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 A really random fanfic (HYD) [one-shot]

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PostSubject: A really random fanfic (HYD) [one-shot]   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:48 am

WRITTEN BY berretonmyhead

Ok, I have no clue where I got this idea from... it popped into my head, and I just developed it...!
I'm not giving much away... I want you to read it and discover for yourself

Ok... I'll give a little hint... it relates to HYD...


Ah… she’s here. She’s smiling at me.

Smile back, you dork! Oh… now she’s turned away and is looking back at the lines in her script… Damn…

Get a hold of yourself…
Get a hold of yourself…
Get a hold of yourself!

It’s not like you’ve never liked a girl before.
But this is different.
She’s different.
She has this aura around her… something that all the other girls don’t have.
Her smile can brighten up the whole room, her laughs echoes and create ripples, and recently she has this kind of ‘glow’ around her.
Hmm… maybe I made up the last part.
But one thing’s for sure; she definitely has something special about her.

There she is on the other side of the room, talking to him. God, I am so jealous of him. He’s always with her. But I guess he would be, they are after all the main characters of the story. If only we had a scene to ourselves... stupid manga! Why didn’t they accommodate my character more?!

Eh? Who’s that coming up behind me?

“Oi! We’re starting our scene now.”

Ahh~ something to distract me away from them being together. Now I just want to get this scene done, go home, and try to forget about her…

But as if that’s going to work. It’s been over a year now. And I still haven’t had the courage to go up to her and say “Let’s meet outside of work, just the 2 of us”. Such simple words, yet so hard to say!

Right, need to focus on this scene! Ok… focus, focus, focus…

“Good luck on your scene!”

Was that her… cheering me on…?!

Don’t stand there gaping at her, thank her and bow!

And then she just walks off… to him again! It seems she spends 5 seconds with me, but 5 hours with him! Some guys have all the luck... especially him…

Geez… my heart was pounding so hard just then. Ok, it’s slowing down again… what? She’s turning around… and looking at me?! Oh… she’s about to say something to me…

“Oh yea, I forgot to say, we should meet up sometime, just to the two of us.”

Are my ears playing tricks on me?!


Why? Argh! Why did I say ‘why’? As if I didn’t want to! Of course I want to! Please let her response not be related to…

“We don’t seem to have that many scenes together nowadays, do we? It’s like we never get to speak to each other anymore. We need to catch up!”

Yes! Totally the right answer. I’m so glad that she didn’t say…

“…And of course, I need to practice on my Chinese… it’s getting super hard nowadays. Ahh~ college is so hard sometimes!”

Damn. What a blow.

I guess I’m always just gonna be Ton-ton to Mao and nothing else.

Well, a guy can dream…


I told you it was random LOL

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A really random fanfic (HYD) [one-shot]
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