jun *smells it from afar*: it smells good, mao-chan. *gets up from his laptop* do you need help?
mao *shakes head*: i'm almost done anyways.
jun: well, we have the sake that shun gave us to try. do you want me to heat that up?
mao: sounds like a good idea. *smiles*
jun ~i hope nothing turns out bad tonight since we'll be drinking~ *gets the sake and sake set*
mao *prepares the table, places the food on the table and sits on her legs, waiting for jun*
jun *finishes heating up the sake and takes it over to the table*: it's nice to have a simple meal at home..
mao *nods and picks up her chopsticks*
jun *does the same*
mao/jun *simultaneously*: ITKADAKMASU!!
*they have dinner and talk. then after the food, they start drinking the sake*
mao *already tipsy after a couple of drinks, very red*
jun *getting there*
mao *giggles*: you're so handsome... *drunk now after one more shot*
jun *still not drunk*: really? *smiles*
mao: when i first met you, you were sooooooooo standoffish... *she goes on how they first met*...who would've thought you actually to be super nice? *giggles*
jun *kinda offended*: uh huh.. you didn't want to talk to me.
mao: well, i'm talking to you now, RIGHT? *gets up to get over to the couch and trips*
jun *catches her, on the floor*
mao *on top of him, all red*: dang.. *looks down at him*...you ok?
jun *red as well and nods*....*just looks at her and leans in to kiss her*
mao *surprised but after a bit, kisses back*
jun *while still kissing her, picks her up and moves over to the couch*

mao *still kissing him w/ her arms around his neck*
jun *gently places her on the couch, passionately kissing her, slowly putting his hand under her shirt*
mao *pulls back a bit*
jun *looks at her*: something the matter?
mao: we're... *really red*...drunk....
jun: so? O.o
mao: i don't want to do anything we're gonna regret later, jun-kun....
jun: but this is how i feel... i want to kiss the woman i love...
mao *shocked*: what?
jun *quite drunk*
mao: you love me? *slowly sobering up*
jun: yeah.. i've always loved you. you know me? i don't say it... *smiles*
mao *doesn't know how to take the news and sits up*
jun: did i really spoil the mood? *pouts*
mao *looks at him*: um... i need some water..
jun *still drunk*: no.. more kissing.. please?
mao: jun-kun.. please let me up...
jun *eyes narrow, upset*
mao *a bit scared, don't know if he's really pissed*
jun *sighs and helps her up*
mao: thank you.. *goes over to the refrigerator and gets a bottled water* ~ crap, that was close...~ *sighs in relief*
jun *still upset, sitting on the couch*
mao *quietly goes to the bathroom*
*after like 5-10 minutes*
mao *comes out of the bathroom*
jun *drinking some water as well, sobering up*
mao *goes over to him and bows*: i'm sorry.
jun *looks at her direction*: it's okay. you okay?
mao *nods*: i think i should go home.... ~ i feel bad, but if we went further, it would have been bad...~
jun *shakes head*: stay here. please. i don't mean to scare you. *looks like he's going to cry* i'm sorry... *gets on his knees and tears coming down his face, looking at the floor*
mao *goes down to him and takes him in her arms*: shhhh.. it's okay.. don't worry.
jun: i'm a wreck... i'm sorry. *holds her tight, his head in her shoulder*
mao: it's ok.
jun *starts crying, just holding her*

*at a club, up in the VIP area*
mao *not in very skimpy clothes, but dressed very well and very pretty, looks for jun*
jun *was excited mao was coming, drank a bit but not drunk*
mao *yelling out to her since music is too loud and too many people*
jun *somewhat hears her, then gets up and looks*
mao *sees him and holds out a hand*
jun *grabs it and pulls her towards him*: whew.. glad you made it.
mao *nods*
jun *got her a fruity alcoholic drink... sex on the beach (my fave drink.. lol)*
mao: thank you very much! *smiles, goes over to a seating area and sits, drinking the drink*
jun *sits next to her*
mao: it's LOUD in here!
jun *smiles*: i know. *smoothly puts his arm around her*
mao *smiles, finishing her drink*
jun: good?
mao *nods*: thank you again.
jun: no problem.
mao: let's dance!
shun *appears with shota and abe*
mao *looks up, happy and gives them each a hug*
shun: did we miss anything?
mao *shakes head*: i just got here too.
jun *nods*
mao: i know you all got here, but do any of you want to dance?
shota: i will. happy.gif
jun *speechless* ~ i didn't even give my answer ~
*mao/shota go onto the dance floor in the VIP room and dance*
jun *watching*
shun *leans over*: you are very attentive tonight
jun *looks at him*: oh... no. just a bad day today. *sighs*
shun: what happened?
abe *joins in w/ shota and mao, smiling*
*jun and shun just talk about their day, etc. shota, mao, and abe come back to talk*
mao *smiles*: well, that's y we can just release all the tension through dancing!
jun *chuckles*: i would like that.
mao *smiles, takes his arm and pulls him to the dance floor*

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Maotsujun Dialogues [drabbles]
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