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 Promised [one-shot]

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PostSubject: Promised [one-shot]   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:01 pm

Title: Promised
Author: Kytana
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sho Sakurai, Momiji Tanaka, Jun Matsumoto
Classification: Present
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Sho’s mental insanity and some sex references xD
Summary: Sho Sakurai works too much that he doesn’t even see his girlfriend very much monthly. His girlfriend is interviewed by an international company which is located in the United States and is scared what might happen with their relationship.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sho Sakurai or Jun Matsumoto of Arashi. Momiji Tanaka is an original character.
Extra Notes: This is the first time I’ve written since 2008. This inspiration is from a dream I had with Sakurai Sho about being in a relationship. So, this is practice writing in progress. ;)
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The Queen of LSS
The Queen of LSS

Posts : 806
Join date : 2008-06-03
Age : 36
Location : Gotta find me! :)

PostSubject: Re: Promised [one-shot]   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:05 pm

When you are a Johnny Entertainment member, you have no time for outside commitments. Your life is busy with many television programs, performances, and other things. In order to stay sane from it all, you have to have some personal time, right?

Not for Sho Sakurai. His personal time was spent on work, even at home. The man is a newscaster for the Monday morning television show: News Zero, a member of the popular Japanese idol group: Arashi, and an actor for various Asian dramas. What commitment did he make? His girlfriend of six months from seven years of friendship. The two met at Keio University where he attended. They ultimately became best friends. She stuck by his side from all the ups and downs he had his with his life. Sho had a crush on her for the longest time that he thought it was time to ask her formally on a date. From that day on, they were official. Of course, they had to make sure to never go out much in public because of the #1 rule of Johnny Entertainment – no girlfriends.

He looked at his phone to check the time. God, it was passed midnight. His work schedule was at 5am. His phone then beeped suddenly. It was his girlfriend, Momiji Tanaka, checking up.

- Tell me you’re asleep, hun. –

If Sho answered, he knew she would be upset. He texted back, anyways.

- No I’m not. I’ve been going over this script for the new drama… - SEND.

He rubbed his eyes for a little bit and got up from his seat to stretch. He heard another beep and checked.

- You need to sleep. This is why you tend to go on an emotional rollercoaster. –

She was right. When Sho doesn’t sleep well and runs on adrenaline, he wasn’t a friendly person. No matter if he acted professionally, his mind would go through an emotional insanity. The other members of Arashi were the same way, but his was on a different level. He’d be really depressed or anxious about anything. Only Arashi and Momiji would see him that way.

- I will go to bed soon. I promise. Please don’t worry about me because you have a big day tomorrow. – SEND.

The big day he meant was her interview with a company based in the United States for the CEO’s Executive Assistant position. She worked many years in administration due to her degree with Keio University.

- I’m just worried. That’s all. Ok, hun. I’ll hopefully talk to you tomorrow –

Seeing her was something he never did often. Due to his overloaded schedule, he’d only seen her 3 times per month which wasn’t a lot for a normal relationship. As an agreement, they decided to text each other everyday and call during the weekends to make sure things were okay on either end. It worked out for them well, but Sho hated it sometimes. He finally asked her to be his girlfriend but can’t dedicate time for her. It didn’t seem fair, but Momiji was okay about it. If she gets the position in the United States, their relationship may separate further. What bugged him recently has his been his failure to say ‘I love you’ or even the action of lovemaking to someone he’s known most of his life. Sometimes, it made him question his sexuality as he’s been with Arashi more times than her.

His eyes began to close which made him aware of his tiredness. Looking back at his cellphone to see 12:30 lit up, he decided to take his girlfriend’s advice and go to bed.


Sho yawned as he turned off his ringing alarm clock. His perfect dream with Momiji was one which meant to sleep forever. No one bothered him at all, and it was their perfect world.

After his daily morning routine, he headed to work, still yawning. The bags under his eyes were prevalent. He blinked many times as he poured himself a cup of coffee in the lounge. Turning around, there was Jun Matsumoto, in his glasses, looking down at the floor aimlessly.

“Long night?” Sho asked.
Jun looked up from the ground, “Using the excuse that I’m not a morning person.”
Sho sipped his black coffee, “Works for me.”
“You don’t look any better…” Jun poured himself a cup, stirring in cream and sugar.
“The bed was comfortable and my dream was nice…”
“I see. Well, I can understand if the dream was very good…”
“I really didn’t want to wake up this time.” Sho sat at the table where donuts and bagels were placed.
“This time, huh?” Jun’s curiosity struck.
“It had Momiji in it. I wish I had her patience because mine is wearing down slowly...” he answered as he cut one of the bagels in half.
Jun sat next to him, grabbing a donut, “To think we’ve been friends with her for a long time. I believe she developed her feelings for you a while back…”
“True. To be a friend of a Johnny member is challenging.”
“How’s she doing anyways?” he asked.
“She’s doing well. Her big interview is today…” Sho sighed sadly.
“Oh yeah. The one in the United States, right? I hope she gets it…” Jun looked up at Sho who just nodded.
“Still, it’s really not fair to her that I don’t ever see her during work…”
“If she was normal, she would have dumped you by now…” Jun bluntly replied.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He wasn’t expecting that kind of answer which almost dropped the plastic knife he was using to spread the cream cheese.
“I’m not saying it as an insult. I mean, from most girls I know, she’s definitely unique. No girl would want to date someone they can’t see on a daily basis…” Jun explained.
“This from experience?” Sho finished spreading the cream cheese and took a bite of his half-bagel.
“Yes. Both friendships and relationships.” Jun answered and finished his donut.
“I guess I’m lucky then. I wonder, though…” Sho sighed.
“If she loves me. We’ve known each other for 7 years but that was friendship. It’s different for ‘romantic’ love…”
“She loves you more than a friend. I don’t think it needs to be said after seeing you both together.” Jun smiled a little as the caffeine kicked in.
“You’ve noticed? Even before the relationship?”
Jun shook his head, “Goodness. You really are dense. She really wanted to date you even back then! Sometimes, you need to take a break from Johnnys and have a personal life…”
“This is coming from the person who works just as seriously as I do…” Sho mocked.
Jun had no comeback to his remark since it was true. Plus getting into a petty argument would ruin his okay morning mood.
“Anyways, should I tell her? How much she means to me…?” Momiji was definitely important to him.
“You should but when you’re both in the right state of mind. You’ll see what I’m talking about when it happens…” Jun finished his coffee.
“I should tell her if she gets the position, right?” he looked at Jun for advice.
“Well, if she has to move, that would be proper. Would you two break up then and continue to be best friends then, given the situation?”
Sho shrugged, looking down at his bagel. It was a serious issue, something he didn’t talk much about with Momiji. What if she moved for the company? He would never see her at all. It would be through phone and internet. Jun noticed Sho’s silence which actually concerned him. He snapped his fingers in front of Sho’s face.
Sho looked over as his eyes blinked, “I’m sorry.”
“You haven’t talked to her about it? I would think you guys would…”
“Well, I’ve been busy with everything and sometimes, our conversations only last 10 minutes.” Sho explained.
“It’s something you MUST converse to her. I mean, if she gets it, you’ll be moaning and groaning to us about her leaving if it’s unsettled. Take time out from Johnny and your normal work to spend it with her to make sure you two are okay. I mean… at least make the effort to see her instead of her asking…”
Sho’s eyes lit up. He had to take the initiative and not make excuses of not being able to see her. Even though Sho’s been in many relationships before her, he seemed oblivious to a lot. All because of his crazy work schedule.
Jun looked at the clock on the wall, displaying it to be 5:50am, “We have 10 minutes before the meeting. So, let’s finish up and go.”
“All right.”
They continued to talk about it further until their meeting started with the Johnny Entertainment executives.


Lunch arrived which meant Sho can finally check his cellphone to see if Momiji texted him. Sure enough, she did. Her interview went well, and the final answer will be within a week. Instead of texting her back, he decided to call her.

“Hello, Sho-kun.” Momiji answered on the other side, “I’m assuming you received my text.”
“Yes I did. Do you think you did well for the interview?”
“I think so. I have other interviews for the rest of the week but this is the one I was the most nervous for. I had to go through about 10 people this morning. It was about 15-20 minutes.” she explained.
“That is nerve racking. I hope you get it because I know you wanted this job for a while…” Sho encouraged.
“Possibly. The problem I have is that I love my life in Japan. I was wishing the company would stay here exclusively but because I’m someone who speaks both Japanese and English, it passed their requirements to transfer me there…” she sighed on the line. “If I get it, I don’t know how I’ll feel about it…”
Sho didn’t want to ask her to stay but he wanted it. It would be difficult to visit the United States as his life is strictly in Japan. “We’ll see what happens next week. If you get it or not, we should see each other. A whole week. You and me and no work to deal with…”
The line went silent. Sho wasn’t sure if she died on the other line after proposing a nice date between them.
“Are you okay?” Sho’s tone sounded concerned.
“I’m fine. That’s crazy, Sho-kun. I would never allow-“
Sho cut her off, “-it’s fine, m’dear. Besides, I want to take you out and be together. Just you and I. I haven’t been fair with my schedule and you’ve agreed with it too much. I owe it to you…”
“There’s no way Kitagawa-san is going to let you-“ she was about to argue.
“-he’ll let me. I have a ton of vacation time and there’s too much stress anyways. The director is still looking for the rest of the actors and actresses for the drama. The rest of Arashi want me to take a vacation….”
“They are your best friends. I don’t want you to be scolded just because it’s time to see me. Besides, the company doesn’t know you’re dating me. How’s that going to work?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it handled…” even though he really didn’t have a plan to approach it.
She responded after sighing, “I didn’t think you were this spontaneous after knowing you for a long time. It’s different and well… a good thing.”
“You didn’t think I was spontaneous before?” Sho wasn’t sure to take offense to her comment. Then again, he was a very routine type of person due to his work ethics.
“Yes. You always have a schedule and know what you’re doing. Everything is always planned out…”
It was unfortunately true. Sho always had something going on even weeks before and there was no way to argue his ways.
“Sho-kun, I must go. I have to get some things done today. So, would you like me to text you later?”
“No. Do what you need to do. I might be working late tonight.”
“All right. Talk to you some time this week again. We’ll discuss the ‘week’ vacation because I’m still not feeling comfortable about it.” Her tone was filled with concerned. “Bye, sweetie.” She hung up her line.
Sho sat back on his seat after he flipped his phone closed. She was more worried about him than herself again which meant she hasn’t thought of what will happen if she moves. He needed to make it clear before anything happens. It was definitely time to think of her instead of his work for once….


Three days later…

Momiji and Sho compromised on his vacation. She told him if she gets the position, then he can plan his vacation time. Sho didn’t agree to it for a bit, but after her persuasive argument over one of their rare long phone conversations, it was decided. Still, the whole thing is about going to the United States.

Sho looked at the mirror, looking at his baggy eyes from the lack of sleep. His thoughts of losing her affected him more and more. Make-up can never cover them properly. He looked down at the table off to the side to see a small ring box, smiling. He didn’t care it was 1am. It was time to see her even if it was before the result of her interview. Not caring, he wanted to express it to her now. After 30 minutes, he drove over to her condominium with a bottle of red wine and the small ring box.

Once he arrived there, he noticed all the lights were on which meant that she was home. He was too nervous even though it was a surprise. Time to chance it even if the result is her kicking him out. He rang the doorbell once and waited. A shadow headed towards the door and turned the doorknob…

Momiji, dressed in clothing he’d never seen before, stood before him and looked up to see her boyfriend holding a bottle of red wine.
“Good evening, m’dear.” Sho smiled.
“Sho-kun!” Momiji was completely surprised, “What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming…”
“That’s the point of a surprise.” he smirked.
She seemed embarrassed even thought it was normal between them. Sho always saw her like this when they were best friends. It was probably because they were dating this time, “I- you are just something…” She opened the door wider, letting him in.
Sho immediately took off his shoes after walking in and looked back to see his girlfriend’s attire: a black mini skirt, a low cut red top, and fishnet stockings with black boots. “Ummm… I knew you’d worry about me working if I texted you. This seemed better. Good thing you’re okay with it so far…”
Momiji locked the door behind him and crossed her arms, looking a little upset, “You’re here. Might as well.” She walked into the kitchen for a glass of water.
“Did I bother you?” Sho asked as he followed her with the bottle of red wine, placing it on the counter.
“Not really. I just came back from visiting my friend who just came into town a week ago. We had dinner, went to a club and bar hopped. Hence my attire…” she drank the glass to hydrate herself.
“Oh I see.” ~ You’re never this revealing, sweetheart. Thank you for it. ~ Sho couldn’t take his eyes off of her. It was a rare moment.
“See something you like?” she noticed as she put the glass in the sink.
“It’s nothing.” He turned around and changed the subject. “Is this a friend I know?”
“No. We met when I visited the United States a couple of years ago. She’s a big Arashi fan. I think she’d bug me a lot if I told her that I knew you all…” she walked into her living room to turn on her laptop on the coffee table.
“Who’s her favorite?” he was curious.
“The one I’m dating….” she looked up at him and winked.
“Oh. MatsuJun?” Sho joked, sitting next to her on the couch.
She went along with the joke, “Yes. You’re correct. I’m dating MatsuJun because he’s more manly than you…” As she turned her head to look at him, Sho looked like he wanted to eat her up. “Are you really into what I’m wearing right now as your eyes give a look of a hungry wolf?”
“I would be lying if I said no.” he answered honestly. “I mean… you normally dress more…” he couldn’t think of the words further.
Sho nodded as it was an appropriate word.
She didn’t take offense to it, chuckling as she checked her e-mail, “Japan is full of fashion, right? I’ve decided this year I’d try to be a bit more feminine.”
“I like it so far. You are beautiful already, hun. This just accentuates it more…” he learned some good lines from the guys.
Momiji’s cheeks turned red from the response even though she was recovering from all the alcohol. Realizing she had to focus since Sho was at her place after 1am and should be in bed at this time, she asked, “Why you’re here spontaneously?” Closing her laptop monitor, she turned her attention to him, “Something must be bothering you if you had to come here.”
He wasn’t sure to get straight to the point or ease into it. When they were best friends, it seemed easier to tell her upfront. Now, since they’ve been dating, some things have changed like their communication, “I really wanted to see you…” that part was true.
“There’s more to it…” she read him like a book.
Sho wasn’t surprised by her reaction, “On top of that, I wanted to talk to you about the job in the United States and how that will affect our relationship.”
“I figured as you didn’t seem to answer my texts much for the past few days. I was also thinking about us after our conversation three days ago….”
“And…?” Sho was curious.
“We have a couple of choices. We stay together, having a long-distance relationship or go back to being best friends. Either way, it’s still going to be hard to see each other.” She thought it out carefully.
“Momi-chan…” his nickname for her, “…I don’t want to admit this but I really don’t want you to leave me. I… ” he paused as couldn’t get himself to say it. To say ‘I love you’. He was doubting she felt the same right at this moment.
Momiji glanced over as he looked down at his lap. The bags under his eyes were prominent which meant he’d been working too much again. It was affecting his state of mind.
“Momi-chan, do you love me more than a friend?” he went for the blunt approach.
Momiji wasn’t taken aback by his question, “I’m glad you asked. I guess I shouldn’t be afraid to say this then...” She turned her body towards him, placing a hand on his cheek. He looked up to see her soft gaze as their eyes met, “I’ve been in love with you for years. I knew I could never say this because of the Johnny Entertainment rules. Also, you seemed interested in other girls when we spoke that I didn’t bother...”
Sho gulped. She was in love with him for a long time and he didn’t notice? Jun was right. His dang best friend was right! He didn’t know what to say afterwards. His heart skipped a couple of beats.
“Did I answer your question for you properly?” she wasn’t sure if he was happy.
“You did which means I can finally say this to you then…” Sho smiled as he lifted his head. He touched her hand from his cheek and turned his head, kissing her palm. The scent of vanilla filled his nose sweetly.
“Say to-”
Sho pulled her into a passionate kiss before she could finish asking the question. His insides arose since he waited too long for this moment. To be intimate with her was a present from God. A stunned Momiji kissed back, pouring out all of her love into it. Sho slowly pulled away to whisper into her ear, “I love you. I always will…”
Instead of saying another word, Momiji kissed him again and climbed on his lap. There was no way she was holding back now. As the two made out naturally, they both stopped simultaneously as the thought of being in different countries hit them.
“I just realized we haven’t resolved our issue if I get the job in the United States…” Momiji said first.
Sho’s mind was elsewhere even though it was a serious topic. He was about to say a word until he felt the small ring box hit the side of the couch. ~ I almost forgot… ~
“Something else on your mind for us not to talk about it?” She wanted to unbutton Sho’s shirt.
“Yes…” he reached into his pocket and took out the ring box, handing it to her.
Momiji, not sure how to react, wasn’t sure if he was asking for a proposal or something different. It looked like an engagement ring box but the shape was odd. She opened it, seeing two rings of different sizes. They were platinum, garnet stones flat into them. They were born in the same month. As she inspected further, she read the engraving on the inner part of the rings which said ‘Sho and Momiji Forever’. Then it hit her. They were promise rings. Sho took the one she held and slid it into her middle finger on the left hand. In response, Momiji took the other one out and slid it into his middle finger on his left hand.
“Perfect fit for both of us.”
“You didn’t have to, sweetie. Thank you for this. I love you even more.” Momiji looked at them and smiled happily.
The look on her face meant she liked them a lot, “You know I will go all the way for you.” He kissed her ring. Maybe he should’ve gotten an engagement ring so no one else would take her. It was too early for it, though.
“Are you sure you’re able to wear this?” she looked at him, placing her hands on his shoulders.
“Yes. As long as it’s not the ring finger, I’ll be okay even though I would want it to be.” He explained. Johnny Entertainment fans would be so upset if they found out Mr. ‘Perfect Body’ had a girlfriend.
“I love it. We’re promised to each other forever.” She paused, then admitted, “I like that.”.
“Good. You better not go to another guy with that hot body of yours….” Sho knew guys would hit on her.
“I guess but I love Nino, Ohno, Aiba, and Jun-kun of course…” she was close to them as well.
“Ok. Just them.” He laughed a little. “Anyways, I’m sorry that we went off to another distraction. We were supposed to discuss what will happen to us…”
“I don’t know till another 4 days. All I can say that now, with what just happened, definitely staying together and working on the long distance relationship.”
“Will you promise me then?” Sho looked seriously into her eyes.
“If you do move to the United States, promise that no matter what, I’m always on your mind. I know it’s a selfish request…” Sho’s been cheated on by other girls before her that he hoped that it would never happen again.
“Do you think I’m going to go to the next guy? I’m not your exes! I’m Momiji Tanaka, your best friend and your girl for life.” She knew about Sho’s exes as he complained to her so much about it. Momiji was different, though. There was no way she would hurt their relationship.
“I’m paranoid. I can’t help it. You’re not like any of them.” He admitted.
“It’s ok. I’ve understood you for years.” She kissed his forehead. “Then you have to promise me something…”
“If there’s anything between you and the guys, you better videotape it for me to watch.” She laughed. “I’m playing. Well… maybe…”
Sho chuckled a little. As his girlfriend seemed distracted from her perverted thoughts, he leaned in and kissed her neck lightly.
Momiji loved it and wanted more of everything from him. She leaned into his ear and whispered, “Promise me that I’m always on your mind as well.”
“You’re always on my mind no matter what…” Sho captured her lips with his and knew from this forth on, conversations were not to continue further. This time, he wasn’t going to work and spend the rest of the night with her.


A week later….

Sho saw his girlfriend non-stop the past week since he couldn’t keep his hands off each of her. He was also able to sleep well because of it. This made it a definite good sign. Unfortunately, Momiji was one of the many rejected people for the position back in the United States. It didn’t bother them, though. It meant that they were promised to stay together in the same country.

In the Johnny Entertainment building….

Sho went over to the assistant’s desk to pick up the schedule for the week. It was another crazy one. When wasn’t it crazy though?
Jun yawned as he went over to the assistant’s desk too and shrugged as he saw the schedule, “I want a vacation.”
“I have mine already even when I’m working…” Sho smiled, thinking of the dinner Momiji was going to cook tonight.
“I haven’t said anything, but you went from a crazy man to a calm one.” After making his comment, he saw the ring on Sho’s finger, “And I’ve been meaning to ask when you received that piece of jewelry on your finger.”
The one of two promise rings that bind Momiji and Sho together forever. He smiled, “Between me and Momiji. There’s a reason why it’s not on the ring finger…”
“May I see it? You know my tendencies for jewelry…” Jun loved accessories.
“Sure.” Sho took it off his finger and gave it to Jun.
Jun analyzed it like he was an expert, seeing the engraving inside, “A promise ring.” He gave it back, “Well, it’s close to an engagement ring.” Jun was expecting that Sho proposed instead cause he went on about how much he loved her.
“It’s a little too early but I gave this to her, thinking she’d leave.”
“We talked online for the past couple of nights. She told me. From all the events, I believe it just means you both are never to be apart.” Jun sat on the side of the desk.
“I believe that too.”
“Also, it’s a good thing you’re not cheap. I think she would have dumped you…”
Sho narrowed his eyes, “Momi-chan is not like that. Sheesh. You’ve known her as much as I have. Don’t you dare…”
“Sho, I was joking. I’m just good with my ‘poker’ face.” Jun winked.
“That was still uncalled for.”
“Calm down, Sho-kun.” Jun went back to being serious, “I’m happy for both of you. I definitely wish the best in the years to come. Also, she’s like our little sister. I think all the guys would say the same.”
“Thanks. I appreciate it.” Sho looked up at the time. “All right. We’ve got work to do.” Sho exited the room with Jun following, knowing once the work ended, he could be with his girlfriend – his promised partner.


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Promised [one-shot]
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