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 2010 New Years Eve (NYE)

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PostSubject: 2010 New Years Eve (NYE)   Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:05 pm

Its 5.35pm, Melbourne VIC Australia time

Its a blistering 40+ degrees outside, with a gusty 45km/hr wind out there.
Apparently there's going to be a cool change later with thunderstorms - that's a Melbourne tradition; happened the same way for the 2009 NYE day.
Its 40 today, tomorrow it'll be 27 degrees.. that's Melbourne for you..

Originally my NYE plans were going to be to drive down the coast to Arthur's Seat (near the peninsula) with my hubby in tow, have a nice dinner beforehad & bring party hats, tooters & sparklers.

Sadly though, because of the weather there's been a total fire ban across the state (bush-fires are common here during summertime) so the sparklers will have to be placed on hold for a safer time.
Also because of the impending thunderstorms (and our car is due for a service) we're worried about the drunken nutters out there on the road at this time of the year as well as the conditions of the road.
It'll be a sad sight to see if our car breaks down in the middle of no-where's-ville at the start of 2011.

In the end, hubby and I are going to our local haunt 30 mins away; its a Korean restaurant that makes killer bubble tea and has bad Korean karoaoke vids playing in the background. Chinese run, the place is quirky in its own right.

Depending on the conditions we might head up somewhere with some height; being typically in Australia there will be still those that will gamble & set off their own fireworks somewhere - still a nice sight to see all the same.

5.45pm - taken me 10 mins to type; yeah I suck at typing.
But prior to this I was watching "Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo" with Naka Riisa-san.
Thought it would be fitting for the last day of 2010 - girl jumps back in time to give a message in 1974. Started liking her works since seeing her on HnA and that she's a Nino-look alike lol.

And like Nino, I'm an indoor person. Australian sun has a lot of bite to it and I prefer staying indoors most time playing Dragon Quest IX on my DS.

What'll be nice about tonight is that it'll have a nostalgic feeling again.. same time 2005 NYE my hubby and I were in Atami wondering around after a student of mine gave us wrong info that there will be fireworks.. For those unfamiliar Hanabi is often held in Atami during summer most of the time and the works are spectacular.
Thing is back then, we were naive at best and we were walking around a ghost town with all the shops closed and nothing to do.
In the end we hopped onto a train to Numazu, spent the midnight countdown in the waiting room of an izakaya and drank shochou (me) & beer (hubby) til 5am - cos that was the only time a train would be available to take us back to Fuji.
Our intention was to change then take a train to Mishima and visit the Mishima temple, but we ended up going to a 24-hr video outlet, borrowed Indiana Jones & raiders of the lost ark, drank some more and went to sleep..

Sure, many are still going to the city to see the fireworks but if you don't like crowds, angry drivers, sticky hot weather (I'm not a fan of summer, or hot weather for that matter) you've got to make your own plans.
Most of our friends are interstate, in the country or overseas.

With 6 hours ago of 2010, even the plans above might change.

So this brings up the point of my post (sorry for my long-winded rant):
What are your plans for 2010 NYE?
Anything extavagent planned? Taking it easy? Winging it like me?
I'd love to be in Japan right now cos I miss it so. I'd sit in front of the telly and watch Kouhaku & flick between that and the Johnny's countdown :lol:

What ever your plans may be I hope all of you have a wonder New Year's Eve and I'd like to thank you for accepting me to LSS and sharing everything here.
I love fan-shipping here, love the fanfics and its great to be here everyday.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2011!

:drunken: :afro: :bounce: :cheers: ❤ :flower: :joker: ☀

Edit: hehe.. I'm watching Hanadan again :cheers:
And woohoo! 60th post! I knew there was a reason why this was a long one ;)
Now listening to Arashi's Step and Go, Believe and Happiness! party! party Party!
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2010 New Years Eve (NYE)
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