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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:51 pm



  • Introductions are mandatory to get access to the board.
    The access is not automatic, it can take a day max two.

  • To remain on the forum, a minimum of 20 posts (incl. your introduction) must be achieved within the month following your registration on the forum. If not, your account will be purged.

  • As a newbie do not reply on the introductions of/do not welcome members who have been there before you.
    This will be seen as abuse and your posts will be deleted.


Certain subforums can have guidelines on how to post (e.g. Fanfiction-section,…) that must be followed in addition to the rules below.

§1. Language

  • English is the primary language to the Love So Sweet forum.
    Not everyone has English as their mother language. It is okay to speak your language for about 50% of your post, but do not forget that English is still the common language of the board.

  • This is a forum, not your cell phone.
    Write out the words fully, instead of writing in netspeak.

§2. Where to post?

  • Post in the appropriate sub-forum and thread.
    Content not relating to the main topic of the thread is equal to spamming and that's just a no-no.  

§ 3. Content

  • To keep the forum running smoothly, we forbid flaming, trolling, excessive swearing, bashing, posts with defamatory, homophobic or racist contents, and thread hijacking.

  • Do not double-, triple-, etc. posting, instead use the shiny little button at the right side of your post called 'edit', to complete your message at your heart's content.

  • Crediting is essential.
    Posting a picture coming from another source on LSS or posting on your blog a content that was originally from LSS must be credited. Also, you will only post if you have the permission of the author.

  • Pictures posted on the board cannot be hotlinked nor over-sized.
    Read more about it in our FAQ.


  • What happens in LSS stays in LSS.
    In other words: “whatever is posted here, remains here”, especially when the author of said post has requested it.

  • Members can use any signatures and avatars.
    Just make sure it's not bashing Maotsujun (or, and like Beretonmyhead said, appropriate. It's highly suggested to use Maotsujun to show how much we love them.

Read the rules and ready to flail over Maotsujun?

Click on the button 'register' and make an account. Check your e-mail (even the junk/spam box) to find the activation mail, necessary to get started and avoid double-accounts. Then make a stop at the introduction forum and tell us who you are, and about your mission to spread the love of our favourite pairing called MAOTSUJUN.

Credits: Beretonmyhead (former admin), Kytana, and Trice
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