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 Dating the Elevator [one-shot]

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The Invisible Monkey

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PostSubject: Dating the Elevator [one-shot]   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:57 am

Title: Dating the Elevator
One-shot, Introducing
Writer: (Alba)Trice
Beta: none
Disclaimer: I do not own Matsumoto Jun, but I do own this story.

Dating the elevator

Four walls, a floor and a roof, all of it made out of steel, 2x2, armed by only one lamp; but that one was broken… in fact, the whole elevator was, only the radio was actually working. I was there, so was he… it was only the both of us…

“_It’s all you’re fault.” He looked at me.
“_How on the earth could it me my fault?” I snapped to him.
“_You should have listen to me.”
“_That’s funny, you were being completely illogical.”
“_I was logic, first we went to the 8th floor and then you’d go to the 3th.”
“_It’s not logic!!! First you have to go to the lowest floor and then to the higher one.” I yelled at him.
“_No!!! I was right.” He screamed.
“_You’re completely wrong!!!”
“_Am not”

About twenty minutes later we were too tired to fight and stopped. Both of us were sitting on the ground. He was on one side, I was on the opposite one. We were facing each other. Looking in each other’s eyes; it was like a dueling game.

“_Why you’re here?” He asked.
“_None of you’re business.” I answered.
“_Do you know who I am?”
“_Of course I do, you’re Matsumoto Jun, singer in Arashi and actor. So what, it doesn’t mean that I have business to do with you.”
“_You’re in the Johnny’s head-quarter; that’s my territory. What are you doing here?”
“_I said it was none of you’re business.”
“_Who the heck are you?”
“_None of you’re business.”
“_Jeez, you’re the first women giving me such a hard time. No women ever headed me like that.”
“_Should I feel flattered?”
“_You bet you should.”
“_I don’t care, if I am or not. I just want to leave here.”

I stood up and pressed the button of the inter phone.

“_Hello? Hello? Anyone there???”

No one answered my desperate call. I turned back to my spot.
Jun observed me and began to smile.

“_What you’re smilin’ at? Am I funny?”
“_None of you’re business.”

Dammit, tricked by his proper sentence.

“_You’re quite good dressed to be here for cleaning.”
“_I thought at first that you were the cleaning lady.”
“_Would a cleaning lady wear a suit?”
“_Well I said that I though it couldn’t be.”
“_Of course it couldn’t.”
“_So what you’re here for?”
“_So what about leaving me alone.”
“_I can’t.”
“_Just shut up.”
“_What a character.”
“_Thank you.”
“_Wasn’t a compliment. It was ironic.”
“_I know; that’s why I’m thanking you.”
“_Why wouldn’t you just tell me why you’re here.”
“_Because you will judge me”
“_Am not doing such things.”
“_Yes you will.”
“_No I wouldn’t. I assure you.”

He looked very honest at first sight, but I wasn’t quite sure at that moment. He seemed just too curious. If I didn’t tell him; he would hassle me the whole time till I crack. I decided to tell him the truth, after all we were maybe stuck in the elevator till next morning. Secretly, I prayed that that last thing wouldn’t happen.

“_I’m here for a job interview.”
“_Which job are you applying for.”

That was what I feared of.

“_Lawyer of the Johnny entertainment company.”

He gasped and looked at me with amazed eyes.

“_Damnit, I was sure you would react as if I was some fiscal controller or something.”
“_It isn’t that.”
“_What is it then?”
“_I’m quite amazed. You must be a real smart girl then.”

I frowned my eyebrows. Me smart? Was that the only thing that made him gasped?

“_Well I think it’s cool.”
“_I think it’s not. People always fear me and avoid me as if I was some contagious disease.”
“_You have trouble to date men?”
“_That’s not the point!”
“_Yes it is.. so?”
“_So what?”
“_You have trouble to date men yes or no?”
“_NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!” I sharply snarled to him while raising my voice.
“_Don’t get mad, now it’s to obvious you have trouble to date men.”

In fact it was the truth. I had difficulties to find a man who wouldn’t be afraid of me… it was that stupid… just because of this job I had.

“_I would date you.” He continued.
“_What are you talking about?”
“_I would date you, even if you were a lawyer.”
“_I thought you found me bad.”
“_Never said that.”
“_You compared me to a cleaning lady, that’s saying enough.”
“_I think you’re quite funny, you’re smart and making a lot of money.”
“_Man, you’re so…”
“_I’ll try to love you.”
“_Don’t say such stupid things.”

He came into my direction, on his knees and hands, approaching me like a sort of feline.

“Don’t get near to me, stay at you’re side of the elevator.”

He didn’t obey me and grabbed my hand and kissed it.

“_I like you.”
“_Don’t say stuff you don’t think and let my hand go.”
“_If I say it I must have thought it before.”
“_I meant with that, that, you shouldn’t say something you don’t feel for me.”
“_I said I’ll try to love you. So I’m making an effort.”
“_That makes no sense, you only want my money. Well I tell you something, I have none. I have a lots of bill to pay off.”

I undid my palm of his, and stared at him with a mad look.

“_You look great when you’re mad.”
“_Don’t pull my leg. Just shut up.”

Again he came even nearer and kissed me. I was shocked, even more when I felt his tongue.
Then he released me from his capture.

“_EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW, that was disgusting!!!”
“_Hey I’m not a bad kisser.” He replied while becoming mad.
“_What did you ate, god it’s horrible.” I said while I cleaned my mouth with the hath of my suit in quick but big moves.
“_I ate fast-food at McDonalds... what did you ate? It tasted good. Something sweet.”
“_I ate some chocolate. Fast-food you say huh? I thought that wasn’t allowed by this agency. Anyway, I hate fast-food, it’s crap. Man, you taste shit.”
“_I don’t care if I taste like shit. I want some of that chocolate you ate.”
“_You will become even fattier.”
“_I can see the fat from the burger you ate placing itself on your body.”
“_Jeez, you can look thorough clothes or what?”
“_Maybe I can, anyway, don’t do this ever again or I rip your minuscule brain out of your head and crush it.”
“_Okay okay, I was just doing what I said I would do.”
“_Try to love you.”
“_Just shut up, that would be a beginning.”
“_Don’t you like me?”
“_Really sure?”
“_Really really sure?”
“_Really really really really really sure?”
“_Really really really really really really really really sure?”
“_Really really really really really really really really really really sure?”
“_You like someone else then.
“_A Johnny?”

I realized just what I did. Liking someone from the agency… dammit… I said that without thinking.

“_Who is it?”
“_None of you’re business.”
“_I guess this time I can’t harass you to get the truth… I see in your eyes that you won’t tell it.”
“_You’ve got that one right”

He putted his head on my knees.

“_Pat me.” He ordered me.
“_Pat me me I said.”
“_Why would I do that.”
“_You want to right?”
“_Did you saw me in ‘Kimi Wa Petto’?”
“_Euh yes.”
“_Was I cute?”
“_Well the whole female audience found you cute… so…”
“_You too?”
“_Yes you were.”
“_Am I now?”
“_No.” I said with a cold tone.
“_Ouiiiiiinnn, You’re not nice to me.”
“_Don’t act like a spoiled kid.”
“_I’m not acting like a spoiled kid. I want you to pat me.”
“_But I...”
“_Come on, don’t be shy. Pat me on the head.
“_Come on.. please.” He pouted and gave me puppy eyes.
“_No… Not that look. No don’t do that with your lip, it’s not working… no don’t… not that stare, … NOOOO not that puppy look. DAMMIT, you won.”

He smiled. I neared my hand to his hair. It looked so soft. I patted once...very fast on and of his head.

“_It was more hitting then patting, try to stroke me.”
“_I’ll promise to shut up then. Come on, good deal huh, you stroke me twice and I’ll shut up.”
“_Okay, prepare yourself to the silence.”

My finger tips found the way to his black hair, I started to caress it, my first move was slow and short. The second I did it even slower, but prolonged the distance.
He groaned. I stopped when I heard this noise… I saw him with closed eyes and a big smile on his face….he was actually enjoying it…

“My name is Alice.”

He didn’t answered.

“You can go of my kneels now.”

No answer, no action.

“_Hey, are you actually listening? You can response me.”
“_.. Sure I can talk to you.”
“_Responding would be great. No silly talk.”
“_Okay I’ll go of you’re kneels before my well filled head is going to be too heavy for you.”
“_Well filled.” I smirked.

He did as he said and sat next to me, leaning with his back on the iron wall.

“_I need to pee...Alice” He said.
“_Don’t give me such an information.”
“_Don’t you need to pee?”
“_Damnit, why did I say you could talk…” I was cursing myself.
“_Maybe cuz’ you like it when I'm talking to you.”

I felt dumb, he was making a bit… I underline a bit… of sense. If he didn’t talked, it felt awkward.

Maybe I needed him to talk to me.... We were stuck in this elevator, together, there was no light,... it was a bit scary but I forgot that when I heard him speaking... I needed him. I needed him, but a bit, don't get the wrong idea.

"_You're funny" He told to me.
"_Lawyers ain't funny, they're dull and plain."
"_You're an exception."
"_Am not."
"_Yes you are, I never met someone with such reactions before. It's funny to see how you would react on me."
"_Stop pulling my leg." I became mad again.
"_I guess you're the only girl who hasn't succumb to my charms yet. You're quite good."
"_Don't get so sure of yourself mister."

Jun began to laugh and looked at me then with a huge smile. I looked back from the corner of my eye. What did he want now? I just couldn't figure out what he was thinking. The discussions were way to weird with him. There was nothing logical coming from his mouth. Although, logical to my senses. Maybe it was me being awkward.

Just couldn't figure that out too.

That was so annoying.

Suddenly, he started to sing.

I was asking myself which song he was singing, I realized it was the song that the radio was playing.

"_What's that song?" I asked.
"_Eh? Don't you recognize that song?" He looked at me with amazed eyes.
"_No I don't."
"_Do you have any culture."
"_Didn't you noticed I'm not Japanese."

He wanted to react back, but when he realized it, his mouth hung open, without any sound coming out.

"_Jeeez, it's obvious I'm not Japanese." I continued.
"_What are you then."
"_That's cool."
"_What do you mean?"
"_You didn't replied:'That's none of you're business'." He said that last part with a low voice, pretending to copy my voice.
"_My voice isn't that low." I protested.
"_Well, I still have chances..I'm glad."
"_What do you mean."
"_You like someone else from the Johnnies, I thought I had no chance, but if you start to talk like this it means I still have."
"_You moron." I cursed him to remember that.
"_I think I like you." He confessed.
"_Shut up." I threw back at him.
"_Am I famous in your home-country?"
"_By tomorrow you'll be me personal manager, I'll talk Johnny about it."
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The Invisible Monkey

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PostSubject: Re: Dating the Elevator [one-shot]   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:57 am

"_Which job were you applying for?"
"_The representer-lawyer-thingy remember? But HELL NO I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR MANAGER."
"_Too late, I just decided it. You'll start by tomorrow, you have to come to my office."

I placed my watch under his nose. He looked with amazed eyes.

"Jeez, are we this long in here, it's already one in the morning."

He turned to me and tended his hand to me.

"Welcome to Johnny's entertainment, I hope you will take good care of me. My name is Matsumoto Jun."

I looked at him with distrustfulness and slapped his hand away.

"_Ouch, why did you do that for."
"_I felt like it."
"_Okay, you'll have to make me famous in your home country." He said with a decided face.
"_Why would I do that."
"_Then I'll go there to do some promotion and stuff and go to your parents home to ask your hand."
"_You're more stupid that I thought at first."
"_Oh, you had a good opinion of me."
"_Well, I'm glad."
"_You moron, I said I had. I think you're stupid."
"_I think you're funny."
"_Why would you even want to marry me?"
"_Because you're funny, clever and you will have a lot of money within some years."

I stopped to answering him, there was no use. This guy WAS actually stupid.

The radio kept on playing, the song was already over and they played an Absynthe Minded song. Asking myself how on the earth it was possible I started to sing along.

"_I wasn't really thinking of love when you met me, I was only thinking about the next thing, a big thing, can't explain something called me when you arrived and it choked me what was it that then struck me out another thing, a big thing, don't explain I wasn't really thinking about anything I thought we're just hanging out but I'll put it aside I won't run that's all I've ever done. I wasn't really thinking of love when you asked me, what was it we we're talking about the next gig, favorite dish,..."
"_Chocolate" He interrupted me.
"_You said 'favorite dish'."
"_I was singing it."
"_Yes, you're favorite dish is chocolate."
"_Nyahahahaa, you're to obvious."
"_Don't make fun of me, you tasted shit."

He continued laughing without caring about what I just said. Then he grabbed me by my shoulders.

"_If you want to do something to me I warned you! I'll rip you're brains out!!" I scowled at him.
"_Put your head on my knees, you seem tired, sleep a bit."

I was actually tired, but I didn't trusted him that well to use him as a cushion.
He put me head on his knees and didn't stare at my face. I was relieved because that would make me feel uncomfortable.

A sweet smell reached my nose. Dammit, he was smelling so good. I noticed it already when the situation was inverted but now I smelled it even better.

I asked myself which perfume he used and before I realized it, I fell asleep.

I woke up. I saw his face, with a huge smile on it.

"What you're smiling for?" I asked him.

He didn't answer my question, I felt his breath coming closer.

"Noooo, don't, I said, I... would... rip..."

He came closer and closer I closed my eyes and prepared my hands to attack.

I felt his finger rubbing my face.

"_There was some chocolate stuck on your face." He explained me.
"_And you went off to a job interview looking like this." He laughed.

I sighed.

"_What's the matter?" He asked then.

He stroke me. I immediately took my head of his knees.

"_Don't touch me. Anyway, how long were you looking at me like this."
"_The whole time you slept."
"_What! Don't do such awkward things."
"_Well you groaned and said that I was smelling good in your dream."

I became red in the face, I actually did say that while I was asleep? I hated myself for it. I looked at my watch.

"_Oh my god, did I slept for one hour on you?? You must be tired and bored. I'm sorry, wasn't that painful??"
"_No I was having fun."

I looked if he had a bag or something that could have kept him busy this time.

"_Did you play with a gameboy?" I questioned him.
"_You're old fashioned, it's a DS now. No I brought nothing with me."
"_...you...did what then?"
"_Looking at your face."

I looked at him with amazed eyes. One hour staring to my face...that was a record I guess.
His stomach interrupted the silence.
I started to laugh loudly.
His face reddened.

"Well, it seems I have no choice then to give you some chocolate." I said.

I took my bag and opened it. Grabbing the chocolate, I took my cell phone also.

"_Here you go." I gave him the chocolate-bar.

I stared at my cell phone. It was clearly still impossible to call to get some help.

"_You're nice. You got a great laugh."
"_No transmission." I said without hearing what he just said.
"_Do you want to leave so soon."
"_We're already stuck for about 6 hours, of course I want to leave."
"_They'll come to save us."
"_You're calm about it. At the beginning you couldn't stop screaming it was my fault you would be late at you're appointment."
"_Well, I guess it's because I'm stuck here with you."
"_I'm having a lot of fun. That was a long time ago. The boss is only talking about work work work... I want some vacations."
"_You see this as a vacation."
"_Sort of."

I smiled at him. I understood how he felt, he must be tired of working all day. This whole elevator thing was some sort of gift for him.

"_I really enjoy our date." He started.
"_Date????" I asked him.
"_Yes, You and me are on a date now."
"_What? No we're not."
"_Yes we are, I decided that way, so it is."
"_Don't act so childish."
"_I'm not acting childish" And then he pouted.

I started to laugh. IF this was actually a date, it was the most weird date I ever had.

"_Okay then, we have a date." I decided. After all I could let him have what he wanted, he was tired.
"_Yes, I won."
"_Okay, what we do?"
"_Well, we have dinner."

He tended a piece of chocolate. I took it and ate some.

"_You mark a point here, it's my favorite food." I played the game.
"_I knew you would like it."

We started to attack our meal. After we finished I asked what we do now.

"_Euhm, let's talk."
"_Talk about what?"
"_About your childhood."
"_Why always talking about me? I'm not an interesting person. You have more to tell than I have."
"_I was born, I started to dance and sing, I acted and I'm stuck in this elevator with you asking how was your childhood."
"_That was a quick story-telling. Well I'm born in Belguim, I was a charming kid. Always played alone in my corner without making any noise."
"_I see..."
"_What do you mean?"
"_Why you're so violent."
"_I'm not violent." I protested.
"_Yes you are. You weren't violent as a kid, so all the violence has to come out now."
"_What for pseudo-logic do you have. I bet your parents were having a headache every day because of you."
"_I don't know, I hadn't seen them for a long time."

I felt bad at this moment.

"_I'm sorry." I apologized.
"_Eh? You shouldn't I know you didn't meant it that way. I know you're in fact a real nice person."

I smiled at him again, he wasn't such a bad person as I thought first he would be.

As we sat there together, I thought this moment could last forever. Stuck in this elevator somewhere between the 3th and 8th floor.

He seemed not to get enough of useless blabbering.

The room was filled up with words, that only came out of his mouth.
My contribution was my laugh.
I never laughed that much for ages. I never felt that happy for ages...

He seemed happy too, but the bags under his eyes, revealed his fatigue. I couldn't understand why he just not shut up and tried to get some sleep. But he was... so thrilled to talk to me.

He really thought of it like a date.

As words became sentences, minutes became hours, time passed by; fast.

He finally fell asleep on my shoulder. I took his head and put it on my knees. I stroke his head once and fell asleep myself.

“Oi, young fella, wake up!!"

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around, Jun was still sleeping on my knees. Then I watched the elevators door... it was open. A old man with a blue suit stood there and detailed us.

"_Good morning fella. Do you feel well?"
"_Euh... yes..."
"_You two seem close."

I grabbed the shoulders of Jun and started to shake him.

"_Wake up!! Wake up!!! We're free!!!"
"_Eh... good morning.."
"_Yeah yeah, good morning, come on, let's go."

He stood up and helped me to do as well. We went out of his elevator. Jun stopped and took a last look at it. I saw his moves.

"_Did you forgot something?" I asked then.
"_No... I felt just a bit sad."
"_I liked it there... It felt like time stopped by."
"_Well when I was there I didn't have to perform, to act like someone else, or something... I just could be myself. I was glad I could share this moment with you."

I smiled at him and tended my hand.

"_See you soon I said."
"_Yup." He took my hand and shook it briefly. "We'll meet again... sooner then you think." he continued.

He let me alone with those words. I didn't had a clue of what he meant with it.

I went home and prepared an apology letter why I didn't came to the interview and that I also hoped they would give me another chance. I wanted to work there.
Now I really wanted to.

I was maybe hoping that the elevator was going to be broken again and that I will have the chance to meet new people as nice as Matsumoto Jun. I crossed my fingers as I took the letter in my hands.

My cell phone rang.

Rapidly, I grabbed the phone and answered it.

"_Hello Johnny from Johnny's entertainment on the phone"
"_Ah, yes... I wanted to apolo.."
"_It's okay, Matsujun explained the whole thing."
"_He did?"
"_Yes, that's a quite amazing story."
"_Euh, yes it is." I said while asking myself what did exactly told Jun to him.
"_Anyway, the job is already taken."
"_Oh... well I.."
"_But I've got another job for you." He interrupted me again.
"_You do? When do I have to come for the interview?"
"_You're already hired. I only need you to come and sign."
"_I'll come right away... but... what is my job exactly?"
"_You'll see. Just come."

After saying good bye to each other I hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom. I took a short hot shower and picked another suit.

It took me about 40 minutes before I was already back in this amazing Johnny building.

I took the elevator, this time hoping it wouldn't break. Finally arrived on the 8th floor I went to Johnnys office. I knocked first, when I got the permission to enter the room, I did so.

"Ah, you're here, I want you to meet you're new job" Said Johnny while pointing to a young man that was viewing Tokyo in his morning glory.

The young man turned his back.... it was that man who I dated the elevator with.


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Dating the Elevator [one-shot]
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