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 T.O.P.-pings [drabble]

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PostSubject: T.O.P.-pings [drabble]   Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:41 am

Title: T.O.P.-ings
Author: 6elica
Genre: romance
Pairing: Inoue Mao/T.O.P.
Disclaimer: i dont own any of the characters. this is just an idea from a fangirl like moi. :)
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Posts : 403
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 25
Location : manila, philippines

PostSubject: T.O.P.-pings [drabble]   Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:43 am

“Its hot nowadays neh?!” Mao said out of the blue as she starts a conversation with the guy beside her, as they walk to the nearest ice cream parlor.

“um. It is. Summer is starting and I bet the same goes in Korea.” Her colleague responded with a fading voice. Maybe he noticed the sudden change in her affect once he mentioned that country. Korea.

In two days’ time he has to come back to Korea. His group would be starting its tour next month and the preparation for their concert will now be intense. It’s another two months of not seeing each other. Another two months of misery for them.. or at least for her.

She’s happy that he’s working really hard and gives his best in everything he does, but sometimes the thought doesn’t comfort her when she misses him so much. When she have to go through a week without hearing his voice, without seeing him even in the screen of her laptop. It hurts that sometimes she wonders if they could still go on like this. But she only keeps in mind that maybe someday they could be together, inseparable. And their situation now is better than nothing.

Before they enter the parlor he wrapped his hand around hers. She then looked up at him but he only smiled at her and headed inside.

“Let’s order what we usually have, kay?!” he said. She only nodded.

When he finished giving their orders, they sat by the windows. She knows that he’s looking at her but she cant look up at him or he’ll see the tears threatening to trickle on her face.

When she hasn’t looked up after some time, he heaved a sigh and squeezed her hand that he’s been holding all the while. Then she tried to compose herself.

“T.O.P..” She started, again.

“hmm?” he asked, preparing for her question.

“Can we have a different flavor?”

“Different flavor? But I thought pistachio is your favorite.”

“It is but I’m also getting tired of it. We’re always having it every time we go here that I’m getting tired of it.” Mao said with bitterness in her voice.

T.O.P. knows that she’s not pertaining to the ice cream but to their situation. It is true that what they have is not conventional, its not even something that others would find ideal. But they have no choice; it’s the only way to go if they want heir own lives to function and to go on. Her life is in here, and his is in Korea.

“Then why don’t we add toppings on it to give it a new taste and for it to work out on your taste buds.” T.O.P. suggested with a smile on his lips, because there’s no way he would let her go out of his life because even if most of his life is in Korea, still, his favorite part is right here in Japan.

Mao’s eyes widened at his suggestion. “How?”

“How? Hmmm.. Let’s see. How do you want it? With chocolate syrup, extra nuts, or with milk?” Mao doesn’t know where this conversation is going but deep in her heart she knows that she should be careful with her choice.

“hmm, I’ll go for milk.” She noticed that T.O.P.’s eyes shined at her answer.

“Milk. Are you sure? Coz there’s no turning back.” T.O.P asked in a teasing manner.


“Then let’s go to the nearest Tiffany & Co. store. Because soon you’d be *Mrs. Choi soon.”

*for those who doesn't know T.O.P's real name is Choi Seung-hyun.

author's note: i want a mao-t.o.p. fanfic but i guess i wont find some so i just made something for myself. lol. but i got lazy so ta-da a drabble has been made. but i do hope someone shares the same interest with me. :) V.I.P. fo sho'. lol

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T.O.P.-pings [drabble]
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