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 Newbie Who Wants To Be A Part Of The Family

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PostSubject: Newbie Who Wants To Be A Part Of The Family   Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:27 pm

Hi everyone! My real name is Alice and i'm from the Phils. Im 27 years old and a fan and a shipper of Mao and Jun. They were my OTP since HYD days, that was when i was still in college. Of all the adaptations of the show, mao and jun's version is my forever favorite. Anyway, days and years past and i became too busy with school. During my review for the professional license exam, i rewatched HYD and fell in love again. Then another 5 years passed, my younger sibling, who happens to be too little when HYD was shown, told me that these two are going out for real!!! Before, i admit that my delulu fangirl soul is the only part that believes that these two are going out. But after all the photos, my sisters fangirl reports and all those tabloid stories, i believe that my delusional soul became a reality!

As i began to google for their photos and news, i read a comment in youtube saying that this site is the biggest site for big fangirls like me. I hope i could be a part of your group!

Love lots!!!
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Newbie Who Wants To Be A Part Of The Family
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