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 Secret Love [one shot]

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PostSubject: Secret Love [one shot]   Thu May 27, 2010 2:44 pm

Title: My Secret Love
Author: magzhydfan
Genre:angsty, fluffy, however you looked at it.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: He loves her since long ago. But she loves someone else.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Nino nor Mao. They may be managed by JE and Seventh Avenue respectively.

Behind this one shot: This one shot is a compilation of those unrealized thoughts of different pairings. It started last year. I started writing a Maomiya fic after TenKimi SP but couldn't bring myself to continue it. Then I had thought of writing Maosaki fic after BokuKimi with different title and plot but not realized either.Then a broken Maotsujun fic that had some scenes written all over the place. So I decided to compile it and make a finish fic out of it. I had to take out Masaki though.So here it comes.

My Secret Love

With hesitation and careful consideration, I slowly lifted my hand to her chin to meet my eyes, brushing the stray of hair from her face. Seeing her soft, angelic face, her eyes intently looking at me, I begin to think how it led to this moment.

I have been Mao’s confidant. Since we acted in the drama SP, they became close. Closer than merely a friend of a boyfriend or a co star. We meet and chat once in a while, well, mainly I’m the one listening to her endless talk about Jun and how much she adores him. We play pranks on each other. She comes to my apartment and we fight and bicker to outdo each other with our games and gadgets. In fact, lately, we spend more time than Mao has spent the time with Jun.

During the course of this so called friendship, I develop a struggle in my heart. Jun is one of my bestfriends. Mao is his girlfriend. But every passing day I spent with her, my heart took the fall. Yes, I fell for her. I know it’s not right. I know it’s a sin against my bestfriend. But what can I do? If only I can tell my heart not to do so, and if only, it willingly follows.

I tried to stay away from her. But lately, I felt the need to be with her. You know why? Because my bestfriend discarded her. She would call me to let out some ill feelings about her relationship with Jun. How much she is hurting. I know Jun is my friend, but how can someone like him abandon this treasure, a treasure which I wish I have. How could Jun be so careless to hurt the woman who truly loves him? How could he prioritize his work more than the love of his life? Or does he really love her?

I guess not. I knew from the tone of her voice when I receive her call this morning, she’s in distress and I was sure there’s only one person who can make her like that. Jun. She asked if I can meet her, and that she’s on her way to my apartment. I said yes, I’ll be waiting.

Half an hour later, a knock on my door. I open and saw her. Still with her sweet smile, she greeted me.

“Konnichiwa, come on in.” I step aside to give way for her to come in, taking her jacket and purse. She smiled weakly at me as she slowly made her way to my living room. My heart aches to see her this way. I signalled her to sit in the couch as I made way towards the kitchen.

“Do you want coffee, tea, anything to drink?” I look back when I heard no reply. She is seated on the couch, head down and shoulders dropped. I wish I could do something to ease that pain, she is feeling now.

I decided to bring her fruit juice, since that’s her favorite drink. I laid it on the coffee table and sit next to her.

I could hear her heaved a deep sigh and lifted her head, facing me with a wry smile. “Any new game to play, Otousan? I’m sure I can beat you this time.” She looks expectantly for my reply.

She is trying to hide her real feeling. A pain for sure. I know because that’s the only time she would call me Otousan, to try to laugh or avoid something. I would love to wrap my arms around her there and then. But decided against it.

I raised my brow. “You haven’t beaten me yet, Okasan. How can you say you can do it now?”

“What? I’ve already beaten you before.” She retorted.

“No you haven’t.”

“Yes I have. Remember the other day? I beat you twice. Not once but twice.” She showed her two fingers right in front of my face.

“You didn’t win. I let you win.” I shove her hands down with a smirk.

“Yes, I won.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Then I’ll beat you now.”

“No you wouldn’t.”

“Yes I will.” She gets up walks to the tv and switched it on, picked up the wii remotes and hand one to me with a smug.

“Get ready to die.” She elbowed me as she gets ready to play. I didn’t have to worry, I played this game many times I can beat her easy.

Soon, we have stepped into different world. Especially Mao. I took a glance and could help but smile. With her legs folded, her eyes are focused, her tongue slightly out as she fully concentrated on the game. Her worry invisible for a moment.

“Cruel!” I snapped back from my thoughts when I heard her voice. She’s looking at me scowling, tears breaming in her big, beautiful eyes, game totally forgotten.

“What?” I couldn’t understand her sudden change of attitude.

“You will not ask what happened?” she gave me that look. I wanted to but couldn’t get the courage. I just wanted to wait till she’s ready.

“We broke up.” Now the tears are streaming down. My heart melted for her. “Mao”

“Five years, all comes to nothing.” She started. “But it’s over now. I am moving on.” She dries her eyes and bent forward to get the juice and drank.

“I know, this is hard for you, but Jun loves you. I’m sure he has a rea—“

“No, he doesn’t really love me.------He said he loves me. He said we can work it out. But now I realized, he only loves the thought of having me. All these years, all the times we spent together, were just that, times and memories. We thought that we had the same love of Domyouji and Makino which we portrayed, but we didn’t. So it’s time to end it up.”

“Mao-chan, I know it’s not my place, but what did Jun-kun say?”

“He didn’t believe it. He thinks we are meant for each other.”

I stood up to get the box of tissues “Maybe you are, just give him a cha—“

“I told him I love someone else.” I turned to her. She looks straight at me. I stood still in my place.

"Eh?” I couldn’t understand but felt the numbness in me. It hurts to see her with Jun-kun but at least she’s with my friend. But now, she loves someone else? Then, why is she looking like that at me?

“ I told Jun about this person.” She didn’t tear her gaze from me as she continued. “He’s sarcastic, more DOS than him, always playing pranks on me, always has sharp tongue…..

I don’t know what I ought to react. But my ears are heating with the words, especially what came next.

“But he has the biggest heart. He was there when I needed someone most. He is a shoulder to lean on. Though he’s harsh sometimes, he’s someone who always makes me laugh. He may appear rough, but he knows how to care. With things going between Jun and me, it hurts me so much to end things with Jun. It's because we've been together so long. But now I realized, I love someone else more than I thought I love Jun.”

Right there, the thumping of my heart was loud enough to be heard in that silence. My brain is about to explode with this new information. Could it be? No it can’t be.

She stood up and came face to face me with me.

“Why do think I came here?” she gave me her killer smile. My knees are about to crumble.

I was struck in awe. I can’t describe my feeling. This woman, the one I love secretly, the one whom I wish can love me back----


I blink my eyes and return to my senses. My hand is still cupping her face. She’s looking at me with doubt in her eyes.

"Please say something.” Her words unsure of my reaction. She took my hand and place it down.

“This is not my style, but I took the courage to confess my feelings to you and I don’t get a response.” She turns around when I grab her wrist.

“You didn’t really confess.”

“What?” her shock is most obvious. I pulled her gently to face me. I smiled at her.

“You only told me what you said to Jun. You didn’t confess to me.” Her face turned red like a tomato as she blushed. She looks more beautiful then ever.

She covered her face with her hands. “This is embarrassing.” She muttered and rush towards the door .

“I love you Inoue Mao.” I declared. She stops on her track. I slowly walk towards her.

“You have no idea, how much it hurts me to see you with Jun. Because I love you. I love you since the first time I saw. Even before we worked together, I love you. Even before you worked with Jun, I love you.”

Stopping in front of her, I took her hand “That’s a confession.”

We shared an awkward laugh. We became shy all of the sudden.

Then, at that moment, everything around us has changed as we shared our moment of joy with the kiss that sealed our love for each other.

When we broke the kiss, the happiness shines in her eyes for the first time after a long time. I never thought I could give her this happiness. I enveloped her in my arms.

Only then I realized something. “Ouch, Matsujun is going to kill me.”

She chuckled against my chest. “Don’t worry, he knows already.”

I broke away from the hug. “And?”

She smiled. “He’ll get over it soon. I’m sure of it. He will also find his happiness.”

I hugged her again, tighter this time. “I will not let you go, Inoue Mao. I will make you happy forever.”

This is my everlasting promise to my love.


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Secret Love [one shot]
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