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PostSubject: Hello!   Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:50 am

Truly it was by accident I had chanced upon watching Hyd Final sometime in 2009. And I've never known who the actor/actresses and waited to the end to watch the credits roll for their names to appear. Never has a movie moved me so much as this one to compel me to google them up. Before this I've not heard of Inoue Mao or Matsujun or even Arashi. Since then, I've been diligently scouring news/rumours/comments of them.

My friends think that I am strange for not solely worshipping the idol Matsujun like some of them idolise LeeMinHo (BoF) but I correct them by letting them know that I ship MaoxJun. I've watched BoF before even HYD Final but the series don't engage me at all, so I don't really care that much if I had missed watching certain episodes. While my friends are gushing about LMH/BoF I am kya-ing over my otp.

Since then I've been passionate and truly think that they are still together by piecing small evidences here and there. I still have hope!
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