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PostSubject: New Member   Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:31 pm

Hiiii! Konnichiwa! I'm Caterina, a 19 y.o. girl from Italy. I love Japan and Korea (so I love manga and drama ahah). Also, I'm a freshman at Venice's Ca Foscari University, where I study mainly japanese (6h/week) and just a bit of korean (1h/week). Japanese is soooo difficult but I want to learn it. The first time I heard about Hana yori dango was when I was having a japanese private lesson (very expensive tho :O ), we found the word "dango" and the teacher asked me if I knew the manga "Hana yori dango", she said she really likes it. Then I thought: "Well, maybe I will read it someday". Meanwhile I was new in the world of the dramas and I was hearing very much about a drama called Boys Over Flowers and the F4 but I didn't knew they where related with Hana yori dango. Last April I found a girl that was selling her old mangas and she had Hana yori dango for just 1, I decided to try it and it was sooo interesting but in Italy Hana Yori Dango's mangas are very difficult to find so I couldn't continue it. Reading on Wikipedia I saw that BOF and HYD are the same thing, so I said "It's time to watch it!". At first BOF seemed soo weird but I completely felt in love with the drama and after it I watched also the japanese one, both were so good! <3 Then, few months ago I found the complete manga series and I bought it! I really like this story and Tsukushi+Domyoji <3 so I really want Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun to stay together.
So now I'm completely obsessed with Hana yori dango/Boys over flowers ahah
I watched again the japanese version last week and in the comment of the video a girl suggested me to join this forum^^
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