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 A Hanadan wedding... disaster? [Recommendation]

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PostSubject: A Hanadan wedding... disaster? [Recommendation]   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:52 am

ORIGINAL POST FROM: Princess Jime (Trice: oh wifey!! xD)

I really recommend this one! It's hilarious!!!!!!!! a great one shot! Minna, read it! XD

Quote :
TITLE: Four Times Domyouji Almost Wrecked (Someone Else's) Wedding, and One Time He Saved It

AUTHOR: Mnemosyne

Disclaimer: Not mine! Don't I wish?

SUMMARY: You should never let Domyouji Tsukasa help plan your wedding, but sometimes he just doesn't take a hint.


CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Domyouji/Makino, Sojiroh/Yuki, mentions of the others

SPOILERS: None, except general ones for the series


My FIRST Hanadan fic! HOORAY! This is just a bit of silliness I wrote because I wanted to write SOMETHING. It incorporates two of my favorite things: T/T and Jiroh/Yuki. What's not to love? Also, I know Makino would no longer be Makino after marrying Domyouji, but I like to think of it as an affectionate petname, which is why I've left it in. :) Please enjoy!

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A Hanadan wedding... disaster? [Recommendation]
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