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 My Way of Showing You[one shot]

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PostSubject: My Way of Showing You[one shot]   Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:15 am

Title: My Way of Showing you
Author: magzhydfan
Classification: After filming HNA episode with Mao.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: No matter how imperfect you are, I still love you.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arashi nor Mao. They may be managed by JE and Seventh Avenue respectively. Yet they don’t own them anyway, I hope.

Note from Magz: Every time I got the time, I watch the HNA with Mao. And until now, I can’t get over what Sho had done in this episode. And every time, there is this scenario of a fanfic. Up until now, I haven’t dared yet to go away from my fav Maotsujun pair. However, today, since there is no activity in this forum, I was watching HNA again and I decided to let this get out of my head to get over it. Thus, this non Maotsujun one shot is born. This may be very Lame. Sorry about that.

Edit:I actually wrote this last night but very hesistant to post.

My Way of Showing you

Talking to her manager, Mao gives a quick look when Sho walked past them. She smiled her best but was disappointed when he ignored her presence and head straight to the green room. Her heart starts to beat faster. Her hands start to sweat. This day is going to be longer than it already is.

Minutes later and the other guys came to add fuel to the fire.

“Calimero, you’re a dead meat. He’s pissed. He’s really pissed.” Jun shook his head as he waves his point finger.

“Thanks a lot, BESTFRIEND.” She rolls her eyes, emphasizing the word bestfriend to remind herself not to get upset with him. “Back there, you acted like you never knew me and now, you came to scare me instead of comforting me.”

“He’s just jealous. He can’t get over the fact that you chose Sho-chan over him.” Aiba joined in, receiving a slap from Jun.

“I’m not!” the DOS mood is on.

“ He’s just saying that. Oh Mao-chan, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be here for you.” Aiba ignored Jun.

“Mao-chan, if Sho-chan dumps you. Come to me. I’ll wait for you.” Nino made his point too.”
Mao could only bow in silence as she meditates how to approach Sho.

“Now, now, you’re not helping at all.” Ohno cuts his bandmates off. He then turns to face Mao. “Mao-chan, I believe you still have a business to deal with?” pointing towards their green room. “Go in. We’ll wait here.”

Mao is surely thankful for Ohno. It surely feels like he’s the big brother to her and she’s happy with that. She nods her head and bowed to the boys. She excused from the manager and walks towards the green room.

She stood outside the door, weighing whether to open and go in or to leave thing as it is. She made up her mind. She has to make it right.

She slowly turns the knob and pushes the door open. It’s silent. In the couch, she saw Sho’s figure looking down at something in his hand. She carefully walks in and closes the door. Sho noticed her. He lifted his head for a second before returning his gaze to the paper in his hand. Mao walks gracefully towards Sho, so graceful, Sho couldn’t help but to give her a glance. Now he can’t take his eyes off her. She’s coming closer. His heart beats faster. Her very presence just melts his person away.

Wait! He’s supposed to be in bad mood right now.

He shifted his gaze back to the paper. But his mind is nowhere near. It seemed easier to control his emotion in front of the crowd and staff. Or maybe he was obvious, yet no one had noticed it since everyone’s attention was focused on Jun and Mao. But now alone with her, he feels like getting up and envelopes her with his masculine arms.

“Ok Sho, stop it. Be in bad mood. You’re in bad mood.” He told himself.

Mao sits in the couch, a space between them. She gives him a glance. He returns the gesture. It’s silence for a while. Mao knows she ‘s in the wrong. What she said and what she did, might have been misunderstood.

“Ehh, Sho-kun, about tonight........”

“You really hate my sloping shoulders that much?”Sho interrupted her.

‘It’s not that.” She tries to explain. But Sho expresses first.

“You chose Nino for taking the gold confetti from your hair, you chose Riida as you brother to be proud of, you chose Jun for being neat and manly and in the end, inspite my hardwork, you also chose Aiba. Me,.... just the one with sloping shoulder and unbelievable in eating.”

“Please don’t be angry.” Mao said softly. Her angelic voice sounded like a chorus of cherubim in heaven. How can he be angry with her? No he’s not. Not now. He’s just---

“You don’t need to be jealous either.” She continued. Did she just read his mind?

“You see,..... I chose those guys based on their good sides because that’s my way of appreciation to them. They’re your closest friends and for accepting me be part of your life, I truly appreciate it. “

“I don’t know about Jun-kun.” Sho, still looking down asked. “What about me, you don’t appreciate?”

Mao moved closer next to him, filling the gap between them. She took Sho’s chin up for him to face her. “Of course I appreciate you... But you are different....I want to show to the world how I really feel for you.”

“By telling everyone you hate sloping shoulders which obviously pointed to guys like me. Meaning you hate me?” Sho didn’t feel it make sense.

“Yes and No.....Yes, I want them to know I hate sloping shoulders. But No, I don’t hate you. Ninomiya-kun asked what if everything else is perfect but has sloping shoulders, would I go for the guy. I don’t need to give my answer to everyone. All I need is for you to know. That the very thing I hate is what makes me love you the most. Knowing your weaknesses means your close enough for me to know you.”

Sho’s eyes lighten up to her.“So you say this is your way to show me you love me?”

“Mm” *she nods her head firmly*

“People in Japan already knew how great you are, how smart you are, how talented you are, which make them love you. I want them to know your weak sides which make me love you.”
Sho grins and quickly envelopes her in a hug, caressing her hair while he takes in her strawberry scented hair. His body relaxes and all the tension subsided. No more jealousy. Just the love he has for her. And now, that love grows stronger.

Mao closes her eyes with a smile painted on her lips. She’s not the type to openly show her feelings to someone. But with him, she at home.

They stayed like that for a longer time, while outside the door...

Four guys are leaning against the door, trying to eavesdrop the conversation on the other side. But there was no shouting, just silence.

“How long should we wait here before we can go in?” Aiba started.

“At least there’s no screaming. Looks like they make up already.” The calm Ohno smiled.

“What a pity,…. I thought, I’ll have the chance now.” Nino chided.

“Not a chance. She will choose me first before you.” Jun added. “Hey, we’ve been here for an hour already, it’s time I go in to get my stuff.”

“ Give them more time.” Ohno suggested.

“How much longer? I’m starving.” Aiba resented.

“Then let’s go for a meal and a drink, how about that?” Ohno again suggested.

“Good idea.” Aiba cheered.

“But---But—my things.” Jun is hesitant.

“I bet 3 hours will be not enough for that two.” Nino.

“You mean whole night would not even be close to enough. I bet for that” Aiba.

“No point on betting. You sure are the winner.” Ohno concluded. “Shall we go?”

“Let’s go.” Everyone chorus.

Post Note: Although this is ShoMao fic, it reminds me of how Jun showing Mao's weaknesses like how she walks and how she slept in the bathtube with running water,etc. It's his way to show he loves Mao despite her weaknesses, right. Very cute.

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My Way of Showing You[one shot]
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