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 Oguri Shun Astrology [repost]

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PostSubject: Oguri Shun Astrology [repost]   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:40 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: zin (former member)

I'm reposting the Oguri Shun astrology that former member, zin, had put up in the old board. ENJOY!!!! Again, this isn't mine... it's zin's work. ;)

astro-analysis for shun

birthdate: december 26, 1982
sun sign: capricorn
moon sign: taurus
mercury sign: capricorn
venus sign: capricorn
mars sign: aquarius

an ambitious workaholic
as his sun sign, mercury sign and venus sign are in capricorn, shun is a typical capricornian. for example, his working attitude is so capricorn.
to be a capricornian, shun is always hard-working. he's quite famous of his non-stop working schedule. he had a record of working 200 days without a single day off. he's always working for the dramas, movies, tv appearance, CM, stageplay and radio show. although his extremely tight schedule is arranged by his agency, shun will always do his best on every piece of work. he often gets hurt when he's filming some fighting scene, because he has devoted himself to his career. when he is working, he would turn off his cellphone. even his galfriend did complain, he just didn't care about it (he even would think she's so troublesome). i don't blame shun for this, because he's 100% concentrate on his work. if u choose a capricorn guy to be ur lover, u must know that his work and his career always is the priority in his life.
shun's capricorn side also made him to be quite ambitious, therefore he would always have some big plans about his career. after being the most popular star in japan, shun began to try the director's work. he directed his first stageplay "all night nippon" this year. and he also have a plan of building a drama school in the future. it's really a big plan and a huge ambition!

a happy pessimist
shun's personality is quite complicated. although he seems like witty, naughty and funny all the time, he's quite pessimistic. he's really successful now, but he doesn't feel relieved. he always reminds himself not to be too proud for his success, and even feels so insecure about it. this is influenced by his capricorn side. as a capricornian, shun is a pessimist deep down inside.
and to be a capricornian with a taurus moon sign, shun could be very principled. most of the artists would try hard to maintain the good relationship with the press, but shun wouldn't care about it if he's offended by them. he just declares to refuse all the interviews of a tabloid, because they always make up some romantic rumors about him. and he also did lash the press on a movie press con because they kept on asking questions about his breakup with tanaka miho but never asked about the movie. actually i admire him for this: always have the courage to speak his mind and stands for his own thought.
luckily, shun also has a not so serious side, because he's got a mars in aquarius . that's why he keeps on telling us some silly, weird and funny jokes.

a sentimental guy
under the influence of his aquarius mars sign, shun could be a friendly guy either. he has tons of friends in the showbiz. our beloved jun and mao, shota, abe, nino, tsukamoto takashi, narimiya hiroki,ikuta toma, horikita maki, yamada takayuki etc. as a aquarius mars guy, shun is friendly and have a great interest of knowing and researching people. and he works better with a group than he does alone (he works so great with the hyd team). therefore, he loves to befriend with almost all the people he knows and he always cherishes the friendship he's got. he treats the staffs of his agency and his costars as his families. he still can cry with the staffs when they talked about his late manager who died of cancer 3 years ago. u can see that shun is such a sentimental person.
and talking about families, shun has a good relationship with his parents and his siblings. especially his big brother. he respect his brother so much, and always accepts his brother's opinion about his career move. and if u watch his interview in hanamaru cafe, u can feel that he has a perfect relationship with his dad, not just like father and son, but also like friends.
and we all know that there's lots of romantic rumors about shun. and he admits that he likes gals a lot. all of this stuff gave him an image of womanizer. but it's just because he still hasn't found his true love. as a guy with a capricorn venus, shun could be an loyal lover. when he meets his soulmate and set up a family with her, he'll turn to be a perfect husband. and his ideal lover would be someone who is uncontralable. capricorn venus guy love to control everything, but he would easy to fall for the gal who is out of his control. he'll take her as the greatest challenge for him and think that she's deadly attractive.
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Oguri Shun Astrology [repost]
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