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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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PostSubject: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:50 am


I really find these guys funny and adorable esp. Aiba! Man, that boy is a natural comedian ;D here's a pic of them as hanadan cast. It cracked me up so bad! I want to post it here for those who haven't seen it yet ",

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:50 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: zin (former member)

nino have played his new solo song "gimmick game" in his own radio show.
here's the link of the audio clip on youtube:
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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

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Age : 35
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:51 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: MakinoLove (former member)

Lets Start with My hubby first :3

(Kazunari Ninomiya)

(-Nosebleed-) sorry i can't control myself!! ;D moving on!

born June 17, 1983 Ninomiya is a member of Arashi, a Japanese boy band formed in 1999, under the management of Johnny & Associates. He joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 13 and constantly works as not only an Arashi member but also as an actor. He is the first member of the group to debut in a Hollywood motion picture.(Letters to iwo jima)

(Credit Goes to denise-dinc Vox for the Facts :3)
Interesting Facts About my [s]Husband[/s]... i mean Ninomiya:

. His five favourite hobbies are music, song writing, self-taught guitar-playing (which he is very famous for...), and watching/playing baseball, of course his games

2. He can play the piano as well

3. He appeared in the most TV dramas among his fellow band mates

4. His least favourite season of the year is summer... which is kinda ironic because they first debuted as a new group in the J-Pop industry in Hawaii on a VERY HOT, RIGID SUMMER.....

5. He's an overall nice and sensitive guy who cares a lot about the environment and enjoys the wonders of nature.

6. In the group, he and fellow member Sho Sakurai are the closest of best friends. ^_^

7. According to Nino's close chum Sho Sakurai in an interview, he described Nino as an "unpredictable guy who can get VERY spontaneous." He also stated that Nino used to be a funny and talkative guy but ever since their debut and his huge appearances in TV dramas he had become silent somehow. Sho-kun was even worried about Nino as well

8. Another skill that Nino possesses other than playing the guitar and baseball is his ability to write his own songs. Nino hoped that maybe one of his songs might be produced and released in one of their future singles/album releases along with the rest of the group.

9. His nickname "Nino" has existed since his first year of elementary school.

10. Joined JE at the same time with Aiba

11. During the audition day Nino actually had a baseball GAME (that's why Nino did NOT want to miss this day for baseball). After auditions he eventually went to his baseball game (which started already of course).

12. He did not have any passion for performing (singing, dancing, acting, etc.) before he joined Jrs.--- he was always a baseball guy. But he had good abilities in learning everything on his own, therefore he learned all the performing when he was already in Jrs.

13. The only reason why his parents signed him up to Johnny's behind his back is because they were paranoid for. They feel that Nino was hanging out with the wrong crowd and were afraid that he'll be a "juvenile delinquent" when he gets older. They thought that being in Johnny's would give him a sense of discipline and stability. They just wanted what's best for their son after all. None of them (not even Nino himself) expected that he'll end up going all the way to stardom with Arashi once he was in Jrs.

14. He’s considered a self-centered person from a card reading

15. In hotels, he takes off his shirt and walks around naked before entering the bathroom, Sho who’s in the same room hope that he will enter the bathroom then take off his shirt

16. After the Nagoya concert, just as everyone got ready to bathe before going to bed, Nino imitated Ohno’s solo concert performance wearing only an underwear, and everyone was cruel enough to refuse to sleep with him

17. he realised that his left pointer is as long as his middle finger, but it’s not like that on his right hand

18. he still remembers the Music Station performance in year 1999, October 8th, because they all have to wear those transparent suit while singing, when they sweat, it looks like they’re only wearing underwears singing and dancing on the stage

19. he had to portray a character which is his total opposite (as he considers)—— a very smart yet cool person in “Abunai no Houkago”

20. he’s getting closer with Ohno, even during concert MC he kept talking secretly to Ohno behind the rest, this made Kame, who was in front, complain that he was really ‘mad’

21. during the Nagoya concert when Nino and Ohno are changed and prepared to get on stage again, Nino sang to Ohno in those two nights.... is it a love song?!

22. Because Nino has serious posture problem, his mom bought him a waistband to help correct this problem, but then his mom didn’t know how to use it, so he too never used it

23. Lately, his ‘sitting height’ have grown 1cm taller, congrats

24. Loves to play games, he won’t even stop when there’s an earthquake, his longest record is 9 hours

25. When he watches his own performances, he calls himself ‘Kimura Takuya #2’

26. he hates sweet food

27. he loves saving money

28. in June, he knew that they will debut, got to know that they’re named ‘Arashi’ together with Sho

29. while they were having 109109 concert, they had to do ‘V no Arashi’ and didn’t have the time to practice their dance steps, Nino was so anxious he felt like crying

30. Although it’s publicly shown that he’s 168cm, but in reality he’s only 166

31. There was once while in Jr concert, he said thank you and goodbye to the fans while using the mike he was still in the toilet, didn’t manage to come out in time

32. Bathing, it’s the first thing he does every morning

33. he always forgets his things

34. when he was filming “Abunai no houkago”, he lost 6.5kg in a month

35. he usually bathes after he washed his hands

36. right foot first while wearing shoes

37. while wearing pants, both legs go in together, cause he sits down to wear them

38. prosedure to wearing his shirt: right hand, head, left hand

39. loves ice-skating

40. he got lost in the backstage during his first time in Jrs concert

41. he once saw a stranger (man) inside the mirror in a hotel, when there isn’t anyone else in the room

42. while he was in elementary4, there were 9 girls who gave him chocalates. Other than those from his class, there were some girls from the other classes, some were his seniors. That day, he became his boy classmates’ idol

43. he loved to press other people’s doorbells during elementary days

44. he uses left hand when he was young, but then his grandad taught him to use right hand. Now he uses both hands perfectly well, when he eats, usually he uses left hand, he uses right hand to play guitar

45. when he was young, he was forced by his grandad to show the ‘V’ sign while taking pictures

46. loves to study, he wanted to enter Todai’s Economics studies

47. In "Music Jump", he was considered Push-up King

48. Also in "Music Jump" he challanged “tear king”, he had to start crying (as in real tears flowing out) in 1 minute. But he only managed to wet his eyes, that’s it. Imai Tsubasa was laughing at him that he looked that those Manga heroines

49. people always say he looks like a kind of dog

50. he can sleep practically anywhere, he tried sleeping by the riverbank for 6 hours

51. his longest sleeping record was 21 hours

52. became bald once because of movie shooting

53. fractured his bones before. Thoughts? Very painful, and the medical bills really hurt

54. “My kanji name is different from Kame’s!”

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 35
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:52 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: MakinoLove (former member)

Next is:

Satoshi Ohno Aka Rida,Leader,Caption

born November 26, 1980 in Musashino, Tokyo) Ohno is a member of the Japanese idol group Arashi (嵐), who is under the management of Johnny & Associates. He joined the company on October 16, 1995 at the age of 14 and began his activities as part of the Johnny's Jrs. In March of 1999, he became part of the group, Musical Academy, but later dropped out and together with Masaki Aiba, Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya and Shō Sakurai, debuted as Arashi in Hawaii in September of 1999.

Credit goes to various sites and forums, such as Matsujun.net, Aibakaland (especially Ohno’s interview in Arashigoto), Arashian, Arashi Vox, Arashi Zone, amnos.net…


1. He's the leader of Arashi, not just because he's the oldest, but because of a little small round of jankenpoi ("rock-paper-scissors") with the other guys before their official debut.

2. If you've seen the movie The Sixth Sense, it's a bad idea to joke about Haley Joel Osment's character--- Ohno HAS that same sixth sense, and yes... he sees dead people to all kinds of creepy stuff appearing from out of nowhere...

3. Within the group, he is the most picked-on member (as well as being the most talked-about member) among the group.

4. I wouldn't call him "peculiar," but the only reason why he seems quiet whenever you see him in guest appearances is because his mind is always wandering off somewhere in his own world...

5. If you hear a few of their songs and hear that sweet, romantic-sounding singing voice, it's most likely going to be Oh-chan (if not, Nino...)-- he's in charge of the melodic vocals in all their songs... well, most of it anyway.

6. He is mostly seen in stage musicals than in TV dramas. He only appeared on two TV dramas--- one in V no Arashi and the other in Speed Star. In other words, he's the only member who will be less likely be seen on any TV drama series at all... O_o;

7. Oh-chan's inspiration, main confidant, and even his own personal manager? His mother.

8. Oh-chan's "other" career option--- an artist! He has excellent skills in drawing practically anything... painting as well? When he was in school, art was his MAJOR passion and nothing else.

9. At the time before he was picked to debut in the upcoming new group Arashi, he was also having thoughts of quitting Johnny's to pursue his art profession. Fortunately when he was offered to debut, he decided to take it and see where this debut career of his as part of an idol group would lead him to...

10. Though we all know that Ohno's best talent is art, he stated that his "real" special skill among all is sleeping. He is farsighted, therefore he needs to wear a pair of reading glasses every time he reads something. Like Matsujun, who is nearsighted, he also makes himself look good by wearing contacts in public, stage, and screen.

11. He also has a bit of trouble reading the Japanese written language. Though he has no problems reading Romanji (alphabet), don't count on him reading the written English language. He'll drag Sho to read (and translate) all the English for him. He just passed the national Kanji test two years ago so he shouldn't have anymore "reading" problems.

12. Aiba and Nino said he looks like someone who’d never tell the members when he gets married, and will hide it till the end. Sho said maybe there’ll be this one day when they received Ohno’s divorce report then they’ll know that Ohno was married

13. He said he admires someone when he went on Aiba’s program on 16th August, “Aiba Masaki desu” (is this a confession?)

14. Also on Aiba’s program that day, someone said that in “All or Nothing” Sho’s rap for “you know what I mean” sounds like “ra-men”, Ohno said that’s exactly what he thought

15. Ohno said he was absent from Pino because no one invited him. Actually he was assigned for recordings, but it was cancelled last minute, he got a free holiday. The three members who were there said: “then you should come!” but Ohno said he only got to know about it after reading the next day’s paper, thinking while reading “how come I’m not inside?”

16. His birth time, 0907

17. “When he walks, his eyes are closed” –Sho

18. When people say Sho’s more fit to be Arashi’s leader, Sho said Ohno is Arashi’s protector (how sweet...)

19. On the first day of their concert, when he was halfway to Tokyo station he realized he forgot his shoes, so he rushed home to get it. He came back in time, but was already all sweaty (partially because he was nervous)

20. His fans are usually older, just like his mom, they always say that he’s cute

21. During their summer concert they had to change on stage. When he took off his pants and saw his underwear, he realized he forgot to wear another white shorts inside, fans were laughing while the crews searched for a pair of pants for him (how embarrassing)

22. He’ll never be any of the members’ love rival, if such thing does happen, he’ll get out of it voluntarily

23. he stupidly talked about another program while he was on Aiba’s program, Aiba who rarely shows his temper couldn’t resist warning him too....

24. When they were recording A.Ra.Shi, he didn’t know that was their debut song

25. Their third day in Hawaii, (one week before Arashi debuted), then he realized that they’re debuting

26. before Arashi was formed, all he cared about was sleep, now he is more concerned about work

27. he’s really reluctant to sleep with Jun, and is trying to stop Jun from requesting it for the second time (0.o)

28. he’s actually 165cm, though it’s publicly shown as 168cm

29. he’s worried that he’s growing fatter

30. Dohmoto Tsuyoshi thinks he’s the upcoming pretty boy

31. he was once voted Pretty Boy No. 1 in a magazine

32. cares for others

33. usually doesn’t bring money when he leaves the house (wonder how he survives)

34. We all know that Ohno is a good artist. Well, he started drawing in 3rd grade, thanks to "Dragonball." He had a friend who was into it as well, so they'd always be competitive trying to outdo each other with Dragonball drawings.

35. He says his parents raised him liberally. They never told him to study or anything.

36. We know that Ohno is *extremely* close to his mom. When he goes home late at night, she is always up waiting for him. He sometimes texts her saying "You can go to sleep," but she always waits for him. He asked her why and she replied that he might not like it if he comes home late from work and the house is all dark. This really touched him, because she also has to work the next day at 5AM. To Ohno, she is more like a friend than a parent.

37. His mom came to the Johnny's audition with him. At the audition, it surprised him to see Katori-kun (Katori Shingo from SMAP); he was familiar with him because his sister liked him. Everyone started dancing at the audition, but Ohno stood in the back and didn't dance. -_- Instead, he waved at his mom and said hi. Then Johnny-san spotted him and yelled, "What are you doing? Come up to the front and dance!" So Ohno danced and Johnny said to him, "you've got good rhythm."

38. So since then, he started going to the lesson 1 day a week. There were about 50 people starting out, but later on, it was reduced to only 4 of them. One of them was Machida Shingo (from another Johnny's unit, Musical Academy). With Machida, Ohno danced as hard as he could. Since then, he was always together with Machida.

39. Ohno's first gig as a junior was at Tokio's concert in Budokan. He heard the "Johnny's cheer" and freaked out. It was so loud, he couldn't believe it was coming from people! He even wanted to go home because he was so freaked out.

40. Initially, he wasn't interested in being in the entertainment industry at all, or doing dramas. But dancing kept him interested. It was the only thing he wanted to excel in.

41. He realized that if he wanted to go to Kyoto, he'd have to stay there at least 1/2 year. He volunteered to go. He wanted to escape the situation he was in at the time. Younger, newer juniors were coming in to Johnny's and he kept getting pushed back, as the newer ones got popular. He thought to himself, "Why? I'm better than them!" He had heard that he could be the main star if he went to Kyoto, so he didn't hesitate to go.

42. His mom was happy and supportive of his decision to go to Kyoto. He quit high school after just three days of starting. He walked out with Machida. His parents didn't say anything. They just asked him, "Is this it?" and he said, "Yes." He had to quit school because if he hadn't, he couldn't go to Kyoto.

43. Life in Kyoto was hard. He had to perform 5 times a day on stage. At least during summer, it was okay because there were people. But in fall, there were only about 50 people in a theatre that could hold 1,000 people. He wondered why he had to be doing this. He sometimes cried because he wanted to go back to Tokyo, but his colleagues helped him out because they were all on the same boat.

44. If there was an opportunity to dance solo, he volunteered even if it meant taking himself away from Tokyo and going to Kyoto. I think from this, we can see that Ohno is actually quite ambitious and wants to do justice to his own skills. He said he was satisfied with the way danced at the solo of "Kyo to Kyo" - he doesn't think he can dance as well now as he did back then during his solo "Cool."

45. About 2 years into his life in Kyoto, he thought about quitting. He wanted to start drawing again. He picked up some skills from the makeup artist and thought to himself that when he goes back to Tokyo, he will quit Johnny's Jimusho and start anew, something related to art. At this point, he had already danced to his satisfaction.

46. Ohno told Johnny's that he wanted to quit. But for some reason, he ended up being in "MASK" (stageplay starring Domoto Koichi from Kinki Kids, from January '99 to February '99), and also "Playzone" (summer play Shonentai - way way senpai group from Johnny's - does every summer).

47. Then from there, it was straight to becoming Arashi. He really hesitated, but since it was his last chance, he decided to just ride this wave. After the initial debut press conference in Hawaii, he participated in the Junior Concert in October ('99).
From there, as they were introducing themselves, it went like this:
"Sakurai Sho- " *WAHHHHHHH* (all the people screaming)

"Matsumoto Jun - " *WAHHHHHHH*

"Ohno Satoshi - " *... whhhhattt? Who is this person?*

48. Ohno wanted to get off the stage ASAP. He realized that his time spent in Kyoto had made him less exposed compared to the other members. He became quite desperate at this point. Since the other 4 members had so much more exposure thanks to their TV appearances, he knew he had to try harder. He wrote back to his fan letters and such. He knew that Arashi was somewhat getting popular because their debut song, "A.Ra.Shi," was #1, but he didn't know if he *himself* was popular.

49. He started having negative thoughts at this point, because people didn't know who he was, or they were saying "How come it's not Tackey *Takizawa Hideaki from Tackey & Tsubasa* that's in Arashi?" He started wondering if it would be okay for him to be part of Arashi.

50. But it brought comfort to be with Arashi members from the beginning. When the 5 of them were together, it really upped the atmosphere.

51. When the first Arashi concert came, he wondered if anyone would be holding his uchiwa (*the hand-held fan with member's face on it that fans hold at concerts). He was relieved and happy to find that there were just as many uchiwa for him as there were for other members.

52. Ohno prefers stageplays to dramas/movies. That is probably why we see him in so few TV dramas. :( Overall, I get the impression that acting makes Ohno really nervous. But he's so good anyway!

53. He liked shooting the movie "PIKA*NCHI" with rest of the Arashi members, since it was the first time all 5 of them got to be in one thing since "V no Arashi."

54. Unlike acting (which makes him nervous), he likes doing concerts. He's always thinking about the next concert. Starting in 2004, he could even come up with his own choreography. He thinks about what songs to do solos for, what outfit to wear, etc., and likes thinking about those.

55. But even now, he has that nagging feeling somewhere that he might not have any fans (stemming from his lack of popularity in the beginning of his Arashi days). So habitually, he looks for his uchiwa whenever he goes on stage. When he finds them, it relieves him and he feels good.

56. In the past few years, fans have been holding boards with their "requests" on them - like "Wave your hand" and things like that. It was fun, and he liked doing it because his fans liked it. But then the requests got more... intense and now they've become something like "Blow a kiss" and such. Ohno's really shy and he says it's "out of his character." And the next request is "Take it off." - - ;;

57. When they start going on concert tours, Ohno always checks the internet because he is interested in the fans' reactions, since fan letters take time to get to him.

58. He watches all his concert videos. Sometimes it maddens him because he sucks so bad, but because his time spent with Arashi is precious, even bad performances are something to be treasured.

59. Arashi members started opening up to each other while they were doing "Here We Go" concert tour (I think around 2002?). They stayed up all night talking to each other about their plans, what they think, how they would move on individually, etc. Ohno felt that everyone treasured the group Arashi.

60. Year 2003 brought on some changes. Arashi started hanging outside work and Ohno felt like they had transcended some sort of a barrier. He thinks it's important to hang out outside work, because they are different people when they are working together. Since they are all adults, they can go drinking and stuff too.

61. He thinks his voice got higher as the years went by. He feels it's strange, since people's voice tends to get lower as they get older. Now he thinks it's as high as Nino's (which, he says, is REALLY high).

62. Working in this industry limits him from meeting people outside, and sometimes it makes him feel lonely. He's always guarded because he doesn't want to be deceived. He thinks that's just the way it is, but it doesn't stop him from feeling lonely.

63. Since he started thinking that way, he became a bit more outgoing. Even if he doesn't know the people, if he thinks it'd be fun, he talks to them.

64. Personally, he doesn't know where he would be, but he wants to have an art exhibit of his own.

65. He wonders what their 10th year anniversary would be like. 2004 was HIS 10th year anniversary since joining Johnny's. "I've survived," he says. He has always tried his best. He was a bit irresponsible when he was a junior, so he is repentant of it. But overall, his 10 years were filled with many things and he considers himself a happy person.

66. He thinks Arashi only has room for improvement. Each member thinks of the other in a precious way, and after each concert, they become even more united. He says that whatever happens, the fact that the 5 of them will always be close won't change.

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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:53 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: MakinoLove (former member)

Now For Do-S:

Jun Matsumoto

Matsumoto Jun?, born August 30, 1983) is a Japanese singer and actor from Johnny's Entertainment. He is best known for being a member of the popular J-pop group Arashi, together with Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno and Sho Sakurai. Matsumoto has been critically acclaimed in the acting field for his work in various films and television dramas. Normally serious and very dedicated to his work, Matsumoto has been declared by his bandmates as caring the most for Arashi. He is also known to be the group's "Concert Leader", as he always takes charge in the group's concert planning.

(Credit goes to denise-dinc for the interesting facts)


1. Probably the only one who "matured" technically by appearance, Matsujun used to be a cute, adorable, short little round-faced munch kin back in his Johnny's Jr. days.

2. He is one of the very well-known "A"-list young actors in dramas and movies. He is also known for roles derived from popular manga (Japanese comics) series. His latest role (Fall 2005) was the unforgettable Tsukasa Domyouji in the Japanese live-action version of the manga series Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers).

3. The places he would love to visit are Los Angeles and Las Vegas. ^^

4. He is a huge fan of Tom Hanks and the Harry Potter series.

5. Probably the "coolest," most serious member of the group, Jun is also a sensitive guy when it comes to love, romance, and girls. ^_^;

6. Though mentioned that his bloodtype is "A," in technicality his bloodtype is rhesus negative, which is a VERY RARE bloodtype

7. Matsujun is also nearsighted. On stage, screen, and magazines, he makes himself look good by wearing contacts. Outside his work and during his free time, he is mainly seen by many wearing a pair of glasses.

8. Those turtles Nino gave him are “fine”, other than changes in size, they wer once frozen to death, and were ‘revived’ after being dipped into hot water

9. he went to a fellow actor’s house during “Gokusen” shooting, fell in love with the darts there

10. his card reading result is: self lover, Aiba: “he loves himself VERY MUCH!

11. In the Official Arashi Calendar 2001, Jun’s pictures were edited to hide his leg hair, but there are still some pictures that “they forgot to edit”. Sho kept teasing Jun about this, as Sho thinks this is really entertaining

12. Loves to change his hairstyle

13. his 17th birthday presents from the members: electric massager (Sho), skateboard (Aiba), self portrait (Ohno), 5 small turtles (Nino). Jun felt really happy that the members remembered his birthday

14. Ohno said that his fans were the youngest

15. wanted to spend his 17th birthday with Aiba, but was refused (politely, i guess)

16. Jun’s legend: he was once in the football team! But he never played a real game before, left when he entere Johnny’s

17. he was once really angrey with Takki. On Takki’s 16th birthday, they were all working outstation. Jun bought a cake and planned to burst into his room to celebrate with him, but Takki refused to wake up. Jun was so angry that he finished up Takki’s cake with the rest

18. Sho was once his private tutor

19. During Video Concert, he forced Ohno to sleep with him on the same pillow

20. He’s quite close to Ohno, so he doesn’t use very respective words while talking to him

21. in June, he knew that they will debut, but the fact that they would be names ‘Arashi’, he got to know it from Nino and Sho at the end of August

22. while they were having 109109 concert, the choreographer was very strict till Jun cried

23. his height when he first entered Johnny’s: 150cm

24. he once met an accident and was hospitalized for two months, went through phisiotherapy even

25. the first thing he does in the morning, wash his face

26. he’s afraid of ticklish feelings, especially at the ears

27. during elementary days, he saw a white floating figure when he was visiting a deserted hospital with his schoolmates

28. he’s always late

29. he joined a ‘courage competition’ during elementary school, they had to go through the forest in the night without light to reach their destination. Because he was afraid, he walked in the middle of the line

30. Jun finds mandarin extremely difficult. no matter how much he tries to memorise the words, he always forgets them easily.

31. surfing is one of Jun's hobbies. his so-called mentor is Yamaguchi Tatsuya of Tokio

32. Aoki Kotomi, the author of the manga "Boku wa Imouto ni koi o Suru" confessed being so excited that she nearly fainted when she found out that Jun was chosen to play the lead role of brother, Yori

33. Jun is quite a big fan of Harry Potter franchise

34. Jun seems to have this anime/manga thing going on in his screenwork

35. His personal time is from 12mn-3am

36. He is good in football

37. He likes dry plums so much that he snatches them away from Aiba

38. He is never able to sleep whenever he is in the same room with Aiba or Nino, because Aiba grinds his teeth and Nino howls in the middle of the night

39. Jun is very emotional and can cry while watching a movie

40. Once he almost got blown away while holding a flag (when he was younger of course)

41. His best friend in Arashi is Aiba

42. Jun is the first Japanese male to make it to the cover of the Japanese Marie Claire magazine. The only guys to grace the cover in its 24-yr history has been foreign superstars including David Beckham

43. Jun didn’t go thru an audition to get into Johnny Jrs. although the usual process is that the boys will have to go through auditions. Jun got a personal call by Johnny himself to come and watch the auditions, after that, he just got in without knowing it.

44. When he was in 2nd grade, he ran out onto the road and was knocked over by a van, he was severely injured, but he was as chirpy and cheerful as he could be. when the ambulance came, he kept apologising to the uncle, saying he was naughty for running out onto the road (from arashi.vox.com)

45. Jun is very picky about movie/drama scripts, and will only act the roles that interest him

46. Jun is something of a fashion guru... he is known as the most stylish dresser in arashi

47. He didn’t like the HYD curls as much as any of us because of the fashion problems it posed on him. When he was on set, it was fine because he had costumes, but once he was out, he couldn’t find anything in his wardrobe to compliment his curly hairstyle

48. Little Jun used to idolise Sho

49. if you like Oguri Shun, hear this : shun got the role as Rui, because Jun told the producers that if they didn’t give shun the role, he wouldn’t act as Doumyoji. In real life, Shun and Jun are good friends all the way from Gokusen days

50. Jun used to have a room so messy that sometimes when he slept, he would jerk awake when clothes fell onto his face. Now though, he has a sort of clothesline above his bed, and he just grabs the clothes he wants to wear, saying its a lot more convenient

51. Jun's ideal summer activity is to drive to the beach and play with a dog even though he doesn’t have a dog

52. he worries quite a fair bit about Arashi and how the public will respond to them especially overseas fans

53. one of the reasons why Jun took on the role of Domyouji Tsukasa was so that Arashi could release a new single, "Wish"

54. Jun would prefer to go dutch on dates

55. he doesn’t like kids, but he wants them... in the future

56. Jun finds mandarin extremely difficult. no matter how much he tries to memorise the words, he always forgets them easily.

57. surfing is one of Jun's hobbies. his so-called mentor is Yamaguchi Tatsuya of Tokio

58. Sato Atsuhiro is a very respected senpai of Jun. he feels that they are "fated" to be friends since they share the same birthday and hobbies.

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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:54 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: MakinoLove (former member)

Now for the Idiot/child!:

Masaki Aiba


Aiba Masaki?, born December 24, 1982 in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese actor and musician. Along with Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno, and Sho Sakurai, Aiba is a member of the J-pop group Arashi (嵐) who is under the management of Johnny & Associates.

(Credit goes to Denise-dinc at Vox for the interesting facts)


1. He speaks English ^^; (or... tries his best to speak English...?)... lately in their variety shows (D no Arashi, G no Arashi) as well as in the educational animal show Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (Genius! Shimura Zoo), Aiba-chan declares he's fluent in English... he even speaks it too, but... you be the judge... ^^

2. He has earned various nicknames that relates to the word idol (Super Idol, King of Idols, etc. etc.)

3. He is a HUGE fan of TOKIO, another Johnny's band. His fandom influenced the rest of the guys to get in to TOKIO too!

4. He is the 3rd member who most likely to appear in TV drama serials and TV drama specials. He hasn't appeared in dramas for the longest time... but he's still on TV, of course... just not dramas...

5. He is very skilled and enjoys playing the sax! He's one of the very musically-inclined members in the group along with Nino, who plays the guitar! Last time I heard, he pretty much quit the sax due to lung problems...

6. His least favourite season of the year is spring because he's allergic to pollen.

7. His family owns a Chinese restaurant named Keikarou in his hometown somewhere in the Chiba Prefecture.

8. He hopes to have a younger sister as well...

9. He has a very huge, visible, noticeable birthmark on his left shoulder.

10. Aiba-chan joined Johnny's Jimusho for two "interesting" reasons:
1) he is a huge Ken Miyake fan
2) he has a huge obsession with basketball and saw these Johnny's idols playing basketball in one of the Johnny's shows shown on TV and thought that he'd get to play basketball in public if he joined, so he signed up and sent in an application to join Johnny's, not to become an idol, but probably to use it as a ticket to playing basketball with SMAP

11. He is also the only one among the members who calls fellow member Sho Sakurai the nickname Sho-chan!

12. Sometime in early Spring 2002, Aiba-chan collapsed during a rehearsal of a performance for their single Nice-na Kokoroiki. It turned out that he was suffering from a disease known as pneumothorax - a collapse of one of the lungs due to a huge change in the internal pressure in the chest cavity, caused by some sort of trauma or spontaneous lung rapture. Symptoms include shortness of breath and severe, one-sided (affected side) chest pain on inhalation. This disease is VERY common among young guys who are both hyperactive yet skinny at the same time and it IS a curable disease! It is also a one-time thing as well, and because of that, Aiba-chan learned his lesson and decided to "buff" himself up a bit.

13. During high school, he joined his high school basketball team because he got along "too well" with the people in his school's baseball and soccer team and felt scared/nervous

14. According to one of Aiba-chan's interviews, the most bizarre gift that he ever received on his 20th birthday was a walking stick, given to him by none other than his own leader, Satoshi Ohno!

15. Aiba tends to skip from topics to topics randomly during interviews and apparently during their concert MCs or talks, he can also go out of topics sometimes.

16. After he starts drinking, he would start taking off his shirt and run around. Sho mention about it before.

17. During concerts, Aiba will sing even when it's not his turn to sing... he loves to sing along to the entire song! :P

18. he sleeps with a soft toy. Last time in Hawaii 2002 was this erm brown/black doggie/bear?

19. Sho said that Aiba is the most horny. But he continued to say that he can't say the reason why so as to protect Aiba's reputation. But it's funny how when Sho said Aiba is the most horny, every other members said that Sho is the most horny instead. It's funny how Aiba always say perverted stuff suddenly out of the blue. Like during the Mago episode where he was comparing himself to the radish and so. Or when they were going to the Mago boating camp and while on the bus, he was talking about the bananas that Ohno had bought for them.

20. Aiba follows Sho even in his dreams. Sho is talks in his sleep about Aiba. Once saying “Let Aiba sleep!” The other time he said in his sleep to Ohno that he should go and wake Aiba instead.

21. halfway watching movie “I am Sam”, he left the cinema because the story was too tragic, Sho said he’s the ‘emotional type’

22. he eats the most among all the members, can’t stop eating between meals (according to Sho), eats two bentos a day (according to Jun), after having a sushi meal with one of the Tokio members, he still ordered a large set meal (according to Ohno)

23. ever since he met the super loud alarm clock, he wakes up before the alarm goes off (amazing...)

24. kept urging Dohmoto Tsuyoshi to teach him guitar (Nino despised him perhaps?)

25. Nino: When we went for dinner after movie shooting, Sho and Jun’s table was clean after the meal, Aiba and Ohno’s table was terrible

Aiba: this is how a man eats

26. before their concert started, he asked Ohno to write the kanji Arashi for him on the arm, but because he kept sweating, only the ‘yama’ on the top was visible. Nino realised it and told him about it. Ohno said he’ll write it again for Aiba, but Jun scolded him instead: “if you’re so free, why don’t you just get your butt on the stage?!”

27. Nino said he’ll always memorise his line before movie shooting starts, but Sho says Aiba memorises his lines AFTER shooting... (what the....?!)

28. everyone agrees that it is impossible for Aiba to accomplish two things at the same time

29. according to the card readings, he’s the ‘playboy type’...

30. during KKK concert, he has a draught paper to remember his placing for their dance, and will check it everytime they go in and change. But it fell on the stage, and the choreographer scolded him

Sho: not only during changing time, he’ll also peek into the paper on stage!

31. there was once he had a phone call with Yokoyama in a very sleepy condition, when he woke up he didn’t remember the conversation so he called Yokoyama again. That’s why Yokoyama says he’s like a kid

32. During 2001 Spring concert, Kame kept picking on him, Aiba pretended to argue and fight with him, but the other members said that seeing little kids fight is super boring

33. he ate more lately, and is able to finish 3 McDonald set meals in the morning. He still says he’s 53 kg, Ohno who gets fat easily is very suspicious about this

34. during Nagoya concert, he forgot to bring his towel into the bath twice. (those shower baths...) so he walked out naked twice. The fist time he was kinda shy and tried to cover, the second time he walked straight out.

35. he has a licence to drive small boats other than cars...

36. he tried going into hotspring bath when he’s really really sleepy. He slept halfway through and nearly drowned, his family members saved him in the end

37. he asked Yokoyama, Nino and Sho to go fishing, but he himself was late

38. when he was in second year of elementary school, he likes to wear those soccer socks. So he wore with shorts and went to baseball practice. Of course, the coach went: “AIBA!!! @#$%^$@#%&*&^$#@&”

39. a stray baseball hit his leg went he went to watch a baseball game with Nino and Imai Tsubasa, they kept laughing at him

40. he used to call Sho ‘Sho-chan, but changed to ‘Sakurai’ now

41. only one week before the official press conference, then he got to know that they’re debuting

42. very good at penalty kick

43. he’s becoming more and more like Jun, condering things carefully before acting on them

44. gradually turning outdoor’ish cause of Ohno

45. Sho and Ohno said his personality is like a cat

46. loves to sleep, hates waking up in the morning, can sleep nearly anywhere (so can Nino....)

47. loves manga, but despises those girls’ manga, cause he said he’s ‘afraid’ of the big watery eyes

48. he’s not afraid of worms, ghosts, or being alone in the dark, neither is he afraid of watching horror movies. But he’s afraid on human beings, like Yokoyama, yet couldn’t resist asking him out for a meal

49. always daydreaming

50. loves sports, played baseball during elementary school, basketball during highschool

51. he’s usually a bit slow. Sho laughed at him saying he created a jetlag for Arashi

52. likes girls who are older than him, below 35

53. resembles his mom rather than his dad

54. his birthdate was decided by his mom who wanted to give birth at Christmas eve no matter what (wow....)

55. plays the saxophone and the piano

56. washes his face first thing in the morning

57. will wash his hair fist during baths, then his left leg (0.o)

58. right leg first when he wears his shoes

59. right leg first when he wears his trousers

60. prosedure to wearing his shirt: head, right hand, then left hand

61. broke his arm during first year of high school

62. it’s only a 1 minute journey from his house to his high school, so he usually leaves home right after he hears the bell ring

63. will read manga before he goes to bed

64. enjoys being in the library during recess time, because it’s warm during winter and cool during summer, plus he gets to read manga

65. he’s super allergic to pollen

66. his kanji reading is lousy, he’ll stop halfway when he sees a kanji on the script.
Aiba: how do you read this?

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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:55 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: MakinoLove (former member)

Now for the rapper/new caster:

Sho Sakurai


Sakurai Shō?), born on January 25, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese actor and musician. Along with Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno, and Jun Matsumoto, he is a member of Arashi, which is a J-pop group under the management of Johnny & Associates.

(Credit Goes to Denise-dinc at Vox for the interesting facts)


1. He is bilingual (Japanese and English).

2. He loves and cares about children!

3. He is an alumni of Keio University, one of Japan's most prestigious university , equivalent to the U.S.'s Ivy League schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and similar schools. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

4. His father is a government official and his mother is a professor at a prestigious women's college (as well as an heiress to a huge company). His family is basically a family of scholars and professionals. He is the only one in the entire Sakurai Family to be in the entertainment business, but his philosophies and influences are similar to his family's philosophies.

5. Back in his Johnny's Jr. days, he was also one cute yet short little midget that he even earned the nickname mame ("bean").

6. For some odd reason and he doesn't even know it himself at times, he is known and is in charge of the rhymin' raps that they always have in their tracks!

7. The place he would love to visit is New York, which he has visited with his fellow members (minus Nino ;_;) in 2001

8. He has a little brother in the elementary years and often tutors him with his studies whenever he can...

9. Back in his days as part of Johnny's Jr., he was also the only one in Johnny's Jr. history to show off a bit of his "tush" on Japanese National TV (and it is quite amusing too...). He was around 15 or 16-yrs-old when he did that. Rebellious, gutsy little guy, isn't he?

10. His close friends back in school always called him "SakuSho" since elementary school.

11. Sho's secret to success in studies? When there was an exam coming (probably about a month before the actual date of exam), he puts everything related to his career on hold, cancels or postpones his appearances in public, and spends his time at home (or in the library whenever he feels like it) studying. Best time to be free to do any extracurricular activities or resume his career is right after exam period

12. His favourite TV channels (or rather the ONLY TV channels that he watches on TV) are MTV and the Discovery Channel.

13. His favourite magazine is Newsweek.

14. He cannot go to sleep at night without reading a good book (a (classic?) novel, textbook, reference book, etc.) beforehand.

15. He doesn't feel comfortable or confident enough to take his shirt off just for a photo shoot (but if that's what the director/photographer wants, then so be it...).

16. His ideal girl? Sweet, simple, smart-dressed (no spaghetti-strapped blouses, no short one-piece dresses, no short-ass, tight-ass daisy duke shorts, etc.), non-smoking, NON-CELEBRITY girl WITH brains and an independent mind of her own.

17. When he's got a lot of time in his hands, he surfs in the Internet

18. He has a huge interest in history in general and hopes to study the field of History right after he earns his Bachelor's Degree in

19. his days (especially his first days) are quite interesting. Fans in Japan actually say that it's easier to find Sho in Keio than in the TV studios, which is why lots of fangirls invaded Keio U. back then just to see Sho

20. Sho's pet peeve is that he loses his cool easily (but he's been trying to control himself regarding this pet peeve)

21. There is a known incident among us fans that back when Sho was a Jr. and was on his way to the studios, he caught a fan taking pictures of him.

22. Instead of acknowledging or ignoring, he actually came up to this girl, grabbed her camera, and threw it right at the subway tracks and started scolding her about Johnny's rules and why she should follow them (one of the rules is that fans are not allowed to take pictures of idols whether if it's on the scene or off the scene or even candid shots)

23. There's also another scene where Sho was entering Keio U. to take his entrance exams (so he could get in to the university).

24. There was a mob of fans screaming and gawking at him as he was entering the gates. Then the screaming got louder that Sho actually turned around to the fans and creamed "URUSAI YO!!" (shut up!) and few seconds later, all the fans fell silent as he entered the campus quietly.

25. he takes everything seriously

26. His childhood is kind of pressuring because of his family background. If you're a kid whose parents have high-ranking positions such as a politician and a university professor, everyone would expect you to become someone successful, like a CEO of a corporation or a lawyer or something.

27. Sho chose the entertainment industry because he always wanted to dance. When he joined Jrs., of course, his friends and supporters were happy, but his parents are not exactly happy and those in their "social circle" looked down on the entire Sakurai Family (not just Sho, but the ENTIRE family) for having a son who is so incredibly gifted and talented to choose something "low" such as the entertainment biz.

28. In other words, Sho's days as Jr. isn't exactly hunky-dory when it comes to his parents/family.

29. But he proved everyone that he could still be a prestigious young man despite of him deciding to become an idol. He spent more time studying in school than his career that he even worked with Johnny and staff to work a schedule with him.

30. There was another known story in which in the middle of the "Heaven Cannot Wait" drama filming that he had to ditch the shooting to get to class. The director complained of Sho's disappearance that he called Johnny for it (to get Sho in trouble), but Johnny just said: "He ditched because he had to go to class. Wait until he returns."

31. Sho is truly one of the most hardworking idols in the entertainment biz (and not just Johnny's). This is why in Johnny's, a lot of the younger idols respect him big time, like no one wants to mess w/ him, no one wants to get him mad.

32. They call him Sakurai-senpai or even Sakurai-sama to the extreme because of that.

33. A lot of Arashi fans (non-Sho fans) think that Sho is straight out unfriendly (I don't blame Sho though), but see, that's because these fans don't understand what he's gone through in the past, so much that sometimes he can't help himself but snap out and lose his cool towards certain things.

34. He finally gained the respect that he deserved from his family and his family's social circle of intellects and successful individuals right after he graduated with a Bachelor's in Economics.

35. Especially w/ a BS (bachelor of science) in Economics at least his family knows that he does somehow plan to go further in to working in an industry based on the field of study that he took.

36. When he is in Keio, he is there as a student, not as an idol. He gets annoyed when other students act like psychopathic fangirls and scream and follow him around campus.

37. In the beginning he was a loner because everyone is intimidated by him and his background, but it wasn't until his first day of English class that he finally met and became friends w/ some of the guys there and made friends w/ 2 girls in that class (both are actually nerdy geeky girls who actually had no clue who Sho is).

38. From then on he didn't like being alone, he always stuck w/ his classmates... it's like his friends are almost like his bodyguards

39. he talked in his sleep during 2002 Summer Concert. Ohno who was in the same room heard it very clearly at around 6am saying “let Aiba sleep!”. But he himself didn’t know anything about it.

40. he doesn’t eat between meals

41. when he went 伊豆 hot spring with Myojo for shooting, it so happened that it was the place he went with his family 10 years ago. He called his mom on the spot just because of this.

42. Arashi Car usually comes to fetch Sho after getting Ohno, Sho once saw Ohno’s feet on the manager’s head when he opened the car door... (大野くん, 何あってんのよ....)

43. when he went outdoor shooting with Aiba on ‘Uso! Japan’, they interviewed a pop idol group. Sho said without thinking that he knew their songs, and sang quite awkwardly. But Aiba on the other hand, was singing along rather happily... (やっぱり相葉ちゃんだね~)

44. 「真夜中の岚」card reading prophesized that he’ll have to retain class (we all know it didn’t come true)

45. his brother calls him ‘Bambi’ after watching ‘Kisarazu Cat’s Eye’

46. his results are good, so his teachers wrote a recommendation letter for him to take the examination to enter Keio

47. his father was a student from Keio since young, graduated in Todai, now a politition.His mother’s an English Literature teacher. He has a sister younger than him by 5 years, named 舞 and a brother younger than him by 13 years named Shu,修

48. Aiba and Ohno influenced him to be less calculative about things

49. during the audition part of the Summer Concert, he was super nervous because he can hear fans talking as he sat quite close to them

50. his ‘girlfriend preferences’ are quite similar to Ohno’s... (oooh, 危ない!)

51. seem to like Aiba a lot lately, even ‘ex-love’ Nino complained about this in envy. After the photoshooting session for April’s DUET, he left with Nino. Later, he came back alone to the shooting scene to wait for Aiba instead. (wowzers... but then... 本当二遅いな相葉ちゃん... still not done yet after 翔くんreturned)

52. he joined the Boy’s Brigade before, but he was bullied so he quit after 3 days joining (翔くんbeing bullied?! 信じられない~)

53. in June, he got to know that they’re debuting with Nino

54. he’s building up on his muscles (yeah, it’s pretty obvious)

55. fast-thinker

56. he was considered a senior in Johnny’s Junior before Arashi was formed

57. because he’s the rapper in Arashi, Japanese (who have bad English, really) calls him ‘raper Sho’ (what the?!!! Sho doesn’t go around raping girls!!!)

58. he’s quite close to Imai Tsubasa. And there’s even a reason for it, because their name has the kanji character 井 and 羽

59. he was called ‘Piano King’ in Music Jump

60. he becomes super monstrous when he’s angry

61. on the first day og entering his university, he asked for Nino’s help because he didn’t know how to fix his tie

62. he likes to sing songs by female singers in KTV, like songs by Amuro Namie (0.o)

63. the short form initial of every male member in the Sakarai family is written as S. S.

64. he loves ‘Frisk’ peppermint sweets very much, will usually finish up a box a day (まじかよ?!)

65. he will read some comics before he goes to bed

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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:56 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: zin (former member)

time dvd cm
dear tenjo have posted the new cm of arashi's time con dvd on her blog. thanks for her sharing. here's the link:

au new cm: aiba X sho version
the kddi official website have posted the au new cm of arashi boys. this time is a new version of aiba and sho.
aiba looks so cute in it.
you just need to click in, and u can find the new cm in the ad gallery:

generous tenjo has posted lots of stuff of arashi's promotion thing, thanks for her sharing.

sho in hanamaru cafe
tenjo provided lots of screencaps of the show, here's the link:

aiba in 2ji chao
there're some screencaps and a clip on tenjo's blog, aiba is so cute, u really can't miss it:
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:59 am


yeah! today's shukudaikun was so funny! It really is a must watch!
I'll provide some clips too ^__^ [s]since that's really all I can do XP[/s]
Aiba and panda
Credits to the uploader
I also recommend watching the parts before Aiba's because there's a picture of Aiba when he was little... and well... yes....
Clip of Nino
Clip of Ohno
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:36 pm

Oricon DVD Ranking Top 50 (1st half of year 2009)

1. Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo - 355,253
2. Hana Yori Dango FINAL - 346,721
4. SMAP 2008 super.modern.artistic.performance tour - 269,021
5. Okuribito - 217,461
6. KAT-TUN Live Tour 2008 "Queen of Pirates" - 209,604
7. Red Cliff Part 1 - 192, 242
8. B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2008 GLORY DAYS - 181,584
9. B’z LIVE-GYM Hidden Pleasure~Typhoon No.20~ - 179,020
10. The Dark Knight - 152,853
11. Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi Vol.5 - 134,745
12. Showa 83 Nendo! Hitori Kohaku Uta Gassen - 123,193
13. Hexagon Family Concert 2008 We Live Hexagon - 121,829
14. Biohazard : Degeneration - 121,373
15. Hancock - 115,079
16. Ametoku DVD 1 - 111,813
17. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - 110,762
18. WANTED - 108,023
19. Sex and the City - 102,131
20. Ametoku DVD 3 - 98,424
21. Ametoku DVD 2 - 97,373
22. 20th Century Boys Chapter 1 - the beginning of the end - 95,971
23. Hey!Say!Jump-ing Tour’08-’09 - 93,730
24. TERMINATOR ~The Sarah Connor Chronicles~ Vol. 1 - 93,296
25. 水曜どうでしょう「桜前線捕獲大作戦」「十勝二十番勝負」「サイコロ5~キングオブ深夜バス~」- 91,962
26. Perfume『BUDOUKaaaaaaaaaaN!!!!!』- 87,973
27. Manatsu no Dai Kansha Sai Live - 80,340
28. 爆笑!エキサイトライブビデオ 第3集 - 80,189
29. WALL - E - 79,855
30. ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008~10th Anniversary~ Live in TAIPEI - 76,032
31. Ironman - 75,676
32. KOBUKURO FAN FESTA 2008~10 YEARS SPECIAL!!!! - 75,153
33. DECADE - 71,146
34. Downtown No Gaki No Tsukaiyaarahende!! Shuku 20 Shuunen Kinen DVD 12 (Batsu) Zettai ni Waratte wa Ikenai Byoin 24ji - 70,591
35. WALL - E 2-Disc Special Edition - 64,129
36. RINGO EXPO 08 - 63,728
37. The Day the Earth Stood Still - 62,205
38. Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl - Giratina to Sora no Hanataba Sheimi - 61,271
39. 劇場版 空の境界 伽藍の洞(完全生産限定版) - 61,138
40. 劇場版 空の境界 矛盾螺旋(完全生産限定版) - 60,719
41. ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE 2008-2009 A - 57,893
42. Downtown No Gaki No Tsukaiyaarahende!! Shuku 20 Shuunen Kinen DVD 13 (wa) Bakusho Kakumeiden! Kessaku Talk Shu!! Hitoshi Matsumoto Chosen Series! - 57,179
43. Casino Royale - 56,597
44. ap bank fes ’08 - 56,261
45. I Am Legend - 55,685
46. RAMBO - 53,933
47. Kung Fu Panda - 53,766
48. Junior Chihara no Suberanai Hanashi 2 - 53,740
49. pieces of love Vol.1 Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petits Cubes) - 52,331
50. いないいないばぁっ! ~おひさまとダンス~ - 51,570


Translations from meoinkie at Asian Fanatics



Oh how happy Jun is right now despite the Smile Drama Ratings. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:43 am

arashi!! :cheers:
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:19 pm



congrats to arashi
arashi and hanadan sugoooiii.. :D :D :D :D :D :cheers:
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:24 am

yeah...arashi's sugoi....
i love arashi so much :D :cheers:
congrats to arashi and hanadan... :flower:
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:03 am

at first,i only like matsumoto jun..but then when i saw arashi on utaban i start to fell for nino and ohno..that`s when i became a fan of arashi..i really like them now^^
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:12 pm

Arashi celebrates 10 years with best of album & a tour

Arashi has announced the release of a new best album titled "All the BEST! 1999-2009." As the title indicates, the collection will cover their entire ten-year career, and will consist of the title tracks from all of their singles to date.

The tracklist begins with their 1999 debut "A-RA-SHI" and includes 31 songs (26 singles plus their double A-sides), plus an additional track written by Arashi to thank their fans. According to the listing on CDJapan, the two-disc album does not contain Satoshi Ohno's solo song "Kumori Nochi, Kaisei." In addition, it is reported that the first press edition of the album will come with a bonus CD containing 10 more songs selected by the members of Arashi.

Arashi has also scheduled an upcoming tour, which will include three consecutive shows at the National Stadium on August 28-30. Last year, Arashi became just the third artist to do a solo concert there (after SMAP and Dreams Come True). Now, they will be the first ever to play at the stadium for three straight days.

The tour, which finishes on January 17, 2010, will also include the five major domes in Japan. The group expects a total attendance of roughly 760,000 fans over the course of the tour.

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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:44 pm

i like ARASHI, just loved thier bakaness but among the 5 five of them i really like nino the most :) next is matsujun
by the way congrats to ARASHI their song EVERYTHING is no.1 in the recent Oricon Top 10 CD Single Daily Charts here is the link
http://www.nt2099.com/J-ENT/news/music-charts/oricon-top-10-cd-single-daily-charts-japan-arashi-takes-the-1-spot-7-1-09/ :)
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Arashi monopolizes top three spots in first week sales for singles in 2009

Arashi's 27th single, "Everything", makes its debut at #1 on the weekly singles ranking. Released in May, "Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~" had an initial sales of 502,487 copies, and released in March, "Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei" had an initial sales of 501,988 copies; the Arashi who has marked both first and second places in the singles initial sales for the year of 2009 so far has also ranked in at third place with another work which sold 342,000 copies in its first week. Arashi has now monopolized the top three spots in this year's first week sales for singles.

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CDTV Top 10 Artists You Want To Bo Your Lover

1. KATTUN - Akanishi Jin
2. KATTUN - Kamenishi Kazuya
3. Tohoshinki - Kim Jejung
4. News - Yamashita Tomohisa
5. EXILE - Takahiro
6. Kinki-Kids - Domoto Koichi
7. Arashi - Jun Matsumoto
8. L'Arc-en-Ciel - Hyde
9. Kamiji Yusuke (from Gokusen 1 and Crows Zero movie)
10. Arashi - Ninomiya Kazunari

credits to ikemenjae5 at youtube


Jun and Nino! LOL so Ironic but i sooo0o agreee! ❤
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maea_maie wrote:
CDTV Top 10 Artists You Want To Bo Your Lover

1. KATTUN - Akanishi Jin
2. KATTUN - Kamenishi Kazuya
3. Tohoshinki - Kim Jejung
4. News - Yamashita Tomohisa
5. EXILE - Takahiro
6. Kinki-Kids - Domoto Koichi
7. Arashi - Jun Matsumoto
8. L'Arc-en-Ciel - Hyde
9. Kamiji Yusuke (from Gokusen 1 and Crows Zero movie)
10. Arashi - Ninomiya Kazunari

credits to ikemenjae5 at youtube


Jun and Nino! LOL so Ironic but i sooo0o agreee! ❤

It is ironic, isn't it? There's an unspoken battle between these two now. :D
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unspoken battle between them ne? hahaha :lol:

here's the vid
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Yup, yup ARASHI rocks!
Not only thier singles top the oricon chart, thier AAA concert DVD last year top the chart as well, HYDF DVD is 2nd, then Quiz Show and Smile come is as 2nd and 3rd for this season, and last year, Jun, Ohno and Nino won many prizes as best male lead and many many more... what am saying is they are really everywhere! Totally ahead.

The are the hottest JE team so far, SMAP comes 2nd and follow by NEWS.
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VS arashi sked has been moved from saturday afternoon timeslot to an hour long thursday nights at 7 pm starting october :cheers:

here is the link of the news
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:54 am

Arashi will be performing at the Tokyo Disney Sea with Mickey Mouse on 20th November, 2009
Arashi will perform along with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

here is the link to the news

these guys are busy this year, first the concert and then this :cheers:
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PostSubject: Re: ARASHI   Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:02 pm

yeah about the arashi in disney sea...
here's the cm - not sure if anyone posted it yet..


credits to uploader

but i am so jealous!!! i want to go.. but u need to like live in japan to enter the contest and all that ><
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their latest single yo~~~~

here is a translated part of the lyrics courtesy of ames_909; here's what she said:

The lyrics are really, really nice. If I can find a transcript of the lyrics somewhere (especially for the rapping) and no one else has done it already, I'll give it a shot translating :)

Here's a snippet from what I could hear:

zutto zutto kokoro ni arunda
You've always, always been in our hearts

dakara koso tsutaete mitainda
That's why we want to try conveying this

Thank you

これからも ありがとう
kore kara mo arigatou
From here on too, thank you

koko ni tatteru bokutachi ga
The us that's standing here now

ima kagayakeru no wa kimi ga iru kara
are shining because of you*

*The direct translation would be "because you're here" or "because you exist", but I went for the less literal route for better flow.

waaaahhhh... gave me goosebumps
makes me want to cry....
im so touched.....
this song was said to be made by the members for the fans.... ❤ ❤

i feel like we should be the ones thanking them ne~~
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